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Ballad of Adam and Eve by Study of Lifeless

O impiedoso mundo da musica as vezes comete injurias, algumas preciosadades são literalmente perdidas, por estarem fora do tempo e espaço, imaginem se o album homonino datado de 1999 do Study of Lifeless fosse lançado hoje em dia, seria um must, visto o soberbo wall of sound, tipicamente influenciado por Slowdive, Moose (primeira fase) e MBV, certamente o Study of Lifeless estaria fazendo linha de frente com gente do porte de Air Formation, 93MMTS e os shoegazer atuais que mais se assemelham a sonoridade clássica da Scene, é exatamente isso que o debut deste duo evoca, canções carregadas de delays e vocalização soterradissima como Never Know, I Don´t Believe, Through the Night e basicamente todo o album.

Para fãns ardorosos como eu vale cada minuto, uma viagem a era de Just for Day.

Study of the Lifeless - ST -


O caos vem de Singapura com a seguinte formação, Az, guitarra, voz, Mar, baixo, voz, Bach, bateria, Fid, guitarras, e o grito de guerra:


Anyday is Fine abre o debut dos caras e o esporro sonoro é iniciado, com estilhaços de guitarra, bateria tribal, fuzz, noise, desconforto, Chocolate & Strawberry é a sequencia, com um zumbido saindo dos alto falantes, uma abelha jorrando sangue, vocais abafados não há chance de haver uma canção de amor nesse album?!?!Não, de forma alguma, Hardbinger, Vertigo e Paddle Pop, fazem a trinca do mais puro submundo sujo e perdido, o Stellarium vem do caos e caminha para o caos com a velocidade mais assustadora que se pode imaginar, ainda tem a ode movida a fender jaguar para a plantinha verde em The Grass is Greener

Falar sobre as influências, pode até ser facil, J&MC, MBV, Loop, Spacemen 3, Telescopes, Skywave, pos punk, violência, opressão, tudo envolto a um imenso senso de descontentamento com tudo e contra todos, os cavaleiros do apocalipse tem nome e endereço neste momento, Stellarium de Singapura, as melhores do album são as que ficam por ultimo Fader e o soco na cara de Dead Nebula que lá pelas tantas da musica grita em nossas mentes "People always wonder why, Where is Your choice, Where is your rights? They are gone....".

Depois da experiência poderosa de ter esse confrontador album imerso a sua mente, fica quase que inevitavel, pensar Fight The War, Fuck the Govts and Destroy with Chaos, muito cuidado, porque os punks de hoje tem como armas: fuzz, distortions e delays como armaduras.


The Perfect Prescription by Laboratory Noise - An Interview

Paul McNulty, guitars, vocals, Paul Griffin, space guitars, Adam Watson, synths/samples, Ben Cleverley, guitar psychosis, Dominic Sheard, bass, Andy Ramsden, drums/vocals e Kerry Ramsay, vocals/percussion, forma uma das maiores preciosidades da atualidade chamda Laboratory Noise, nome perfeito, para algo perfeito, um EP intitulado Hope is a Waking Dream, por enquanto, mas o estardalhaço que fizeram com um noise psicodelico tracejado por um tempestade de shoegaze, tudo com alto teor de modernidade, o album When Sound Generates Light esta prestes a ser lançado, para quando fevereiro chegar, e certamente tende a ser um dos melhores albuns do ano, exagero meu? Absolutamente, escute Here She is Evergreen ou a emblemática You Create a Storm e tente não ser abduzido por completo, o EP você pode baixar aqui ao lado no parceiro Amor Louco, mas veja bem, ok pegar seu ep e ter via mp3, mas na boa, compre o EP, é mais do que obrigatório e é um exercicio acido para sua alma.

Dito tudo acima, comecei a conhecer um pouco mais da banda através do amigo Adam Watson, que viabilizou a entrevista abaixo, muita informação sobre esta que devera ser uma das bandas da decada, com vocês simplesmente, Laboratory Noise.

***** Interview with Laboratory Noise *****

Q. When did Laboratory Noise form, tell us about the beginning…
A. The band began over the course of about 3 years! We started with three people and eventually ended up at the magical number seven…

We found it difficult to find the right people, and it took a long time to get there…but eventually it all happened pretty organically, with a mixture of friends and luck leading us to the finished line-up. It worked out well in the end and there’s a really good chemistry within the band as a result.

The time it took to get to the full line-up was pretty useful anyway…for getting our ideas together and getting to grips with the sound we were aiming for.

Q. What are the band’s influences?
A. As a band, especially with seven of us, there are lots of different genres that we draw an influence from - which means we haven’t end up sounding like a particular band, and it allows us to more easily develop our own, if slightly eclectic, sound. Some of the genres that we draw from include the noise pop and shoegaze influences of Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr, The Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, Ride, Galaxie 500, Cocteau Twins and also the post-rock of Explosions in the Sky, Mono, Sigur Ros and Mogwai. In some of our work you can also hear the drone and psychedelic flavours of The Velvet Underground, The Brian Jonestown Massacre and Spacemen3. The electronic side is influenced by among others by Kraftwerk, Silver Apples, Brian Eno, Leftfield, Boards of Canada and Ulrich Schnauss.

