sexta-feira, 7 de novembro de 2014

Catastroph Ballet with Love in Cage - An Interview

Esfriando os ânimos no TBTCI, os franceses do Love in Cage, praticam cold wave dark e eletrônica em seu álbum Position.

Pega ai Sisters of Mercy fundido com Human League e você tem o Love in Cage.

Beats negros e dançantes, esfumaçados e feito exatamente pra se dançar contra a parede.

E como o TBTCI tem seu lado trevoso, óbvio que o Love in Cage virou artefato pra estrobos e inferninhos, altamente recomendado.

***** Interview with Love in Cage *****

1 :Q. When did Love in Cage starts, tell us about the history...
Isthmaël : We began our project Love in cage in 2008. We met in a bar (Le Shari Vari), Alexis played and composed in a post punk band Cristal Palace. I liked his tracks. Me, I sang in the electronic rock goth band Junkies sex dreams. Out of the bar, I was drunk, I asked him that we created a cold wave band . Alexis told me : it’s ok !!!

Six months later, I contacted Marielle to play the bass guitar when we composed our six first songs. We needed a bassist to play live !!! Love in cage is become a trio….

2 : Q: Who are your influences?
Alexis : My influences are: the first records of The Cure, Durutti colums, Slowdive, Section 25 , this mortal coil .

Isthmaël : I’m listening the French cold wave music (Kas Product, Taxi Girl, Orchestre Rouge, Trisomie 21…) the british New wave and post-punk music (Bauhaus, Cure, Joy Division

…So, I’m selecting : The Cure : Pornography, Sisters of mercy…) and the instrumental electronic music (Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Pansonic,Autechre…)

3. Q. Made a list of 5 albuns of all time…
Aphex Twin : Selected ambient works
Christian Death: “Catastroph ballet”
Isthmaël : It’s a difficult choice…Heh eh eh
Cocteau Twins : Treasure
Trissomie 21 : Chapter IV

Alexis : All confused styles it is impossible for me (I also like very much the soul, the folk song the electronic music e the old funk)
The Cure : Three imaginary boys
The Smiths : Hatfull of hollow
XTC : Drums and wire
Joni Mitchell : Hejira
Joy division : Unknow pleasure

4 Q. How do you fell playing live?
Isthmaël : In 2008, we have been contacted by a german promoter to play in the WGT in Leipzig, we played in Rouen and after Leipzig has been our second live….We wanted to play one time in france to be ready to Leipzig…LOL

Alexis : I do not conceive a composition of songs without playing them there live to have a direct contact of the public and then with somebody who has the charisma of isthmael on stage shall have it's a pity been it not to make it.

5 Q. How do you describe Love in Cage's sounds?
Isthmaël : Love in cage is an elastic, mutant , expresionist and minimal rock electronic project…The dreams , the nostalgy, the fiction are three ideas very important in the band…

6 Q: Tell us about the process of recording the songs ?
Alexis : Generally I compose the music ( Beat Box , bass, guitar, keyboards) then Isthmael and Marielle adds their ideas and then they record their parts, we always leave the music and then come the words.

Isthmaël : There are many different solutions : sometimes, we get together with Alexis to try to find an idea…

Alexis is right, I write texts after the music… I adapt a text according to the atmosphere to the track…

7 Q. Which new bands do you recommended?
Alexis : Toro y moi, The new division Radio dept, tv on the radio, Lovelock, Collège, electric youth, Arnaud rebottini,

Isthmaël : I’m listening in this moment Position Parallèle, Unison, Aphex Twin, Martial Canterel, Bonjour Tristesse….

8: Q: Which bands you love to made a cover version?
Alexis : Patrick Cowley or old songs of Italian disco.

Isthmaël : An only cover !!! The song of Taxi Girl « Aussi belle qu’une balle »

9 : Q: What´s the plans for future....
Isthmaël : In this moment we ‘re writing and finishing our second album, the title will be “Mirages post exil”…

10 : Q: Any parting words?
Isthmaël : A quotation of the French writer Boris Vian :” I spend most of my time to darken it because the light bothers me”