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Pictures of You with Ask for Joy - An Interview

O mundo dos sonhos de Aaron Rosseto ou melhor Ask for Joy é delirantemente melancolico e maravilhoso, os EP´s Swoon, Endless Space Unfurled e Life in Coma são obras maximas que primam pela excelencia, delicadeza e perfeccionismo de Aaron, se ainda não ouviu vá direto a biblia musical Amor Louco e delicie-se com Swoon e Endless Space Unfurled e para completar a trinca magica o TBTCI escreveu algo sobre o belissimo Life in Coma.

O Ask for Joy acaba de lançar o primeiro single Fentanyl do aguardado proximo ep intulado Keep the Euphoria Down e logicamente já dá para sentir que outro magico EP entrara delicadamente nas nossas mentes, aproveitando a ocasião o TBTCI conversou com Aaron e muitas coisas foram descobertas entre as respostas, então, escolha um dos EP´s e leia atentamente sonhando, cortesia de Aaron e seu Ask For Joy.

***** Interview with Ask For Joy *****

Q. When did Ask for Joy form, tell us about the beginning…
A. I've been playing music and writing songs since I was a kid, andthe summer I graduated from high school I got a cassette four-track recorder. I've been recording my songs since then, making tapes anddistributing them among friends and family. When I was in university,I saw an ad someone had pinned up on a bulletin board looking for aroommate and if interested, to call a certain telephone number and 'Ask For Joy'. And for some crazy reason, the name kind of stuck. Thestyles of music have changed quite a bit, and the technology I haveaccess to has gotten better, but it's still basically me in the basement bedroom writing, recording and producing my own music.

Q. What´s your influences?
A. That's a tough question because I legitimately have so many. I've loved Paul Simon and Simon and Garfunkel since I was a teenager, and I think that shows in my penchant for lots of sweet vocal harmonies. Ialso like the simplicity of 50s and 60s bubblegum pop. Brian Eno andDaniel Lanois were sort of my gateway to shoegaze: the ethereal,echoey sounds of the tracks they produced for bands like U2, Peter Gabriel and Emmylou Harris were huge influences on me. From there,when I first heard bands like Cocteau Twins and Slowdive, that was thetype of sound I was already striving to get in my own recordings. Iwas making dream pop and didn't even really realize it! Then I heardThe Jesus and Mary Chain, and it was like all the things I lovedmerged into one. But it's not just all that, it's things likeridiculously over the top 80s pop ballads from bands like Chicago and Air Supply and folk music with multipart harmonies that I genuinelylike and still listen to.

Q. Tell us about the recording process eps?
A. It's never the same way twice, but for each song I usually record aguitar track and guide vocal over a repetitive drum beat, which sometimes becomes the actual beat for the song (like 'Swoon'). ThenI'll record the rest of the rhythm parts to make up the base layers ofthe song, then I might overdub a few more guitars to thicken thesound. The vocals generally are done afterwards, and if the trackcalls for it, I'll add more keyboards or guitars. When I think I'msatisfied with the track, I listen to it over and over and make smallchanges to the mix over the course of a few weeks to months -sometimes it's hard to pick one mix over another. The art comes after I've settled on a number of songs and are finished with them (ornearly finished with them). Album titles usually come to me prettyearly on in the process, but at the earliest stages the album usually has a working title and even a theme to tie all the songs together insome way.

Q. Tell us about playing live.
A. I don't often play live, but I did play a couple of shows lastyear. I decided not to play with my backing tracks, but instead Irecruited a drummer while I played guitar and sang. It was aninteresting contrast to the recorded versions of the songs that Iplayed - played live, they sounded much more like raw, stripped downshoegaze, almost JAMC-style noise pop. I thought they turned out pretty well. I'd definitely be interested in playing more live shows,maybe one-off shows in other cities for music festivals.

Q. What do you think about the classic shoegaze era?
A. I came pretty late to the shoegaze party, but there's so much aboutit that appeals to me. I'm drawn to the DIY aspect and punk estheticof 80s shoegaze like My Bloody Valentine or early Cocteau Twins.Simple lyrics and melodies and pop songs. I just wish that I knewabout it sooner! I was really lucky to get to see MBV play in SantaMonica, California back in 2008 with my friend Fuchsia of Bella Lune(based out of Phoenix, Arizona) and then again last year when MBV played in Austin. I never thought I would get to ever see them live,so that was a treat. A very loud treat.

