quarta-feira, 16 de dezembro de 2015

Delay Our Time with Waitress - An Interview

Kalon Beaudry e Janice Weber formam o novíssimo e sedutor Waitress. Dançante, sonhador e soturno, algo como um meio termo em Curve e Tamaryn.

Apenas com duas músicas lançadas, o duo atraiu de cara o TBTCI pela excitante combinação de pós punk, eletrônica e shoegaze.

Se faz necessário mais material com extrema urgência.

***** Interview with Waitress *****

Q. When did Waitress start?
A. Waitress was started in September 2015. Janice(Weber) and I(Kalon Beaudry) had just shut down our old band the Foggy Notions and because there is no need to stop we started Waitress. In fact we have other projects we want to start as well:) The Foggy Notions were a very much a power-pop band and the more we went down that road, the more I wanted to veer into more atmospheric stuff,so hence the end of the band. Waitress allows us to really get into the sounds and textures that we really love.

Q. Who are your influences?
A. My influences are very english based, almost anything to do with Creation Records. Janice and I are on the same wave length musically although I would say she is more influenced by dance music than myself. I hear a lot of 808 state and Underworld being played in her studio:) So I have Never Understand by the Mary Chain playing and she’s got 808 state playing…our neighbours must really wonder:)

Q.Make a list of 5 albums all time
A. Kalon-
1. An Amazing Dream-Asteroid #4
2. Teenage Fanclub-Bandwagonesque
3. Neon Indian-Era Extrana
4. The Byrds-Mr Tambourine Man
5. Brian Jonestown Massacre-Bravery, Repetition

1.Primal Scream-Vanishing point
2. John Maus-We must Become the Pitiless
3. The Zombies-Odyssey and Oracle
4.Serge Gainsbourg -Histoire de Melody Nelson
5. Campag Velocet-Bon Chic Bon Genre

Q.How do you feel playing live?
A. That’s a interesting question because we haven’t played any live shows with Waitress yet. We have been very clear from the get go that we want this to be done properly when we play it live, so we are just starting to sit down and go through how we can make this happen. There are lots of layers and textures that can’t be lost live so we will be using lots of synths and lots of sequenced tracks. I have a love,hate relationship with playing live, cause on one hand if it’s done right it can be so satisfying, but on the flip side having a bad live show can be very deflating.

Q.How do you describe Waitress sounds?
A. I think our sounds are quite dark now, with traces of light. When we were starting this we wanted to combine the sounds of a band like Ride with something like Cocteau Twins. Something dark, and driving…..

Q.Tell us About the process of recording songs
A. Well it usually starts with me recording a repetitive idea with drums and bass. My best songs are always started on the bass for some reason….so from there I start adding noises and textures. I recently bought a UA apollo twin interface and have been really loving the plug ins. Once I have some structure Janice will come in and play the bass part better(cause she’s much better:) and she will also start the editing process. I am very lucky because she has a great ear, and she can tell me when a song is going nowhere. Once we have have edited the song I will then add my “shoe gaze” guitars, and once that is fine tuned we will add the vocals. There has been lots of processing on these recordings and I love the process of it all!

Q.What new bands do you recommend?
A. Oh god..that’s easy for me…I am in love with the new Tamaryn record. I know she’s been around for awhile but she is fairly new to me. Cranekiss has been on repeat on iTunes for months now! Another Canadian band that you should all know about is The Backhomes. Just check them out:)

Q.Which band would you love to make a cover version of?
A.Kalon- I wanted to do Heart and Soul by T’pau but I see Ringo Deathstarr beat us to it…a great version by the way! So I am going to go with Mandinka by Sinead o’Connor:)

Janice-Bring on the Dancing Horses-Echo and the Bunnymen

Q.What are your plans for the future?
A.We are excited to start playing live, and we are also excited about continuing the recording process. We’ve got lots of new ideas:)

Q.Any parting words?
A. We would like to thank The Blog that Celebrates itself for asking us to do this interview! We are grateful to all the people that have taken the time to listen to the recordings. We will let you folks know when the album come out:) Take care!