segunda-feira, 25 de maio de 2015

Dirty Pennies with Hollow Trees - An Interview

Um verdadeiro supergrupo psych é o Hollow Trees.

Só pra você sentir o drama, Bob Mustachio (ex Warlocks), Christian Bland (Black Angels Reveletors). Andy Olmsted, Luke Dawson, Payton Funk,, Ramiro Verdooren e Cristian Sigler forma o Hollow Trees.

Melhor não ficar perdendo tempo com comentário e explicações teóricas, o Hollow Trees tocou recentemente no Levitation em sua casa, Austin e dizem que foi insano e delirante, acredito mesmo.

Que venha o álbum.

***** Interview with Hollow Trees *****

Q. When did Hollow Trees starts, tell us about the history...
We played our first show 2 years ago at austin psych fest. Andy and I started playing music together after I quit playing drums in The Warlocks and moved to Austin. He is an amazing guy and a great drummer, and I had a bass, and some ideas for songs floating around for in my head for a number of years. It was fun and our friendship kept it that way

As we continued to play in our spare time, we have added close friends, who also happen to be amazing musicians. Now, we are up to 7 members!

Q: Who are your influences?
There is a lesson to be learned in everything, and everything I have experienced has influenced me.

Q. Made a list of 5 albums of all time…
If I could only listen to one record for the rest of my life, it might be The Beatles White Album, it covers a lot of musical ground.

Q. How do you fell playing live?
Unlike playing the drums, playing bass and singing is not something I have been doing for 30+ years, so I get really nervous and excited before a show, which I have not felt since high school. It like free drugs...

Q. How do you describe Hollow Trees sounds?
Minimal, fuzzy, rhythmatic and obscured by Dark Shadows.

Q: Tell us about the process of recording the songs ?
We are lucky enough to have a 8 track tape machine in our practice space. So we get to experiment a bit. We have not recorded in a proper studio as of yet.

Q. Which new bands do you recommended?
You will know them when you hear them. It takes less than nanosecond to recognize good music.

Q: What´s the plans for future...
After Levitation, we will finish some records and keep playing as much as possible!

Q: Any parting words?
Just want to say Thank You!