Q. Tell us about bands in the current shoegaze scene…
A. I'm really happy that there's an active scene with bands making great shoegaze and dream pop today. I'm a big fan of Daniel Land andthe Modern Painters - their recent CD is really great. On the electronica side of things, I love Ulrich Schnauss and M83. I think Schnauss' 'Shine' (from Goodbye) is one of the best recordings I'veheard in a long time. The South by Southwest festival in Austin occasionally features some great shoegazers - I saw Ulrich Schnauss,Glasvegas, and a bit of School of Seven Bells last year, and Resplandor this year. I also got to see The Raveonettes and Pains of Being Pure at Heart when they came through Austin this year. Thisreally is a great place to be when it comes to live seeing music, but unfortunately I am not aware of a shoegaze 'scene' in Austin (maybe Explosions In The Sky, but that's more post-rock than shoegaze, Ithink). Which is too bad, because there's some genuine talent here.

Q. Which new bands you recommended?
A. I usually hear about new bands through Strangeways Radio(, which has been a good friend to Ask For Joy over the years. DJs Zumby and Mikey have shows on Monday night where they spin a lot of new music, not just shoegaze and dream pop,but trip-hop, indie, electronica, darkwave, etc. I've been introduced to so much good music through the station. In no particular order, and not an exhaustive list: Daniel Land andthe Modern Painters, The Mary Onettes, Ulrich Schnauss, Jellybelly,Resplandor, Sad Day For Puppets, M83, Glasvegas, Raveonettes,Honeybreath, Bella Lune. Not all of these are shoegaze, but I first heard them all on Strangeways and they're all great.

Q. Which songs by other bands would you like to do cover versions of?
A. I actually have recorded a lot of covers over the years, but I tendnot to release them. They help me through those times when I'm feelingcreative and I want to record, but not creative enough to write a songof my own. The covers that I've done reflect my very wide range ofinfluences and interests - I've done covers of songs by Fleetwood Mac,Sinead O'Connor, Neil Diamond, Tommy James and the Shondells, The Beach Boys, Paul Simon, Guns 'n Roses (imagine 'November Rain' done ina Mojave 3 style, gorgeous!) and even Willie Nelson to name but a few.I've always had the idea to offer some of these covers as a special free download for people who purchase an album. Maybe I'll do that formy next release. I just read in your interview with The Butterfly Explosion that they might like to cover Foreigner's 'I Want To Know What Love Is'. I love that song! I would totally be interested in collaborating on that! :)

Q. What are the plans for the future?
A. The first single 'Fentanyl' from my forthcoming EP, called 'Keep The Euphoria Down' was just released. I thought I might be able torelease the new album before the end of 2010, but it's looking moreand more as if it will be released in 2011 since there's a lot of workyet to be done. I'm also working on an INCREDIBLE new track forinclusion on a compilation that is due to be released next nearsometime.

Q. Any important news to tell us
A. I encourage all fans of Ask For Joy to like the band on Facebook: Thanks guys, and keep listening andsupporting your local shoegazers! Muito obrigado!

Thanks Aaron.....Renato

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Top Surprise, 30.10.2010 - SP

Imperdivel, 30.10.2010 primeiro show em sampa da Top Surprise, dando olá ao Halloween e exorcizando tudo e todos a base de fuzz e distortions em doses cavalares, tipo, não dá para não ir, além do mais sabendo que domingo é dia de eleição e a posição do TBTCI é fodam-se os candidatos, nada melhor do que noise até o talo, para quem não conhece os caras ainda, saca a entrevista aqui no TBTCI.
No próximo sábado, dia 30 de outubro, a Top Surprise toca pela primeira vez em São Paulo. O quarteto de Juiz de Fora, MG, se apresenta ao lado do coletivo carioca Babe Florida, na especialíssima festa de Halloween da Casa do Mancha.

A Top Surprise lançou este ano, pela Pug Records e Transfusão Noise, o EP Everything Must Go, que já coleciona dezenas de resenhas positivas em blogs de todos os cantos do mundo. Produzido por Lê Almeida, o disco tem agradado tanto fãs dos anos 90 quanto entusiastas da barulhenta cena noise pop atual.