Q. Tell us about the recording process for the debut EP?
A. We recorded the debut EP at our own studio in Bradford, where we’re still recording now…Andy, our drummer, engineered it, along with Adam (synths). It was pretty haphazard really…we were just recording songs we were playing live at the time and then decided to put an ep out ourselves…we picked the 5 tracks that felt right together and went for it – luckily we had an amazing video made for ‘you created a storm’ by Jon Yeo around that time, so we had a good bit of promotion from that - it was played on mtv2 quite a bit, which was cool…

It was definitely a learning curve for us all, both technically and creatively…plenty of mistakes were made and there’s plenty we’d go back and change now, but I guess that’s always the way with anything.

Q. When is the album due?
A. We’re just putting the finishing touches to the mixes and the artwork for our debut album - and we hope to have it ready for the end of February 2010. It is a long album coming in at around 74 mins in length and for us will be a move away from some of our earlier more poppy work and explores the more post-rock and noise experimentation direction we have been aiming at for a while. It will be available from our website:

Q, Tell us about playing live.
A. We love playing live, but don’t get chance to all get together enough – so we haven’t done as many gigs as we’d like. Hopefully this year we’ll get out more now that the album’s finished…it’ll be great to promote it and get some new songs in the set too…we’re also working with a visual artist to try improve and expand on the projections and lighting we already use live…

Q. How did last years gigs go?
A. We didn’t do many gigs last year, as we’ve been trying to concentrate our efforts on getting the album finished. We’ve did a few here and there just to remind ourselves what it’s like to play in a band! It’s great to get out of the studio and play the songs live again…it rejuvenates everyone I think.

The highlight was playing at our favourite festival, Beat-Herder, on the main stage on a beautiful Saturday afternoon…great weekend!

Q. What do you think about the classic shoegaze era?
A. It just another fad created by the music press at the time and quickly became very unfashionable. But I think the "classic" shoegaze albums stand the test of time better than, for instance, most Madchester or Grunge records. Ride’s "Nowhere", MBV’s “Loveless” and "On Fire" by Galaxie 500 are astonishing records – they still sound fresh today…they’re just timeless records I guess, regardless of genre.

Q. Tell us about bands in the current shoegaze scene…
A. I like it when bands combine shoegaze elements with other influences to create something new & distinctive. Some bands adhere to the MBV or Slowdive blueprint a bit too closely. As a band I think we’re all big fans of many current bands who have some shoegaze influences including Ulrich Schnauss, Maps, Deerhunter, M83, Pia Fraus, Broken Social Scene etc.

Q. Which songs by other bands would you like to do cover versions of?
A. Don't Worry Baby by the Beach boys, although we couldn't do it justice! Generally, we’ve avoided doing covers as we have so much of our own music we want to get out there - and often when bands cover their musical heroes they don’t really do the music justice. I prefer it when bands cover songs from totally different genres and do it in a totally different style - more like a remix. We’ve been toying with doing a cover of Mum’s ‘Green Grass of Tunnel’ recently, which would be cool…I think.

Q. Which new bands you recommended?
A. I’m not sure how new some of these bands are, but some of the bands we’ve been enjoying recently are…a place to bury strangers, insect guide, desolation wilderness, 93 million miles from the sun, the lightshines, the pains at being pure at heart & worriedaboutsatan.

There’s some really great music out there at moment…

Q. What are the plans for the future?
A. After we launch the album in March we’ll do some gigs to promote it throughout 2010…and we’ll look at starting another EP or maybe another album - we’ve got a lot of new songs to get down. Next time round we hope to turn it round a lot quicker than the two years it took for this one!

Q. Any important news to tell us…
A. I can only give you everything…

Thanks Laboratory Noise

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Iceblink Luck with Keith Canisius - An Interview

Ouvir qualquer uma das obras de Keith Canisius, seja o Rumskib ou seus dois albuns solo, Ferris Wheel Makeout e Waves faz com que o caminho ao mundo dos sonhos seja facilitado e embalsamado pelo fascinio deste dinarmaques em obter a perfeição em forma de musica. Oriundo da distante Dinarmarca, Keith destila sua visão sobre como o paraiso deve ser, sua musica, evoca mundos pessoais de fantasia e pureza, sob uma visão pessoal e que por deveras só é possivel assimilar todas as facetas apos algumas inumeras audições.

Desde o inicio com o Rumskib o fascinio de Keith pelo etereo mundo da 4AD mesclando-o ao shoegazer clássico, transmindo a nós, mortais, insinuantes e fascinantes pistas de como o mundo dos sonhos deveria ser, o novo album Waves é uma imersão junto a este mundo repleto de canções que fazem o deleite tanto de shoegazers como de dreampoppers, um pout pourri de alucinações em slow motion.
Esta é uma das entrevistas mais pessoais das quais tive o prazer de fazer, e algumas informações sobre o talvez fim do Rumskib estam mais do elucidadas pelo próprio Keith, então recomendo a leitura atenta do que este pequeno gênio da musica moderna tem a dizer.

