sexta-feira, 7 de novembro de 2014

Queen of Siam with Fe Male Fou - An Interview

Filomena Rubino é a one woman band que atende pela alcunha de Fe Male Fou

A garota faz um estardalhaço calcada em mestres do art noise como Lydia Lunch Michael Gira e o Swans, Sonic Youth, Glenn Blanca, ou seja tudo que tiver experimentação, ruídos, distorções, caos, lá esta Fe Male Fou

A discografia é cheia de eps, com destaque para Skene de 2013, quatro exercícios destrutivos de puto noise e experimentalismo elevando o barulho a máxima potência.

Não recomendado a indie kids e aos que procuram melodias, Fe Male Fou é a verdadeira anti canção.

***** Interview with Fe Male Fou *****

1) Q. When did Fe Male Fou starts? Tell us the history....
Fe Male Fou was born in April 2013 for a personal need to experiment and go beyond the standard canons of music. I started playing the guitar very late and for me it was pretty boring comply with the pentatonic scales and standard tuning. It all seemed so equal. From there, I started to change my approach to the guitar. I felt that inside of me there was a state of mind that it does not oozed any kind of harmony.

2) Q: Who are your influences?
My choice "atonal" definitely was influenced primarily by some of the sonic youth album ever that changed my perspective, both musical and existential.
Obviously, when you engage in a particular genre then you discover the influences of the influences, collaborations of your favorite artists and so on. We must say that I grew up happily in a "musical situation" interesting, my dad had the album of throbbing gristle and psychic tv, and some italian noise stuff , let's say that my ear was used by soon to '"anti-music." I can also find influences, surely even in the dark sounds of swans and guitars of Glenn Branca, of which I am highly impressed.

3) Q. Made a list of 5 albuns of all time…
ah ! Too difficult ( maybe all this five are placed at the first place : D ) so,

1) Confusion in Sex (SY)
2) 20 juzz funk greats (throbbing Gristle) - Towards Thee Infinite Beat (Psychic TV)
3) Evol (SY)
4) The great annihilator (Swans)
5)13.13 Lydia Lunch

4)Q. How do you fell playing alive?
It's a great feeling. is an opportunity where you can communicate with yourself . Sometimes you can hear good vibrations at times is more difficult. It all depends on your emotional state at the moment that u play. However, I like to feel alone when I play in public. Only in this way I can "get myself" in a real manner.

5)Q. How do you describe Fe Male Fou sounds?
The sounds are quite different each others. I can not simply take a specific classification. Let's say I try to experiment with guitars, or whatever "consequences" that objects give to the chords. a kind of experimental noise, sometimes melodic, sometimes more hard sometimes it might even be noise rock. The sound is pretty lo fi, even for personal choice.

6)Q: Tell us about the process of recording the songs ?
Often I record into my room sometimes in a small study. I do everything by myself with guitars , pedals, sound card pc. I usually do not ever touch up the original sound of the guitars I always try to keep the original sound. Most of the tracks are born as impovvisation, then I add on other guitars or other instruments or noises.

Sometimes record voice or noises samples for the road , in the street, in some places and then transformed into a sort of melody. Each tracks may have a different path.

7)Q. Which new bands do you recommended?
Honestly I do not follow a lot of the contemporary experimental scene. Really.

8)Q: Which bands you love to made a cover version?
Ah ! Probably an old italian noise/industrial band from 80s.
They are called " funeral de cocis." I've seen some videos and when they were on stage they smashed all. They played with object and weapon unrealistic. Real animals. Yes definitely them.

9)Q: What´s the plans for future....
For the future is a mess. I have several ideas in mind, including collaborations and 'inclusion of new instruments, synth and probably drums (not just electronic) we will see.