A Babe Florida é composta por membros de bandas da Transfusão. Formada para ser apenas um coletivo de gravações lo-fi, a BF fará seus primeiros shows neste final de semana. Além das faixas do excelente EP Vol. 1 e de covers do Guided by Voices, o repertório trará músicas de artistas do cast da Transfusão como Lê Almeida, Coloração Desbotada, Carpete Florido e Wallace Costa.

O Halloween vai contar com discotecagem de Gilberto Custódio Jr. (Lazer Guided Melodies), Amauri Gonzo e Du (Last Splash), além de banquinha com cassetes, compactos e CDs da Pug e Transfusão. A entrada é de R$ 10 e a festa começa cedo, às 17h!

A Casa do Mancha fica na Rua Felipe Alaçova s/n, Vila Madalena, SP.

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Strange Free World with Scarlet Youth

Diretamente da Finlandia, o Scarlet Youth depois de debutar com o aclamado EP Breaking The Patterns, chega até mim o debut Goodbye Doesn´t Mean I´m Gone, já pelo titulo a dica esta dada, melancolia e sentimentos jogados para todos os lados, a abertura com Sofia C é puro shoegazer a´la Catherine Wheel a sequencia com a lindissima Catch me when I´m Fall desacera o ritmo e a influência de Slowdive vem a tona, wall of sound cortante, a partir de Farewell Ghosts começa a desencadear além do shoegazer caracteristico um clima 80´s que começa a fazer sentido plenamente, fantasmas de Robert Smith, New Order, Kitchens of Distinction, Go-Betweens, Chills entrelaçam-se com os da Scene, I´ll be Waiting é lenta e delicada chegando proximo a sonoridade da 4AD, e o album as vezes mais dream pop em outras mais 80´s sem perder o clima shoegazer em momento algum chega a derradeira Sunshowers e o fantasma que permeia a canção é o de Morrissey & Marr um deleite completo. O Scarlet Youth presenteia-nos com este belissimo Goodbye Doesn´t Mean I´m Gone, altamente recomendado, detalhe esta no repeat pelo menos umas 5 vezes seguida.

Kill Surf City with Between The Cities Are Stars

Não a toa que desde que coloquei em primeira mão as versões demo e a entrevista que o Between The Cities Are Stars deu ao TBTCI, minha opinião permanece identica, eles realmente são a revelação do ano, ainda mais agora com o debut em forma de EP, preparem os timpanos porque o noise pede passagem tendo como inspiração os mestres J&MC e Sywave, Kyle, guitarras e vocais, Heather, baixo e vocal e Jen bateria, jogam um verdadeiro ataque sonoro desde a abertura com Miss West até os ultimos acordes de Instrumental, o BTCAS mostra que o barulho tem classe e muita classe por sinal, e para melhor entendimento das "musiquinhas" do EP, o proprio Kyle faz um track by track para nós, coisa finissima.

Between The Cities Are Stars EP, by Kyle Hernandez
"Well "Miss West" and "Mine" we're written about a year and a half ago by me while living in Los Angeles going to school. Heather and I both wrote "All That Mad Trouble" and "Instrumental."

"All That Mad Trouble" was written in the spirt of Jack Kerouac cause that book was always around while mixing at my friend Tim's house.

"Miss West" and "Mine" were written at the same time one weekend durning the summer of 09. Heather and I practiced TONS that summer cause we were bored and broke in Los Angeles.

"Instrumental" was the first song we played as a band with Jen on drums. We wanted something new to play as a band so that we would all be new to the song. It's by far the fav in our set...."

Morningrise with Soars

Melancolico e gelido até a medula, assim pode ser resumido o debut dos americanos do Soars, o homonimo album recem lançado é descendente direto do grandioso Slowdive, mais precisamente da primeira fase deles, Throw Yourself Apart poderia facilmente estar presente no Just for a Day tamanha delicadeza dos vocais e das ambientações frias e tristes, Espace on High é exuberantemente grandiosa, epica e tribal, evocando por vezes Cranes porém extremamente shoegazer, um delirio sonoro digno da Scene, mas a melancolia ainda reserva a sequencia final, prepare-se para Young Adult e Monolith, friamente agressivas e caoticas no sentindo psicologico do termo. Um album sufocantemente denso, cuidado ao ouvir, convém não estar depressivo para que seu estado não se agrave mais ainda.