***** - Interview with Keith Canisius *****

Q. When did Rumskib start, tell us about the beginning…
Rumskib started in some way back in 2001. I had just moved to Odense (3rd biggest town in Denmark) and wanted to work with a female singer for my music, because I was into bands like, Cocteau Twins, Ivy, Stereolab, Massive Attack, Stina Nordenstam & Suguar Cubes. Tine Louise responded to a note I put up at the local music library. We recorded at the same library in a small studio, just as a hobby a couple of times a month. We sometimes had brakes on months where we did’nt work together.

Q. Why Rumskib? Explain the name …
But in 2005, we started uploading tracks on the Internet and getting good response, we created the band name from a Danish song we’d written, where the word is used. It simply means Space Craft.

Q. Who are your influences ?
A. For Rumskib in the beginning they where as mentioned above, but we where also very much into art & films, and finding new ways on working. Personally I’ve been into many types of music and so has Tine, but for that band, it was about dreamy noisy pop music I think.

Q. Tell us about the process of recording Rumskib?
A. We haven’t recorded since the beginning of 2008 and Im not sure if we will do so again. Im very busy with my solo recordings and Tine is busy with other things. We kinda parted Rumskib you see, trying to get a Live band going for some years kind of drained our passion for the band, but also as mentioned we are working on other things that interest us more than Rumskib at the moment.

Q. Tell us about your solo carreer? What´s meaning Ferris Wheel Makeout and Waves to you?
A. There’s nothing much fancy about it at the moment, Im still trying to work myself up to a comfortable position. I love working alone. It gives me a lot of freedom, which is great. I can do and work with whoever I want. I have been experimenting a lot these last years on my own writing stuff and simply learning how to produce music. I started more seriously on this in the beginning of 2008.

I guess the meaning of those records is that the listener discovers his or her own meaning. Im not trying to create meaning on those records, maybe Im trying to create beauty.

Q. Tine Lousie and Keith Canisius are a perfect combination?What´s the chemistry behind Tina Louise and Keith Canisius?
A. The chemistry was really good on a creative level, very focused. Who knows if we will do more work some day, but for now it’s not on the drawing boards.

Q.What´s represents to you the shoegazer classic era?And about the new revigoration scene….
A. I don’t know really. I was always more into 80’s dream pop music more than Shoegaze for these projects, these days I hardly listen to Shoegaze. I still Love it, but I love lots of different music as well. I don’t think I like being part of a movement J

My next album Im working on will be very different from the ones you heard so far.

Q: Tell us about your live shows....
A. We got to play some shows with Rumskib, which I Love. I miss having a band and playing concerts. Concerts are what’s it’s all about in a way. I might have to go out on my own some day.

Q. Which bands you love to made a cover version?
A. I did one time do a cover version on Lenard Cohnen song Susanne, I also started on a Panda Bear song (Bros) But I never got further with it. I don’t know. I always played my own things from very early on. Hard to answer.

Q. Which new bands you recommended?
A. Well at the moment I like Ariel Pink, Panda Bear, Animal Collective a lot. Funny enough I always seem to be into to a few bands a at time, but then Im really into them. Also like Deer hunter last year.

Q. What´s the plans for future ? New records, a tour….
A. Im working on my third solo record. It will be something very different this time. I also hope to be part of a label in the future, so I don’t have to chase one down every time I want to release a record. Concerts, I would love to do some day.

Q. Any order important thing to tell us…
A. Not really I have to get back to work J

Thanks Keith...

The album is avaiable at Amazon, Darla, Norman Records.

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MBV Revisited by Pas de Printemps Pour Marnie

Muito já se falou, comentou, questionou, blasfemizou, idolatrou, ou simplesmente se rendeu-se ao estardalhaço que o MBV fez na música contemporanea, é fato consumado que Kevin & Co. são um patrimonio da música de todos os tempos, é fato também que centenas de bandas buscam inspiração, ou parodiam, ou simplesmente imitam obras máximas como Ins´t Anything e Loveless, agora fãns mais xiitas, como eu mesmo não poderiam esperar algo tão inusitado e ao mesmo tempo tão fascinante como este album dos franceses do Pas de Printemps Pour Marnie que simplesmente fazem uma reeleitura em um album inteiro de canções do MBV, versões completamente diferente das imortalizadas, ouvir este "tributo" é mais ou menos o seguinte, imaginem Serge Gainsbourg e Laetitia Sadier em conjunto com o Plastic Bertrand recriando as obras do MBV, o resultado é no minimo fascinante a versão de Only Shallow é Stereolab Cabaret puro, When You Sleep tem tratamento electro-pop, You Never Should na concepção do PPPM poderia tocar em qualquer college radio e virar hit da banda, Lose My Breath então me tirou o folego de tão experimentalmente francesa virou, ainda tem revisões para What you Want, Blow a Wish, Come in Alone, Nothing Much to Lose e outras.

Se você acha que já fizeram de tudo no mundo da música, escute esse album e veja até onde o MBV chegou, ponto mais do positivo ao Pas de Printemps Pour Marnie.

