quinta-feira, 23 de abril de 2015

Stoned & Dethroned with Lost Secrets - An Interview

Os espanhóis do Lost Secrets e seu e Beautiful Noize trazem vestígios de J&MC principalmente ecos dos álbuns Stoned & Dethroned e Munki.

Riffs pegajosos, melodias assobiáveis pra cantar e pular tudo em alto e bom som.

Um ótimo exemplo de que os sons do submundo estão definitivamente explodindo em energia, 

***** Interview with Lost Secrets *****

Q. When did Lost Secrets started, tell us about the history...
The main idea arised one Xmas afternoon in my appartment on 2010, I (Vicent Martin) was talking on the phone with my friend Henry Galán, we were discussing about a pedal effect (EHX DELUXE MEMORY MAN) I was explaining him the coolest thing about this pedal it was to use it in a Shoegaze band. I have been many years playing in some independent alternative rock bands (drums mainly and bass) and Henry was working for almost twenty years in their solo project based in minimal music, so we both were to far each other in the musical spectrum. And talking about with him about Shoegaze bands I said: “Hey, the coolest thing of it all would be to form a Shoegaze band!!” So that idea was the beginning of our project. We started to rehearse with some own songs I have, Henry playing keyboards space strings and bassline, another guy (that left the band then) playing drums and me playing guitar with a lot pedal effects (three MEMORY MAN pedals included of course!).

Q: Who are your influences?
We are music lovers, so we listen all kind of music, really all, but obviously we have our own preferences, the band is moving between a “natural sound balance” between order and chaos. Our influences are very different, from minimal music Kings: Philip Glass, Klaus Schulze, Mike Olfield with their strict order and perfect sound to the epic guitar sounds of Smashing Pumpkins, MBV, TJAMC and our songs have melo/sad mood based and very influenced by The Cure and Joy Division. Now we are moving towards more electronic sounds, so we admit The XX has been an important influence for us in the last year.

Q. Make a list of 5 albuns of all time…
May this be the hardest question of all (LOL), …, But let’s say these albums are the vital signs in music in Lost Secrets’s sound.
The Photographer by Philip Glass (Henry)
Amarok by Mike Oldfield (Henry)
Siamese Dream by Smashing Pumpkins (Vicent)
Loveless by MBV (Vicent)
Disintegration by The Cure (Henry + Vicent)

Q. How do you feel playing live?
Our main work is based in weekly rehearsals since our beginning, so it is playing live when we feel more confortable. When we feel that we connect with people who came at our concerts, when we see a girl that is moving their head with our rhythm or we realize that someone is singing our lyrics, we know our work is well done. Until now it is playing live when we feel our sound is closer to our reality. So try to make concerts as much as we could, in a electric way mainly or even acoustic if the local needed. We love play live that’s it!

Q. How do you describe Lost Secrets sounds?
Our main idea is located in Shoegaze sound, big drum sound, bigger delayed, reverbered and distorted guitar sound, with space strings as background and all of this leaded by a dark and deep voice, this was our mantra until now. But recently we are more synthesized sounds oriented, we are working based on electronic drums tracks and some arpeggiated sounds, we have now some new demos more electrical but even more dreamy than our previous songs. “Return” (demo) at our bandcamp it will be a very good example of our present sound. http://lostsecrets.bandcamp.com/track/return

Q: Tell us about the process of recording the songs ?
For the recording of our first EP called Beautiful Noize, we recorded at a professional studio located in Madrid, we spend about 3-4 months to record all tracks, and two more months for the mastering and mixing, yes a lot of time for an EP (we are Spanish alter all!), we uses to make jokes with this recording comparing it with the Tears For Fears’ Seeds of Love album recording…, Five of the seven tracks were recorded in this studio, but the intro and the outtro were recorded in my home studio. For the new Ep, we have decided to combine songs recorded at a professional studio and songs recorded in our own home studio, as the new songs are based in a electronic drum and synthesized loop, with many tracks of guitars overdubbed. We are very excited about the new songs recording!

Q. Which new bands do you recommended?
Before we will mention all shoegaze new bands, we want to mention two Spanish bands that we love, one it is called Havalina, if we want to sound like a band we want to sound like Havalina, incredible live sound and records as well… yes, we think they are the biggest Spanish Rock Band ever..! and another Spanish band called: Nueva Internacional, it sounds very very classic Shoegaze. Then…they are A Place To Bury Strangers…(not so new but a little old), No Joy, Ringo Deathstarr, Dum Dum Girls, Tamaryn, Warpaint, Aerofall, The Arctic Flow, El Niño Naranja and The US (of course!). Q: What´s the plans for future.... Now we are working in new demos, and probably we will plan to record the new songs after summer. Henry is building a beautiful home studio in his attic, so as commented below we will record songs (electronic oriented) by ourselves and then the songs with real drums will be recorded in an professional studio. We have been invited to play in a local Music Festival (no, its not the FIB) this summer arround July, and recently it will appear in the web an acoustic concert that we made some weeks ago for a musical Management website. We have planned also to upload a live concert in our bandcamp account for free. After the good experience of playing our songs in acoustic format, we are thinking to record some songs of our Beautiful Noize EP in acoustic. Apart from that, we will remain with our weekly rehearsals.

Q: Any parting words?
Thanks so much to Renato at http://theblogthatcelebratesitself.blogspot.com.br/ for their interest in us, thanks all people who made their own music, thanks to all people who have supported us during this years, specially thanks to Eva my wife she is the real third member of Lost Secrets. Peace, Love, Noise and if you want to start a Shoegaze band, buy all a Ehx Deluxe Memory Man!!