Soars - Soars

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The Moon and the Melodies with Foxtail Somersault - An Interview

Brian Anderson, baixo, Elizabeth Anderson, vocais e guitarras, Mark Loftin, bateria, Seiken Nakama, guitarras e James Spadaro, guitarras compõem o inspiradissimo Foxtail Somersault, preciosidade de Los Angeles que por ora enamoram a sonoridade tipicamente 4AD, leia-se Cocteau Twins, ora caminham por lados mais densos e gelidos do pos punk do The Cure mas sempre com as guitarras por vezes etereas por vezes altas e estridentes, camadas e camadas de wall of sound etereo que remete diretamente ao Slowdive, assim é tematica das composições do FS, no curriculo dois EPs sensacionais Fathom e o novissimo Reflections, que deixam explicitamente claro que o debut vira de forma a tornar-se obrigatorio, vide as belissimas To a Runaway, que nos remete diretamente a Avalyn do Slowdive ou a beleza eterea e tenue de Sirens, altamente recomendado para amantes como eu, aproveitando a oportunidade o TBTCI tem o prazer de publicar uma das entrevistas mais bacanas que já apareceram por aqui, com a palavra Foxtail Somersault.

***** Interview with Foxtail Somersault *****

Q. When did Foxtail Somersault form, tell us about the beginning…
Seiken - Foxtail Somersault was formed in 2004 when my friend Winston wanted to form a cover band to perform a party, I had been in few music projects in Los Angeles previously, but put music on hold for several years for personal reasons. I had such a great time performing at the party, that it sparked the desire to form Foxtail Somersault. Moving on to our current line up, both Brian and Elizabeth Anderson (no relations) both joined FS after responding to ad's on Craigslist we had posted.

Most of the music I compose, starts on a multitrack recorder and I add layers and layers of guitars, final versions of songs really require an addition guitarist, so when I heard that James' band Morningspy were going to take a long haitus, I had been a fan of Morninspy, and I thought James could really help FS, little did I know at that time that he would become the glue that holds FS together. Fortuitously, we were both in attendance at a Tomihira show, when I asked James to join FS. Mark Loftin was also in Morningspy, and would eventually join FS.

Q. What are the band’s influences?
Seiken - 4AD bands from the 80's-90's, MBV, Slowdive, the Cure, and the Smashing Pumpkins.

James - They vary...I think we all like the classic shoegaze bands like mbv and slowdive, but we also have a lot of respect for some of the newer bands like deerhunter and asobi seksu. Strangely enough, I've been on a wu-tang binge since discovering pandora, so there might be some gunshots and karate between songs on our next release.

Q. What´s the process to recording Reflection EP, and what´s the difference from Fathom?
Seiken - Reflection was a full collaborative effort, while Fathom was pretty much my baby.

James - We take our time and record it all in bits and pieces. Then Seiken drinks a few gallons of rockstar and emails us about 15 - 20 remixes of each song. We basically wrote Reflection together, where as Seik masterminded Fathom while trying to assemble the right lineup.

Q, Tell us about playing live.
Seiken - I really enjoy performing live, feeding off the crowd, and the energy. I think we're a much better live band than our recordings. There are some challenges though, some of the tones on the recordings I cant really perform live due to stage limitations and equipment transportation issues, so we adapt and perform more in a raw fashion.

Elizabeth - Playing live makes our music more tangible, powerful for our audience....I think sometimes recordings can take something away from our music- and a live rendition captures more of the true sound. Personally...i still get nervous when I play- I usually make dumb jokes for the audience just to try and relax...hhe.

James - You just have to see it for yourself. It's difficult to capture the size or depth of our live show on a recording. In that sense, I'd like to think that we sound better live. Meeting the other bands we play with might be the most gratifying part of playing live. We just played with Bettie serveert and I made them sign my Palomine cd insert from 1992.

Mark - Playing live has been the venues we've been playing at, and we have loyal fans that we hang out with after the show. We've been booked with some great bands, and it's fun to see the others on the bill. We've also done some cool cover songs like the Breeder's "Cannonball"

Q. How did last years gigs go?
Seiken- 2010 was very cool, we performed with a bunch of awesome bands including all of our labels mates (Astral,Vir, Tomihira), along with Holly Miranda, Spin Drift, Stripmall Architecture, the Meeting Places, Space Waves, Starry Saints, Joy Wants Eternity, and Bettie Serveert.

James - Last year was a year of rebuilding for us. We had a lot of great shows, and a few interesting road trips. I think the out of town gigs were the funnest because we all roll together in our 15 passenger's usually a laugh-fest the entire ride until the van overheats on the I-5.