Pas de Printemps Pour Marnie - MBV Covers -

Everything´s Alright Forever by Soren Well

Quando me deparei com o Soren Well foi amor a primeira vista, lembram-se da entrevista? Pois é, classic shoegazer ao melhor estilo Boo Radleys (primeira fase), Ride, Chapterhouse um pouco de Smashing Pumpinks e Blur (fase Leisure) completam o ep de estreia que tem o titulo mais do que perfeito Starry Eyes Gone Blank Tonight, contendo 6 canções que tornam-se prediletas sem preferencia ou ordem, daquelas que te enfeitiçam e você quando menos espera sai cantarolando, para ouvir em alto e bom som diversas vezes, experimente After, This Burden Down, Plaster e fique feliz consigo mesmo.

Soren Well - Starry Eyes Gone Blank Tonight -

In The Flat Field with Was She a Vampire

Nos primeiros acordes de Alone Again, faixa de abertura do EP Demo deste combo russo intitulado Was She a Vampire já dá para sacar qual é o lance dos caras, um dark noise de doer até a medula, as guitarras gritam de forma gelida, o vocal gutural dá o tom soturno e o baixo duro e incisivo diz que veio para comandar a esbornia, a sequencia com Distorted deixa o clima mais pesado e negro ainda, bebendo na mesma fonte de APTBS e Ceremony, ou seja, tudo vem do patrimonio Skywave, acrescente forte tendencia dark a toda essa configuração e tenha ecos de Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, She Wants Revenge e afins, e esta definido a configuração deste petardo chamado Was She a Vampire, sem mais, escute Faces e vá direto para algum inferno sujo, empoeirado com luzes estroboscópicas e dance até o fim do mundo.

Was She a Vampire - EP -

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Love is All with She, Sir

Austin, Texas, virou rotina atualmente sairem bandas magistrais da cidade, e esta aqui é uma das mais especiais, o She, Sir depois de sua estupenda estreia Who Can't Say Yes a banda nos brinda com este novissimo tesouro chamado Yens. Menos de 10 minutos de perfeição absoluta, 4 canções que são absolutamente viciantes, devo estar ouvindo pela nonagesima vez este EP e o frescor o brilho a finesse a cada audição tornam-se mais evidentes, Ginger, Lemongrass, Golden Ways e Boystown, pegam Phil Spector, Beach Boys, Pale Saints, Orange Juice, Ride, Cocteau Twins, Stone Roses, Belle & Sebastian e colocam um toque de atualidade que fazem deste simples EP algo soberbo, impossivel não se render a beleza desta que já virou predileta da casa há algum tempo, Sras e Srs, simplesmente She, Sir.

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Black Swan Green - An Interview with H.J. Crickmore

Minha fascinação pelo americanos do Black Swan Green não é mais novidade a ninguém, desde a primeira passagem por aqui com o soberbo The Ruin Gaze e a segunda vinda com o indispensável Ep The Lake, chega a hora de saber um pouco mais diretamente da fonte, através de contatos imediatos com H.J. Crickmore vocal e guitarra que nos ilustra com muitas informações e histórias o que o Black Swan Green fez, faz e fara, um deleite....

***** Interview with H.J. Crickmore from Black Swan Green *****

Q. When did Black Swan Green start, tell us about the beginning…
A. Black Swan Green began in winter 2007/8. The recordings actually came before the band. A loose collaboration of sorts or an airing of internal emotional grievances. The band grew around the recording and came together after the initial release of the ruin gaze...The band has always been a rotating cast of players with Loren Mash, Kevin Kahawai and myself as the constant core...many members quit after a few months, probably due to the fact I am really hard to work with.

Q. Why Black Swan Green? Explain the name of the band…
A. Black Swan Green is the title of a book by the English author David Mitchell. I saw the book in the window of the Strand book shop in New York and it looked really cool and mysterious. I thought to myself "that would be an awesome band name." I bought the book and eventually forgot about it as a band name. The book is really amazing as are his other writings.

When Loren and I were considering band names we found an old faded photograph my Grandmother gave me of her childhood. On the back was written "The King's Deer", and if you looked at the photo carefully you could just barely make out the figures of deer. Needless to say, that name didn't stick. The idea and nostalgia was a better story than a band name. Black Swan Green just worked better and obviously stuck.

Q. Who are the influences from the band?
A. Influences change from week to week and moment to moment. The music we love is not always what translates to actual influences. I love and admire so many bands, though I can never find a way to sound even remotely like them when I want to. Sometimes after a song is finished someone will say it sounds like a band we have never heard of or even like. I also often find the influences within a work far after the song is finished, things I would have never thought of but obviously did affect me on some unconscious level. If we were to answer the question in an obvious way, we might state many of the shoegaze, post punk and noise bands like Joy Division, New Order, Echo and The Bunnymen, Sonic Youth, The Swans, Jesus and Marychain, MVB, Swerve Driver and Ride, etc, etc...

Though, I would really rather mention how much other bands(not so obvious) effect our music in such a deep and unseen way because of the personal effect they have on us. Bands like Guided By Voices, Bonnie Prince Billy, Jason Molina, Kurt Vile, The XX, Lykke Li, Fever Ray, REM, Deerhunter, Red House Painters, Blonde Redhead, Dub, Stereolab, The Clash, Hip Hop, Scott Walker, Animal Collective, Cocteau Twins, Afghan Whigs, Neil Young, Dinosaur Jr, Camper Van Beethoven, Pavement, The Felt, Neu, and not to mention countless other local bands we hear every day that blow our minds that we are also completely in awe of. It changes all the time. It is often film and books that contribute to lyrics and the feeling of songs.

