terça-feira, 29 de setembro de 2015

Daydreamer with LEΛVE - An Interview

Os novatos ucranianos do LEΛVE estrearam mês passado com seu EP homônimo, basicamente influenciados pelos ares oitentistas e novos expoentes desse resgate como The National, Interpol e afins.

Um ep climático e melódico, cinzento em sua abrangência melancólica, que os aproxima de bandas como Motorama e outros.

Uma estreia promissora certamente.

***** Interview with LEΛVE *****

Q: When did LEΛVE start? Tell us about the history...
A: Back a year ago, we were having another project. We played cover versions of the indie folk songs, bands like Mumford & Sons and Bear's Den, but it so happened that one of our vocalists left us, and we stopped our work on this project. Soon, after the short stagnancy, we decided to get together and play something different. The LEΛVE band formed in July 2015.

Q: Who are your influences?
A: We could name Black English, The National, Queen, The Smiths, Mumford & Sons, Maynard Ferguson, Nils Petter Molvaer, Will Bernard, Frank Sinatra, Glen Miller, Onuka, Death Cab for Cutie.

Q: Make a list of 5 albums of all time…
A: This question seems too difficult to be answered immediately.

Q: How do you feel playing live?
A: Unfortunately, as we formed not so long ago, we still got no chance to play live. Anyways, we hope to give a concert as soon as possible.

Q: How do you describe LEΛVE sounds?
A: We tried to create something sensual, sad, emotional, but light and dreamy at the same time. Besides, we tried to mix the sound of the post-punk bands of the 80’s with modern keyboards effects. Each of us listens to different music. Our guitarist and vocalist loves indie and folk, bass player prefers electronics, industrial and house. Keyboardist likes grunge and post-punk, whereas drummer listens to jazz and alternative. Undoubtedly, such different music tastes influenced on what we created.

Q: Tell us about the process of recording the songs?
A: For a long time, during the rehearsals, we have been looking for our own sound. By the time as we start recording, many things have changed. We have been working on some of the songs for weeks, and could not find the right sound. Well we recorded everything that we did on repetitions. We created our EP on the amateur home studio, and that is why the quality is not as good as we wanted it to be. Surely, the process of recording was full of experiments. Some of our mistakes turned into unexpected variants of how it can sound like. Once, when the microphone was switched on, someone accidentally stepped on the guitar effects pedal. The keyboardist was wearing headphones and heard the sound of the pedal clicking. We liked that sound, and we put it into a song “Allright” after processing. Well we tried not to adhere to any limits. If that sounds, just do ‘coz it must be done.

Q: Which new bands do you recommended?
A: Public Access T.V., Hinds, Neon Waltz.

Q: Which band would you love to made a cover version of?
A: The Smiths, Stone Temple Pilots, Sam Smith, Celldweller.

Q: What are your plans for the future? A: We plan to play live a lot, and to release full-length album in future.

Q: Any parting words?
A: We would like to thank you Renato for the work you have done. Finally, we want to appeal to all the young bands. We wish you perseverance, so you can never stop and move forward. More and more rehearsals, more and more playing live!