Q. What do you think about the classic shoegaze era?
Seiken - Loved it! I attended many of the shows during the era, including MBV, Ride, Lush, Chapterhouse, and the Pale Saints.

Elizabeth - Quite honestly, I wasn't familiar with many of the classic shoegaze bands until I joined's been really great to be introduced to all of this music which was "new"for me.

James - I think there were a lot of good bands that never made it big because of grunge.

Mark -Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine are two of my favorites. We have covered Slowdive's "Souvlaki Space Station" live, and the crowd was really into it.

Q. Tell us about bands in the current shoegaze scene…
Seiken - Besides the bands we performed with in 2010, there are really awesome bands out there like Experimental Aircraft, Amusement Parks on Fire, Tears Run Rings, SPC Eco, The High Violets, Asobi Seksu, Fell, and Film School, I'm sure I'm leaving many some out.

James - they're everywhere and most people still ask me what shoegaze is. San Francisco has a budding shoegaze scene and a lot of great bands like, Astral, Tomihira, LSD and the search for god...

Q. Which new bands you recommended?
James - Deerhunter has been one of my favorite bands ever since I saw them upstage the ponys at 12 galaxies in San Francisco. Like most people that night, I was there to see the ponys, but so blown away by Deerhunter's performance that I forgot who I was there to see.

Seik - Minipop, Excuses for Skipping, and Foreign Cinema.

Q. Which songs by other bands would you like to do cover versions of?
Seik - I'd like to do a Cure cover one day, I'm a huge fan, I'm not sure exactly which song, love so many of them.

James - I'd like to try a smashing pumpkins song or something that's slightly out of our genre.

Mark - Would be fun to do covers of some bands that may not be defined as shoegaze, but had a major influence on the movement - bands like The Velvet Underground and Sonic Youth.

Q. What are the plans for the future?
Seik - After our Nov 4th show in San Francisco, we're planning on recording 3 tracks that are close to being finished, then we're going to focus on writing new material for our next release.

Elizabeth - I think that we are all excited to work on new material after having released Reflection....The process of writing and developing songs as a group is something I really enjoy.

James - Recording a full length is our next focus, and trying to keep everyone except beth productive during fantasy football season.

Mark -Record our first full length album!

Q. Any important news to tell us
James - Sidney, our band mascot and beth's dog, just had surgery on her leg. She's getting better every day and should be back in action to work the merch booth at our next show. Please stop by to grab a CD or shirt from her, she offers a generous discount to anyone with food.
Thanks Seiken and of the best interviews....i love it!!!....Renato

Foxtail Somersault - Reflection

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Imagine Hearts by Ringo Deathstarr

Imagine Hearts é a previa do debut que esta prestes a sair do queridissimo Ringo Deathstarr, é vem algo absolutamente fenomenal por ai, Imagine Hearts é espetacular, MBV e Medicine mesclados em roupagem atualizada, paredes ciclicas de guitarras em loop, vocalização soterradissima, simplesmente sensacional.

Ringo Deathstarr - Imagine Hearts

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A Touch of Joy, a touch of Sadness by Presents for Sally - An Interview

Preciosidade é a palavra correta para definir o 7´´ dos ingleses do Present for Sally, shoegazer classico evocando Pale Saints, Ride no que há de melhor, guitarras em perfeita sincronia, vocais sufocantemente doces e distantes, assim é Catch Your Fall e Smooch, não há como não se render a banda após audições, e logicamente apos o 7´´ lançado no ano passado e ouvido por este que vos escreve exaustivamente, além é claro da belissima e cintilante Flowers Falling Sideways que foi a primeira canção inclusa em coletanea The Secret Garden, e a promessa do debut para este ano, o que acontecera exatamente em 22/11 deste ano, todavia já disponivel diretamente com a banda, alguns exemplos de como esse A Touch of Joy, A Touch of Sadness tem motivos de sobra para colocar o Presents for Sally no topo da nova safra shoegazer, a canção titulo e a soberba Smell your Scent são exemplos clarissimos da perfeição do album. Aproveitando a ocasião nada mais correto do que saber diretamente da fonte o quão espetacular é esse A Touch of Joy, A Touch of Sadness, com vocês Presents for Sally

***** Interview with Presents for Sally *****

Q. When did Presents for Sally form, tell us about the beginning…
A. The band kind of properly formed in about 2007-08 when we had the track “flowers falling sideways” come out on a compilation. We had to follow that up with some shows which was pretty hard as trying to find anyone where we are from with any musical imagination is like smashing your head against a brick wall! I had been recording stuff at home for years, mainly just idea’s but these eventually turned into songs especially as Anna started to add vocals etc..