Q. Tell us about the process of recording The Ruin Gaze and the newest The Lake EP?
A. Recording is something I am still getting used to. You have such expectations and you are always disappointed. The practice space has been more magical to me than the recording studio. Because of money limitations, we have been recording in a "mixed bag" sort of way. Our good friend Ravi Krishnaswami of Copilot has given us so much generous time and love with his studio we couldn't even begin to thank him enough. He is the reason we were first able to record our at all. We recorded "the ruin gaze..." with him over four months. It was a really wonderful time. Ravi allowed our naivety and inexperience to run free, although we often re-recorded and wrote songs while we were recording, his patience was a beautiful thing. On "the lake ep" we went to the country to record at Marcata Studios. We were on the clock and we used our time poorly. We wanted the same feeling we had with Ravi and that was a huge mistake. It began to be exceedingly expensive and the engineer became very frustrated with us. We are still trying to finished the EP. What you have heard is the initial demo. A 6-7 song EP should be available by June.1st.

Q. Tell us more about the lyrics, I think this is one of the most important points to BSG´s sounds…
A. The lyrics to the songs are pretty stream of consciousness and it often take lots of time to edit them into some understandable state. I usually just start singing to riff and record what comes out. I am very happy to write this way. The songs of often revealed to me late in the process when I will suddenly realize it is about a film I saw or a moment in childhood. The songs are about great sacrifice on a level I myself am probably unable to give.

Q: Tell us about BSG live do you feel playing alive?
A. Live shows are always fun but not always great. We have yet to be on tour, maybe this fall. It seems we have finally figured out how to play a good show that we are really proud of. Every time we get to a place we feel accomplished in a live setting someone quits the band and we have to start over again. We have also had some crappy shows where everything goes wrong. We have gotten a little sick of playing the small club circuit and really want to move on, but that's up to a lot of other factors...our band is a little under the radar.

Q.Brooklyn, NY is a mecca from new noise/shoegazer and post punk bands, tell us about the scene in the city.
A. Brooklyn is a wonderful place. You see musicians and bands every day walking around town and there is always a good show to see. Though honestly, I often miss what's going on because it's right here in front of me. We practice right down the hall from Blonde Redhead, Beirut and TV on the Radio. Even Jarboe of the Swans was practicing in our building a few months ago. It's crazy who and what is going on in this town. It may be a little like the Haight Ashbury of 1969 just after Woodstock and far after the acid tests. Its kind of over but still lingering on. Soon everyone will be looking for the next place. They might already be there. Who knows, we never really felt we were part of a scene here. I'm pretty anti social, but I'd love to be friends with more bands.

Q. Which bands you love to made a cover version?
A. Good cover songs are a tough thing to pull off. Some bands we'd like to cover are Stereolab, Wedding Present, PJ Harvey or Guided by Voices because they'd be a callenge and also fun. We are planning to do one soon. We'll let you know.

Q. Which new bands you recommended?
A. You probably have already heard all of them but...New bands we love are Ladycop, The XX, The Dum Dum Girls, Surfer Blood, Real Estate, The Drums, Girls, Bear in Heaven and Small Black. Although by the time you print this there will be many others.

Q. What´s the plans for future ? New records, a tour….
A. We hope to have the Lake Ep in a finished state by June. Maybe our first vinyl single and 12" will be released this summer. Who knows what is next for Black Swan Green, but we are taking a new approach this winter with less shows and more planning. All of us are also working on other projects.

Q. Any other important thing to tell us…
A. Well, Loren and I are working on a new project called Teenage Holy Wars and should have some new demos by the late spring. It's a simpler band and the music is in a new direction for us. The music is quieter in some ways but also more dark as a result. We are very very excited by it.
Thanks a lot H.J.....all the best!!!

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Noise from Heaven with Jellybelly - An Interview

Iniciando as atividades do TBTCI relacionadas as entrevistas e estreitamento junto ao que mais adoramos, nada melhor do que iniciar com uma belissima entrevista concedida pelos mestres do shoegazer da Indonesia, dois eps deslumbrantes ao melhor estilo Scene That Celebrates Itself fundido com a classica sonoridade da 4AD, com vocês o fenomenal Jellybelly e os sons do paraiso.

***** Interview with Jellybelly *****

Q.When did Jellybelly starts, tell us about the beginning…
A. Jellybelly was formed in the year of 2000. we came up from a good friendship among the members. In order to make some good music, the former of the band are Inai (vocal), Budi(bass), Kutil (guitar), Baron (guitar) and Onos (drum) decided to make a band based on several kinds of music they like. At 2004 they had a lot of changes. Kutil decided to leave the band, followed also by two other members, Baron and Onos. Inai and Budi, as they quoted from line: “stick with the band”, claimed the band and recruited Vian (guitar), Bayu (drum) and Aduy (guitar) to keep the band exist. In the end of 2004, they prepared their first Extended Play’s, but unexpectedly, Bayu decided to leave the band. Finally, the first EP’s, intro released in the rainy December of 2005. They had to promote the EP’s without any drummer. Surprisingly, one of Aduy’s friend in college named Oscar-who had a long time desire to the band- wanted to replace Bayu as a drummer and finally joined the band. Later on, in a same week, their additional player, Ngging, who composed the strings and synth’s on the first EP’s, literally joined the band. As the youngest, Vian, Aduy, Oscar and Ngging brought the new taste. The impact of these youthful ones re-informed the band’s atmosphere into something deep and bright. But by having a bad behavior and violence ngging has been dropped out by the band in the next year when the band prepare for the next EP’s exactly just one year after inai decided to out from the band. They’ll never releasing the EP’s until they found substituting the vocalist. Finally Devita, a local journalist from bandung join the band.

