quinta-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2014

Fetch with Crisis Arm - An Interview

Muralhas sonoras, reverbs, delays, sonhos, vocais soterrados, claro que estamos falando do mais puro e bom shoegazer, que aqui é representado pelo Crisis Arm quarteto californiano que já tem história e vários álbuns lançados sempre mergulhados naquela atmosfera de barulho associado aos sonhos.

Rend seu último trabalho lançado no meio deste ano é sem dúvida um dos grandes álbuns shoegazers do ano, repetições as vezes, quebra de ritmos em outras, tudo encharcado sob uma camada poderosa de ruído branco, se tornando cultuado e obrigatório para nós.


***** Interview with Crisis Arm *****

Q. When did Crisis Arm starts tell us about the history…
PC: crisis arm started in 2009 as more of an experimental band with me and kevin. around 2011 it evolved into more of what is today with the addition of cameron on the lead guitar.

KM: we have recently added our friend chris broyles to the lineup, allowing for more full instrumentation live and in recording.

CP: before 2011 crisis arm had no cats and that was lame. now crisis arm has 9 cats and that's cool.

Q: Who are your influences?
PC: mostly video game and anime osts

KM: pat, cameron, my friends and family. a ton of bands but not one single defining influence. definitely a lot of shoegaze, dreampop, post-punk and alternative rock. oh, and videogame/anime music of course.

CP: all the cats ever.

CB: praline and dick

Q. Made a list of 5 albums of all time…
PC: blade runner ost, persona 3 ost, final fantasy 8 ost, chrono trigger ost, macross plus ost

KM: chrono trigger ost, the cure - disintegration, cocteau twins - heaven or las vegas, the smashing pumpkins - mellon collie and the infinite sadness, my bloody valentine - isn't anything

CB: the first four primal scream records and fun house

Q. How do you feel playing alive?
PC: pretty indifferent really, it’s all about the time and place that affect my mood. a show can feel pretty shitty, but afterwards people will say differently of the performance.

KM: it's fun, stressful, exciting, terrifying, and beautiful all rolled into one.

CP: that depends entirely on whether or not i have coffee in this situation

CB: i wish i was dead right now

Q. How do you describe Crisis Arm's sounds?
PC: a tidal crushing weight on your heart

KM: loud and bittersweet.

CB: broken muffs, cats and reverb pedals

Q: Tell us about the process of recording the songs ?
PC: the recording processes is always different for each album. we’ve always taken on an ideal that recording should always be a do it yourself endeavour especially in this age of pervasive and powerful technology. whatever we think will make our albums sound a certain way it makes sense to take advantage of that pathway of methods. recording is always an eye opener in ways that we want to go sonically and creatively as a band.

KM: it's usually pretty time consuming and by the time we finish, we usually have to ground ourselves again. we become very immersed into the world our album creates.

CP: lots of coffee and arguing

Q. Which new bands do you recommended?
PC: the coltranes and the gravitys

KM: too many to name. look at shows with bands that we play with and that's usually a pretty good indicator, especially these days.

CB: you ever heard of this band called the smiths?

Q: Which bands you love to made a cover version?
PC: not a fan of putting effort into covers

KM: i'll cover anything easy by my favorite bands, but i would rather spend time on our own music if we can.

CB: ravi shankar

Q: What´s the plans for future....
PC: japan

KM: a lot more music making. maybe some collaborations. really good shows, tours and hopefully japan or europe!

CP: amassing more cats. i guess doing some sort of music stuff too

CB: quitting interviews forever

Q: Any parting words?
PC: stay out of school

KM: follow all of your passions. keep your loved ones close. don't give up on something or someone you love. work hard for it!

CP: cool

CB: fuck moby
Thanks guys