Q. What are the band’s influences?
A. We all listen to different things really and I think that shows on the album. It has our “sound” but the songs are quite varied. Anna is into more heavier stuff, Luke is into more punkier things and i’m obsessed with late 80’s/early 90’s bands still. I’d much rather put an old sub pop/4ad record on than the majority of the music that’s about now.

Q. Tell us about the recording process for debut album?
A. The album took a long time to be honest, a lot longer than it was suppose to! We ended up scrapping and starting it again 3 times as it just wasn’t happening. I think we’d get half way through and it just didn’t seem right. We were hoping to have it ready for January time as the single had done pretty well in November and we wanted to keep the momentum going but as it turns out its pretty much a year to the day that the album will be out after the single!

A lot of the album was quite fun to record and some of the songs were quite spontaneous. That’s probably why it took so long, we would have a set amount of songs and then we’d stumble upon a new one…!

Q, Tell us about playing live.
A. Playing live is great and we have always got great feedback from the audience. Up until now we have always had to use drum machines rather than a live drummer so the dates we do supporting the album will be our first with a more conventional band. Were hoping it brings more energy to the shows and generally make the loud bits even louder and the quiet bits even softer. We are also going to be using backing track sounds between songs, even if its just 2 delayed and distorted chords repeating, we are quite into the thought of joining a lot of the songs together. We are also looking at visuals and having something playing behind which kind of runs throughout the set, like a short film I suppose. This will also be the first time we have played most of the songs on the album live aswell other than “catch your fall” and “smooch” so it’ll be exciting for us aswell.

Q. How did last years gigs go?
A. We have been quite lucky as we have played with some fantastic bands and met some genuinely nice people along the way. Our first 2 shows were supporting rumskib when they came over for their UK tour and it was quite daunting but they made us feel at ease. The second night the sound guy didn’t turn up but they helped us out and its stuff like that that you appreciate and don’t forget. Like I said we found it a little difficult and restricting at times using just the drum machines but it also set us aside from other bands we were playing with. We supported the telescopes which was great and think we all agree that that was probably the best show so far. Everything seemed to go right, the sound was just right and everybody seemed to love it.

Q. What do you think about the classic shoegaze era?
A. Well im the only one into music that could be classed as shoegaze out of all 3 of us but I think it produced some fantastic music even though the term shoegaze was considered quite a dirty word by the press back then. To be honest I think music in general was better back then whatever scene it was suppose to be a part of. You can pigeonhole anything I guess, 2 of my favourite albums from back then are “things fall apart” by the charlottes and “the comforts of madness” by the pale saints which are always classed as shoegaze records but sound completely different. To me the pale saints always sounded more like a band you’d find on sarah records, like the field mice etc

Q. Tell us about bands in the current shoegaze scene…
A. To be honest I’m not overly aware of that many of the bands. The fauns are on the same label as us, I really got into the rumskib album last year but other than that I haven’t really had the chance to hear much new stuff. I’m a firm believer that if something is good enough it’ll find its way to you eventually!!

Q. Which new bands you recommended?
A. Male bonding – nothing hurts (on sub pop) has been my favourite album of the year so far. Me and Anna saw them live support no age a couple of weeks ago in Bristol and they played on the smallest stage I have ever seen! It was a good night though and no age were outstanding live, I hadn’t seen them before but it was one of the loudest gigs I have been to, probably more so than my bloody valentine! No age are another band actually who are consistently great and have been one of the most exciting bands in the last few years for me.

Q. Which songs by other bands would you like to do cover versions of?
A. We have discussed doing some covers in a "presents for sally" style for some radio sessions we may have coming up but its difficult to decide as we all have a lot of ideas. 99 red balloons by Nena has come up more than once though haha!!

Q. What are the plans for the future?
A. We are currently arranging a tour of the UK to support the album in the winter and then there may be another single early next year but nothing is set in stone about that yet. We are also hoping the album will be pressed on vinyl at somepoint so any sponsers welcome!!!!!

Q. Any important news to tell us
A. Tottenham Hotspur Football Club are the greatest football club in the world.
Thanks Matt!!!