Q.Who are the influences from the band?
A. We loved the 80's and early 90's era,.. many great band are born in 80/90’s… and many historical stories happen in 80 and early 90’s,. it may says that we are into early creation records, sarah records and of course the 4AD.

Q.When did Maritime Records starts?
A. It has started about in the year of 2004, I tot it’s just more than a records, it’s a friendship, brotherhood, ….We loved maritime people. maybe you should ask joz for further info.

Q. Tell us about the process of recording Intro and A gorgeous day to Remember Eps?
A. It is always funny and always happen,… it might be god cursed us.. hahaha

We are always losing one person or more when we start recording the song. when the first EP recorded, we lost our second drummer he decided to quit from the band,.. so as you know from the 1st question in this interview we promoted the EP without drummers. It happens again we recorded the second EP,. We lost 2 members of the band, inai has decided to quit from the band, and bayu he was dropout because his lack of disciplines… godforsaken I hope this formation is stand… we are tired to start from the beginning.

A gorgeous day to remember it so meaningful for us and our former vocalist inai, so in this album inai still contributing for her voices, there’s 2 songs that she made. ironically, the song titled farewell, that it made in the year of 2005, when we work on it we never ever tot about farewell or something about it,..

Q. How was Supersonic Sound Fest 2008?
A. I tot it was a great occasion, we met many new people and scenester from many cities.. the bands its also fantastic and talented, they’re kind, we hope it would be continued…

Q. Tell us about the crescent Indonesian scene from post rock and shoegazing bands…
A. There are so many improvement from shoegazing and post-rock lately,.. 9 years ago only a few people listening to post-rock/instrumental-rock music but lately post-rock it just like a new heavy bombs and it has attacked Indonesian young music listeners, as a mayor things the scenester in here always…….. but to be honest we don’t like a band who mixed shoegaze and post-rock… it should be separated. In Indonesia , many people still confused between what is shoegaze and post-rock.

Q. Which bands you love to made a cover vesion?
A. The Carpenters. because we were grew up among the band, it still spinning in our head till today.

Q. Which new bands you recommended?
A. Astrolab and Stellarium, because both have a good music, there’s no reason to not recommended them.

Q. What´s the plans for future ? new records, a tour….
A. Ehm… our next big thing is have a best of the best album and travelling around the world (hopefully).. ha ha ha ha… kidding. Maybe a fully cover version album would be great.
We’re preparing for our new album and it still on progress, we want to spread our new album to many country in the world.. I hope you (Renato) can help us for that. Hehehe. And for sure we’re always want to have a gigs in philipines, peru, brazil, Japan and England… we hope we can make it before we’re getting old…

Q. Any order important thing to tell us…
A. “take us to your country, we’ll bring joy and happiness …………… J”

Thanks Jellybelly...

A deixa esta dada, só falta trazerem a banda para cá...
Jellybelly -
Jellybelly - Intro EP -
Jellybelly - A Gorgeous Day To Remember EP -

domingo, 10 de janeiro de 2010

Summer Hits by TBTCI, Part III (The Darkside)

The Darkside...ou drive as faster as you can....

Suicide - 1st, caos, descontrução, paranoia, minimalismo, niilismo, confrontos....Alan Vega e Martin Rev, são dois caras completamente a frente do tempo, o que eles fizeram nesse 1st foi um absurdo de genialidade na musica, Stooges, Kraut, Bowie, VU com trejeitos punks e colocaram no mundo Ghost Rider, Rocket USA, Frankie Teardrop e o maior berro em uma musica na historia,, completamente essencial, fundamental e obrigatorio.

She Wants Revenge - ST, muita gente torce o nariz, mas não consigo entender o porque, o She Wants Revenge é bom para caralho, na receita temos Suicide, Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, Joy Division, Depeche Mode, cinismo, humor negro, e modernidade, esse debut deles é para ouvir rapido, alto, é desesperadamente viciante.

Summer Hits by TBTCI Part II

Mais artefatos que me fizeram acelerar pelas estradas do litoral de sampa...

The Primitives - Bombshell, ai ai ai ai ai , Tracy Tracy, quem com mais de 30 já não foi obcecado por esta loiraça, eterna vocalista do Primitives??Para, ela canta de forma absolutamente sexy, o som, popbubblegumnoise deles fez e faz a cabeça sempre, quem nunca cantarolou Crash, Stop Killing Me, Secrets, Thru´ The Flowers é melhor rever seus conceitos.

