quinta-feira, 5 de maio de 2016

I Will Cut Your Heart Out For This with Bloody Knives - An Interview

Não é de hoje que o Bloody Knives é simplesmente um dos prediletos daqui do TBTCI, Se voltarmos no tempo, há quase seis anos atrás o Bloody Knives já era completamente elevado a uma das melhores e fundamentais bandas, (leia tudo aqui), mas depois da avalanche em doses brutais condensando todos os possíveis rótulos em discos avassaladores, leia-se Burt It All Down, Blood e Death, os caras chegam agora a talvez sua obra prima, I Will Cut Your Heart Out For This, lançado a poucos meses via Saint Maria Records, o álbum já rodou o mundo, através de blogs, revistas, etc, etc.

E, eis que novamente o TBTCI encontra o amigo de longa data, Mr. Preston Maddox para conversamos um pouco sobre o que é o novo álbum.

Fica aqui o conselho do TBTCI, o Bloody Knives não é recomendado para indie kids, a brutalidade, o caos, a raiva, misturado ao inferno dos nossos dias sangra em cada uma das oito destruições sonoras de I Will Cut Your Heart Out For This, ou seja, se você procura melodias ensolaradas mantenha distância deste disco, mas se você esta preparado para o apocalipse, aqui é o lugar certo.

***** Interview with Bloody Knives *****

Q. Hello Preston, first congratulations on the new album, it's really brilliant, How was the process of creating “I Will Cut Your Heart Out For This”? Are you happy with the result?
1-Hey Renato, good to hear from you again, glad you are enjoying the record. The process was different in a few ways. The first was that instead of writing a bunch of songs and then cutting until we got the record we wanted we did a few songs and worked them as much as we could. I upgraded the studio significantly and also had Adam Stilson handlye the mixing/mastering duties. We took our time writing and editing but very little time recording so while we really worked the record over the production is transparent and the live element is still present. I'm very happy with it but never satisfied and already trying to top this effort with our next one.

Q. What are the main differences between the new album with the last releases?
2-The biggest difference is the addition of guitar. We've always been an anti-guitar band by definition but we added a guitarist this time around (Jack Ohara Harris) and it was a good addition. We embraced the goth and post-punk much more openly on this record. We played these songs and lived with them longer before recording them this time and I think that helped us keep things live and out-of-the-box, which in turn presents a more balanced version of our sound both live and in studio.

Q. What were the influences for creating "I Will Cut Your Heart Out For This”?
3-Jake was way into Machinedrum and Kendrick Lamar, I was on a hardcore Sisters of Mercy/Christian Death/The Sound/Clan of Xymox/TRST trip, and Jack is always talking about Birthday Party and World Burns to Death. Now I'm on the beginning of a Xiu Xiu trip and the we got the Newhouse record by Brief Candles on tour which all of us were digging into pretty hard, so I'll see where that takes us hahah.

Q. What are Bloody Knives plans for 2016?
4-We will be playing Cold Waves in Chicago in September and touring around that, very excited to see The Cocks, Pig, Dead When I Found Her, 16 Volt and Kanga. That's just the day we play too, that lineup is stacked it's ridiculous. We may be doing a live set with Part Time Punks in LA, awesome radio show and live showcase I've followed for a long time. We are 6-7 songs into the next record. Not many if any local shows for us over the summer, taking a break and getting ready for tour.

Thanks for talking with me and for your support for so many years, cheers to you my friend! -Preston