quarta-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2015

Spaceboys with Lull - An Interview

Q melhor descrição para a sonoridade dos londrinos do Lull já foi  dada em alguma resenha, algo como o Slowdive coverizando os Smashing Pumpkinks ou vice e versa.

Dead or Alone é o Ep de estreia dos caras e, bem é exatamente isso mesmo, Slowdive e Smashing Pumpkins fundindo-se entre paisagens sonoras calmas e densas e explosões sonoras.

Só que detalhe, o Lull pega isso tudo e condensa com sua atitude musical, Dead or Alone, Break Hearts e principalmente Bubble Tea explicita tudo isso.

Ah detalhe, o lançamento é pro dia 16 de fevereiro, mas já esta disponível pra ouvir, mergulhe de cabeça.

***** Interview with Lull *****

Q. When did Lull started? tell us about the history...
I had a hard time finding people to start something up originally. People were busy jumping on the nu-folk bandwagon and few of my friends played instruments. I’d tried flyering a few years back to get a post-punk/emo project off the ground, which of course was an even harder sell! I eventually spent some time writing these swirly lo-fi songs and had every intention of doing the whole wall-of-noise, introverted listening, Lovesliescrushing type of thing but then I met Toby (guitar) and that wall kind of fell away as his playing style was so different to mine. Later we picked up Filipe (drums) and Simon (bass) and the sound opened up further. We all found each other online through music classifieds and like similar music, long walks on the beach and holding hands, so we’ve been pretty lucky.

Q: Who are your influences?
I remember the first album I bought that meant anything was the Smashing Pumpkins’ Melloncollie’. I had a weird phase of going to buy CDs and being more attracted to whatever band names I found the most interesting. That quirk got me massively into My Bloody Valentine and the Cocteau Twins. I’m a sucker for all the old 4AD stuff. In contrast to Toby, who has quite a strong playing style, I play softly with light picks which I think I got from how I imagined Robin Guthrie to hit notes, getting these really nuanced tones out of the guitar. A lot of DIY punk and early screamo influences the chords I use, stuff like Jeromes Dream, Portraits of Past and Anomie, to name a few. Oddly, I missed the boat on a lot of 90s indie which the rest of the guys love so I’m only just scratching the surface of that stuff now.

Q. Made a list of 5 albums of all time…
Too many to count, I’ll try, but this is in no particular order!
1. Siamese Dream – Smashing Pumpkins
2. Treasure – Cocteau Twins
3. Isn’t Anything – My Bloody Valentine
4. Blood – This Mortal Coil
5. Relationship of Command/Acrobatic Tenement – At the Drive-in

Q. How do you feel playing live?
We’ve played some great shows with some great bands already. We love playing live because (soundman permitting) we can turn up extra loud and get that feedback that can totally change a song for the better. We’ve got more shows coming up this year and a load of new songs so watch this space.

Q. How do you describe Lull´s sounds?
We’ve been described as a lot of things, “like Slowdive covering the Pumpkins”, “brooding” and “nice”, which is nice. Toby coined it as ‘noise-pop’ and I think that probably hits where it matter is we’re talking labels. There’s a lot of groove and melody within the noise that we try to surface, so short of calling it groove-rock we’ll take noise-pop for now.

Q: Tell us about the process of recording the songs?
Before I met Toby I had already written a bunch of songs, including Bubble Tea and Diving, which each have their own pre-band demos floating around somewhere. Typically I’ll have a song pretty fleshed out, at least for one guitar, along with an idea of how I see it working. We’ll take that to the studio where the rest of the band show me how I’m wrong and pull me out of this perfectly beautiful, but linear-sounding song. It almost always starts with a song or riff I have pretty set then we add our own ideas in the studio to see what works and what doesn’t. We live relatively close but can’t just knock on each other’s doors to float a riff so there’s a lot of recording and how-to videos for the weird chords and structures in between rehearsals.

Q. Which new bands do you recommended?
Everyone should go check out the Leeds-based band Fade, their EP is heavy as, but funky, proper hunky shit. We had the pleasure of playing with Aeroplane Flies High (who changed their name super recently to Mothers) who are just mind-blowing live. Catch them if you can.

Q: Which bands would you like to make a cover version of ?
‘Bubble Tea’ is begging for a black metal makeover so I’d get Immortal on the phone for that. I’m not sure really, I’d be cool to hear something far away from our sound, like the glitter of Scritti Politti or the synths and samples of Oneohtrix Point Never.

Q: What´s the plans for future....
A ton of new songs to hopefully go on a split or a new EP, we haven’t decided yet. Really we just want to get more live shows under our belt because that’s where we can really go up a notch with the ferocity. People all over the world have been in touch which is ace and we’ve been getting some great press despite not having a manager.

Q: Any parting words?
Thanks for the interview. Keep listening to weird shit.