Pixies - Surfer Rosa, covardia, pegue a estrada ao som de Bone Machine, Break My Body, Broken Face, River Euphrates, Vamos, Oh, My Golly e tente andar devagar....desafio qualquer um....é impossível!!!Isso sem contar nos clássicos Gigantic e Where´s My Mind?, simplesmente cheguei em casa e fui ver Clube da Luta só para ver a cena final rolando Where´s My Mind?!!!Violento, sedutor, pegajoso, um clássico completamente absoluto para qualquer ser deste planeta.

The Sonics - Here Are The Sonics, bom bom bom, além de shoegazer, noise, pos punk sou fanatico por garagem e proto punk, e isso aqui é fundamental para entender tudo, aliás tudo mesmo, sem Sonics, não existiria nada, nada mesmo, o que seria do Iggy Pop sem eles, e do punk, sem o punk não haveria pos punk e dai o que seria de nós?!?!?!?Nada....então assim, a biblia da musica esta aqui, The Witch, Boss Hoss, Psycho, Strychnine, Have Love Will Travel, som primal, berrado, tribal, para escutar alto, muito alto, bebendo, fumando, trepando, ou seja, Sonics é para todos os momentos, deus salve Gerry Roslei!!!!

Logo mais, tem mais por ai...

sábado, 9 de janeiro de 2010

Summer Hits by TBTCI

Carissimos amigos, estou novamente na area, depois da semana de férias, nada como dividir com vocês, os sons, as bandas que fizeram a trilha sonora da viagem, sem ordem de audições ou importâncias maiores, simplesmente a sonzeira fez parte de toda a viagem então segue a primeira parte...


Ringo Deathstarr - Sparkler, sem maiores apresentações, os texanos tornaram-se darlings e são unanimidade entre basicamente quem gosta dos bons sons, esta Sparkler, é uma versão japonesa que reune o primeiro ep e o 7" in love / summertime somados a 2 canções inéditas só existentes neste sensacional album, prato cheio para fãns de J&MC e MBV, só digo o seguinte o album que deve estar prestes a ser lançado, tende a ser o album do ano hein....ah se alguém tiver o novo 7" you don't listen / everytime i leave you, por favor me mande de alguma forma....tô viciando no caras.


The Manhattan Love Suicides - ST, J&MC, Meat Whiplash, Shop Assistants, Primitives, Flatmates, ou seja tudo do bom e do melhor nesse album completamente essencial nas coleções de admiradores da class of 86, shoegazer, noise pop, indie, tanto faz, The Manhattan Love Suicides é pegajoso.


brincando de deus - ST, motivado pelo retorno da maior banda deste pais, esse segundo album, extremamente fundamental e precioso, traz Messias e Cia em momentos magistrais como Sexorama, The Best on You, Poplycra, Sexism, Disco Fly, etc, etc, etc...esse é o ano da brincando de deus....

Chapterhouse - EPs - bom falar o que, patrimonio do Shoegazer, os 3 primeiros EPs são pré Whirpool e simplesmente fenomenais, preciosidades obscuras como Inside Me, Sixteen Yers (Freefall), Precious One (Mesmerise), Come Heaven (Pearls) e Satin Safe, Rain, Feel the Same (Sunburst) explicam o porque o Chapterhouse é o que é, e tenho dito.

Logo mais venho com as demais partes dos Summer Hits....abs...

domingo, 3 de janeiro de 2010

A Volta da brincando de deus

Bombastica....pena que tomei conhecimento agora disso...simplesmente espetacular....dá uma lida nesta entrevista que o mestre Messias concedeu...

Sem palavras...é a noticia de 2010.....e acima a foto do tal show....

Deus é Brasileiro com certeza....

Frozen Dreams by Siddal

Quatro amigos em 1991 começaram um projeto que poderia ser facilmente incluso dentre da Scene, mas alguns motivos destruíram estes planos, primeiro eles não era ingleses, segundo dois dos quatro integrantes saíram fora, mas o duo Elaine Winters e Richard Brinkley tocaram a banda que já tem no currículo 3 lindissimos álbuns e fazem shows por todos os Estados Unidos, daí alguém pode perguntar, os caras são famosos no underground, eu digo, não, infelizmente porque o Siddal e uma daquelas bandas que mereciam muito mais do que tem, um clima 4AD comanda as cristalinas e etéreas guitarras e o doce e candido vocal de Elaine, sim Cocteau Twins na veia, as vezes lembram Sundays ou Cranes, mas eu acho que aqui a linha condutora é Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance, This Mortal Coil e Slowdive muito Slowdive, o debut do Siddal é fantástico, The Pedestal é nome da perola cristalina que te leva ao paraíso com passagem de ida sendo guiado por delírios como Circus Fire, The Pedestal e Hiding Home já na quarta musica do álbum, When The Wolf Comes não há mais escapatória pois o paraíso já te abduziu, cortesia de Elaine & Rich ou simplesmente Siddal e seu mundo particular de sonhos.

