sexta-feira, 25 de setembro de 2015

Glass with Sunken Seas - An Interview

Os neozelandeses do Sunken Seas basicamente tornaram-se sócios do TBTCI. Sobre a banda já dissemos basicamente tudo, leia aqui.

Aterrizando pela segunda vez nestas páginas por conta de seu recém lançado, leia-se hoje, novo álbum Glass. Mais pesado, denso e brutal do que seu antecessor Cataclysm, Glass vai fundo nas raízes de ruídos dark extremo, e conexões com Bailterspace e Band of Susas tornam-se mais fortes ainda.

Um disco absolutamente indispensável neste grande 2015.

***** Interview with Sunken Seas *****

Q. You just release the first single "Clear" from the new album "Glass". What's the big difference between Glass for the last album, "Cataclysm?
A. Whilst it wasn't a concious decision, the songs are shorter than our last release. We never really analysed why I think. We had a couple of line up changes in the time from the Cataclysm release and to this latest one...and we brought in Jordan and Dave who've both been amazing and have really brought a different dynamic to the band.

The new ones are really fun to play live and having the extra guitarist Dave has been great for me personally as I used to be so busy doing about 240 things at once on stage, which was intense - I used to finish shows in a state of total hysteria.

Q: Tell us about the process of recording "Glass"?
A: Prior to recording we decamped to a remote location in the Aorangi Forest Park and it was a place without cellphone reception and a 45 minute drive before we would even come into contact with other human beings.

It was an awesome setting to be able to write music in and provided us with some great focus, so that when it came to recording back in Wellington with James Goldsmith at Munki Studios we were able to hammer out most of the songs without too much trouble.

Q. What are the future plans?
A : We are releasing the album on 25th September - once it's out we'll be conducting an New Zealand tour and getting over to Australia for a tour too. We have held long term intentions to get over to Europe, money permitting. Any booking agents out there get in touch haha.

Q : Final Thoughts ...
Thanks for the interview, Viva Brazil!