terça-feira, 24 de março de 2015

Exploding Head with The Psychocandies - An Interview

Da escola APTBS o duo The Psychocandies pratica um pós punk ruidoso e escuro, principalmente em seu EP You Feel The Sun (I Kiss The Floor), lançado em 2012 e serve como cartão de visitas para quem procura distorção em rotação lenta e sensações perturbadoras.

Uma banda que por hora tem pouco material mas que promete novo lançamento em breve, o que deixa o TBTCI extremamente ansioso, principalmente em se tratando de barulho gratuito.


***** Interview with The Psychocandies *****

When did The Psychocandies started?
The Psychocandies is a solo project started around 2012 from the ashes of a duo. The first EP was released the same year on Dufflecoat records.

Who are your influences?
I listen a lot of different things.. I started with The Verve, Oasis then I discovered 60s garage bands, post punk scene, shoegaze.. The Cramps, JAMC, my Bloody Valentine, Suicide, Lydia Lunch..Too many to mention. David Lynch films soundtracks and Ennio Morricone has had a huge influence too.

Make a list of 5 albums of all time.
- The Brian Jonestown Massacre "Bravery, repetition and noise"
- Rowland S Howard " Teenage snuff film"
-The Smiths "The queen is dead"
- Slowdive "Souvlaki".
- Serge Gainsbourg "Histoire de Melody Nelson"

How do you feel playing live?
No live yet for this project, pretty soon I hope.

How do you describe The Psychocandies sounds?
I would say this is a mixture between post punk and shoegaze with a hint of psychedelic music.

Tell us about the process of recording the songs?
All the songs are recorded at home with an 8 track studio and cheap wine. Really lo-fi.

Which new bands do you recommended?
I don't know if the word "new" is appropriate but I would say The Modulated Tones, Tropic Of Cancer, Singapore Sling, HTRK, The Soft Moon, APTBS.

Which bands would you love to made a cover version of?
Maybe "Ghost rider" of Suicide or one of The Velvet Underground.

What's the plans for future?
There is new material coming in april and a video.

Any partings words?
Thanks a lot and Love from France.