Siddal – The Pedestal -

Strangeways, Here We Come with The Catholic Comb

Tardiamente chegou em minhas mãos o unico album desta cultuada e subestimada banda da ensolarada California, engana-se quem pensa que pode ser algo a´la surfers ou similares aqui, a cold wave, darkwave, gotico, pos punk e um Q gigante de Smiths, Adorable, Auters e Suede, o The Catholic Comb foi, é verdade, mal conheci a banda, infelizmente ela se dissimou, uma pena, porque a audição deste Ghost Stories é um delirio gelido que vaga pelos quatro cantos dos 80´s chegando até o inicio dos 90´s, canções fortissimas em termos de lirismo e grandiosidade musical como Anything Can Be e Sixteen to Twenty One fazem uma conexão direta entre Smiths e Whipping Boy, a pungente Safeway Inc. ecoa até os ingleses do James, é simplesmente grandiosa a sonoridade dos caras, a baladaça Blood Mary nos remete a Waterboys e Pogues, já a galopante Nothing Wrong tem um encontro entre Cure e Chameleons, belissimo!!!

Ou seja, é facil perceber que a garotada do Catholic Comb tem um gosto acima da media e uma verve musical altamente apurada, fico extremamente chateado com o fim da banda porque tranquilamente eles poderiam fazer frente a um Glasvegas facilmente, eis mais uma banda que nasceu e morreu dentro do underground, aqui fica a homenagem do TBTCI a esta grandiosa banda, The Catholic Comb.

The Catholic Comb - Ghost Stories -

sexta-feira, 1 de janeiro de 2010

Time To Kill with Perfect Disaster

No finalzinho do ano, me peguei dando uma fuçada nas minhas coisas e me deparei frente a frente algumas coisas que fazia um tempinho que não ouvia, dentre elas estava esta banda, Perfect Disaster, nome perfeito, para uma puta banda perdida no tempo/espaço, da uma olhada na formação: Phil Parfitt, Allison Pates, John Saltwell, Malcolm Catto, Josephine Wiggs, tipo os mais atentos vão notar algumas personalidades. primeiro Josephine Wiggs que viria a ser uma das Breeders e Phil Parfitt que tocou com algumas pessoas do naipe de Jason Pierce e Terry Bickers, e ai alguem pode chegar e falar, e dai??E dai, dai que é o seguinte, o Perfect Disaster simplesmente antecipou toda uma geração que veio a ser conhecido como guitar bands, sejam inglesas ou americanas, o fato é que ouvir os albuns do Perfect Disaster é uma aula de indie rock dos bons.

A formula é a seguinte, Velvet Underground, Modern Lovers, Television e pos punk, acrescente ai, Sonic Youth, e tenha obras primas como Heaven Scent e principalmente Up o terceiro album dos caras, escute e sinta, fantamas de Tom Verlaine, Lou Reed, Jonhatan Richman estão em toda parte, fantasticas canções como Shout, 55´, B52, Hey Now e o clássico Time to Kill mostram o porque o Perfect Disaster é a história propriamente dita do que tornou-se popularmente conhecimento como underground e suas guitar bands.

Baggygazer by The Isolation

Um dos Ep´s de 2009, foi a estréia dos suecos do The Isolation intitulado All Heroes Are Dead, um encontro em alta rotação de duas tendências sensacionais, o shoegazer do Ride fase Going Blank Again e a psicodelia 60´s baggy dos Stone Roses, claramente as matrizes inspiradoras dos caras, acrescente ai altas pitadas de Pearl e Falling Down do Chapterhouse e pegue carona nas dançantes Elevate Me, Swamp City ou jogue-se nas guitarradas baggy de Cyclone e Dancing Away e Down, facil facil este artefato vira hit em qualquer pista alternativa que se preze.

O The Isolation já lançou o segundo EP que tem a mesma chance de torna-se hit instantaneo, e são uma das minhas apostas para este 2010 que já começa acelerado.

The Isolation - All Heroes Are Dead -

Strangeplanes by Whirlaway

Antes de mais nada, um grande 2010 a todos, que este ano nos proporcione grandes momentos musicais tendo a grande meta de superar 2009, que na minha opinião foi um belissimo ano para os bons sons.

E para iniciar os trabalhos direcionados aos grandes sons, fiz um pedido para o camarada Pedro, mantenedor e bravo guerreiro do mundo shoegazer que tem nada mais nada menos no curriculo a biblia shoegazer/posto rock chamada Shoegazer Alive agora já na versão 4, vide os comuns ataques do Google ao seu blog, parabens ao Pedrão!!!

Então e ai meu pedido foi o Pompano dos americanos da Floripa do Whirlaway, que há muito tempo venho procurando e não achava de jeito nenhum, dai meu brother me agraciou com este grande tesouro pouco conhecido dos fãns do genero, inclusive, achei o cd para comprar a U$ 2,00 e logo mais deve estar chegando aqui em casa, voltando, o Whirlaway infelizmente foi pouco baladado/comentado mas botou no mercado duas perolas, o ep Letting Go (que logo mais eu coloco aqui, ou se alguem viciar na banda me dá um toque,) mesmo porque a audição desde Pompano é sublime, viagens dentre a história do underground americano indo até o shoegazer, ou seja, passeios guitarristicos que caminham desde Slint, Polvo seguindo ao outro lado do Atlântico e chegando em Slowdive, Swervedriver e Ride, um caldeirão de influências permeia este trabalho essencial, canções arrebatadoras como Strangeplanes, On My Way, Gone By Now, Without, Within desafiam você a não virar fã imediato do Whirlaway. Delicie com o indie-noise-gazer do Whirlaway e feliz 2010.