Presents for Sally - Catch Your Fall

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Everything´s Alright When You´re Down with Weekend

Estava aguardando demais esse album sair, e finalmente saiu, Sports é o nome desse que vem a engrossar e complicar ainda mais a famosa listagem dos melhores albuns do ano, não a toa que o Weekend já vem chamando atenção de muita gente, cito ai Oliver Ackermann e a espertissima Slumberland fez o favor de fechar com a banda. Sports é abrasivo, caotico, uma muralha de feedback com fios desencapados para todos os lados, wall of sound que diz ola ao inferno, tudo isso envolto a uma tematica pos punk, leia-se Joy Division ou Sound, ou qualquer coisa doentia, J&MC é o ponto de partida para criações poderosas como Comma Summer, Young Haunts, Untitled, Age Class, Monday Morning e basicamente todo o album, algumas passagens me trazem a mente uma das melhores musicas do SY Schizophrenia, o Weekend concebeu um album perigoso e doentio para a alegria de adoradores de wall of sound, não perca um segundo sequer, pegue o arquivo e guarde a sete chaves, porque eu particularmente acho que o link vai ser retirado logo logo, afinal de contas o album só sai em 09/11 e Slumberland e Slumberland certo!!

Weekend - Sports

Cool Breeze with Sea Dweller

Finalmente, finalmente mesmo, demorou para eu colocar a mão neste Love is Coming dos italianos do Sea Dweller mas a espera já esta recompensada a partir dos primeiros acordes de Slowdown, classic shoegazer meus amigos classic shoegazer até dizer chega, Ride, Lush, Moose, Slowdive e Catherine Wheel, todos dentro da mesma canção, a sequencia com She´s in Ecstasy é lenta sonhadora e apaixonante até a metade porque do meio para frente as guitarras dão as caras causando estrondos delirantes, Hear no Sound certamente caberia em qualquer album do Secret Shine tamanho o apelo pop e ao mesmo tempo o lirismo climatico, absurdamente excelente, Just Between us é MBV em estado bruto, dai para frente, Underwater, Every Inch, Settings e She Whispers completam o album porém todas já estão devidamente decifradas no EP Underwater Town que o TBTCI disse isso. O Sea Dweller daz de seu debut um delirio sonhador para qualquer fã de shoegazer que se preze decorar cada segundo de suas guitarras apaixonantes.

Sea Dweller - Love is Coming

Bad Idea by Wighead

Recebi um email ha uma semana da K Sur Records apresentando o novo ep do Wighead intitulado William and Edward Frontage 7", além de indicar as influências desses malucões de Oklahoma, eu não conhecia o trabalho da banda e recebi o album dos caras, realmente muito bom o som, experimentalismo psicodelico com nitidas influencias de Beach Boys, Phil Spector, Flaming Lips, fase Soft Bulletin, Bad Idea é grudenta com seus orgãos 60´s, Madrid é nonsense ate o talo, um ep que traz o raro prazer de ouvir musica com todas as letras, um espetaculo literalmente.

terça-feira, 12 de outubro de 2010

Slowdive with Tamaryn

San Francisco, California, novamente aparece por aqui e ao que parece a California deixou de ser a terra das surfer songs e virou reduto e densos e caoticos grupos cuja tendencia é mesclar pos punk e shoegazer de uma otica gelida e caustrofobica, vide Veil Veil Vanish por exemplo, outra banda que trilha o mesmo caminho é o Tamaryn, na realidade uma dupla, Rex John Shelverton & Tamaryn são responsaveis pelo debut Waves, que já pela abertura com The Waves mostra exatamente o roteiro deste sufocante album album, guitarras frias e cortantes sincronizam e duelam com a voz de Tamaryn evocando Slowdive e Cranes em um verdadeiro massacre dissonante e frio, a sequencia com Choirs of Winter é menos turbulenta mesclando o lado hipnotico de The Waves acrescido a classica sonoridade da 4AD, leia-se Cocteau Twins e Dif Juz, Love Fade vem em seguida e ai meus amigos esta concebido uma obra prima, Siouxsie Sioux e Rachel Gosswel em dueto esta é a impressão graças a neo-zelandesa Tamaryn e sua voz, ritmo em crescendo, wall of sound a´la Slowdive, Love Fade vale o album por completo, porém ainda ha mais, muito mais nesta que devera ser uma das melhores coisas lançadas neste ano, Sandstone é MBV dark, Dawning é Bilinda Butcher duelando com Robin Guthrie, enfim, recomendado não só pelo TBTCI, mas também por gente como AZ Kadir do Stellarium, então meus caros se por acaso ainda não ouviu, ou não sabe do que se trata, não perca mais tempo, Tamaryn, Waves.

