quinta-feira, 13 de novembro de 2014

Forever Alien with Sula Bassana - An Interview

Sula Bassana ou o alter ego de Dave, o mentor do Electric Moon, verdadeiro patrimônio vivo do psych moderno, tem por seu alter ego um verdadeiro oasis fantástico de lisergias doentias e viciantes.

A discografia, bem a discografia eu gostaria apenas de citar o último registro, o split com o 3AM, mas que não há como negar que o destaque é Sula Bassana com a estupefata Disappear, um exercício de deterioração dos sentidos. Calcada nas alquimias de Sonic Boom a frente do Spectrum, Dissapear transcende a mente, seus mais de 10 minutos de transe deixam claro o que é Sula Bassana.

Bom meus caros, voltando a discografia, ela é extensa e perigosa, mas se você frequenta estas páginas certamente esta acostumado com o perigo da música.

***** Interview with Sula Bassana *****

Q. When did Sula Bassana starts, tell us about the history...
I started with electronic music in the 80’s. Had my first gig in 1985 or 86. In 1994 we started with the psychedelic rockband Liquid Visions, where I played the bass. Then I founded Zone Six (Spacerock), played drums in the band Growing Seeds and made the debut LP of Weltraumstaunen. My first solo album under the moniker of Sula Bassana came in 2002.

Q: Who are your influences?
I first heard a lot of classic music, electronic music, and artrock. My favoured bands in the childhood were Pink Floyd, Supertramp, Alan Parsons Project, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Kraftwerk, J.M. Jarre, Vangelis etc.. Later I had a period of searching (late 80’s and very early 90’s), heard a lot of EBM, Punk and Hardrock, and opened my mind for psychedelicrock, classical indian music, trance-music, krautrock... and again electronic music.

Q. Made a list of 5 albuns of all time…
5 are not enough!!!! But these albums for sure influenced me: Tangerine Dream-Rubicon Far Out-s/t Pink Floyd-Meddle Atman-Personal Forest Hawkwind-Do Re Mi

Q. How do you fell playing live?
I never fell off stage! Hehehe...

Q. How do you describe Sula Bassana´s sounds?
A mix of all what I experienced and loved what I heard. Let’s say a psychedelic mix of spacerock, acidrock, electronic, drone and experimental music.

Q: Tell us about the process of recording the songs?
UH! That’s total different! Sometimes I start with a beat, or with a bassline, or a guitar-riff. Sometimes I improvise (very often, hahaha), sometimes I have a complete song in mind, sometimes I just make noise...

Q. Which new bands do you recommended?
Papir, Farflung, Lamp Of The Universe, The Cosmic Dead, The Oscillation, Mugstar, Follakzoid, Grails, for sure some more! And all the bands from my label! hehehe! Giobia, Seven That Spells, Yuri Gagarin, Tracker, The Movements, The Spacelords etc.

Q: Which bands you love to made a cover version?
No idea! I made some Pink Floyd covers in the past. We just made covers of Eric Burdon (Hotel Hell), Tangerine Dream (Madrigal Meridian) and The Beatles (Tomorrow Never Knows) with Electric Moon.

Q: What´s the plans for future....
First will be the split-LP with 3AM, out in late November on dutch Headspin-Records. Listen to my songs here: https://sulabassana.bandcamp.com/album/disappear-split-lp-with-3am In 2015 my electronic-album „Kosmonauts“ will be released in a double vinyl edition on norwegean label Pancromatic-Records. Listen here: https://sulabassana.bandcamp.com/album/kosmonauts And I will release the our concert from Roadburn 2014 on vinyl and CD! Also I almost finished a new album, this time more into the electronic-krautrock-direction. And my spacerock album „The Night“ will be re-released on CD!

Q: Any parting words?