Tamaryn - Waves

Black Metallic with Seafrost

Dando sequencia aos grandes albuns desse ano, esse aqui é em especial um achado, Seafrost de New Jersey, o album lançamento digitalmente e gratuito para quem quiser é um mergulho profundo aos early 90´s, tendo como força motriz o grandioso Catherine Wheel, Waves in The Atmosphere é assim uma odisseia ininterrupta aos grandes icones dos inicio dos 90´s. guitarras e climas que clamam pelas bençãos de CW, Lush, Drop Nineteens, Belltower, Ride e desce a lista, o Seafrost mostra extremo lirismo e sensibilidade nas criações, vide a climatica Sunday que fecha o album, ou a delirante abertura de Hallucinations, dai as paredes de guitarras entram em evidencia nas sedutoras Rainbow Static, Daydream Routine e The Ceremony. Um album que soa como uma prestação de serviço aos mestres do shoegazer que certamente esta paga com louvor e acima de tudo muito bom gosto, recomendadissimo.

Forever After by Astral

Este aqui é unanimidade aqui no TBTCI, o Astral já é basicamente socio de carteirinha, também pudera, 2 albuns cheios fenomenais, Orchids e Sleepwalker, uma penca de eps cada um mais forte do que o anterior e agora chega em minhas mãos o novissivimo 3º petardo dos caras, Forever After é o nome da obra lançada ha pouco por Dave Han, guitarras e vocais, Natalia Silva baixo, Beatrix Zeitmakker bateria, a identidade do Astral permanece intacta, pos punk shoegazer, gelido, denso e tenso até a ultima medula, porém aqui tudo atinge o auge por completo, pegue Fall Away, Narcissus, Walk an Talk e veja que o Astral ao lado do Veil Veil Vanish e dos Prids são as principais banda que mesclam shoegaze com pos punk, nunca Robert Smith, Mark Gardener, Mark Burgess, Adrian Borland, Rachel Goswell poderiam imaginar tamanha perfeição em um unico album, vou mais alem Walk and Talk tal como Transmitter no ano passado certamente é a musica do ano, talvez brigando com Anthem For A Doomed Youth do Veil Veil Vanish, de resto, Forever After coloca o Astral no topo dos grandes albuns do ano, sem contar que na minha modesta opinião este é o melhor album do Astral.

Ah, fique esperto, porque logo logo tem mais Astral aqui no TBTCI, entrevista logo logo....

Astral - Forever After

Blues from a Gun with Rraaillss

Depois de uma hibernação forçada graças a momentos fortes da vida cotidiana vide, trampo, estudos, enfim a vida como ela é....estamos novamente por aqui, e para brindar a todos vamos com tudo e mais um pouco para jogar decibeis para tudo que é lado, primeiramente com um prazer absurdo é preciso dizer que isto aqui vicia, vicia demais, para fixar bem o nome da banda, alias do cara, sim mais uma banda de um homem só, Adam Anderson é o responsavel por tudo, mas chame-os por Rraaiills, o album de estreia intitula-se 1098, e o som, ah o som, o melhor impossivel, com um pé no Automatic dos irmãos Reid e o outro dividido entre as surfers songs dos 60´s, toques do Velvet Underground, Suicide, Girl Groups, todo com um teor mais escuro a´la Crystal Stilts, classicos instantaneos se fazem presente como Kissof, Heyheyhey, When you Feel Like, Red String, SPF85, e por ai vai. 1098 é daqueles disquinhos saborosamente devastadores de deixar legiões de adoradores nos quatro cantos em que ele estiver tocando, depois não diga que não avisei, Rraaillss é sua mais nova banda predileta.

Rraaiills - 1098

quarta-feira, 6 de outubro de 2010


Amigos, somente para avisar que o TBTCI não morreu, apenas estou sendo dominado por forças maiores e não consegui me concentrar a conceder a vocês o padrão TBTCI, entretanto pelos meus calculos durante o feriado certamente celebraremos alguns decibeis em conjunto!!!


Renato Malizia