segunda-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2015

Devant le Miroir with Luminance - An Interview

Minimal wave, cold wave, synth pop ou basicamente tudo isso dentro de um caldeirão com nuances cinzentas e altamente dançante e com um apelo pop absurdo, esse é o Luminance, de Bruxelas, Bélgica, o projeto de DA segue desde 2012 caminhando nos submundo do underground da cena da nova onda dançante gélida que vem tomando força a cada vez mais e mais.

Dois eps igualmente dançantes e densos, The Light is ours de 2013 e Icons e Dead Fears de 2014 mais splits e 7" abrem o terreno para o debute que se aproxima.

O Luminance é perfeito para uma ótima noitada em algum inferninho escuro e esfumaçado para se dançar junto as paredes, e veja bem, nada de gótico aqui, é música dançante para a escuridão.

***** Interview with Luminance *****

Q. When did Luminance starts, tell us about the history...
Luminance raised two years ago . I came from others kind of musical scenes , the black metal and goth scene precisely , but always listened to 80' music such as new wave , cold wave , italo disco and pop , a little bit in secret . So a little after arriving in Brussels I just decided to explore new soundscapes , but always depicting the same emotions , moods . I wanted to heal the same wounds with a different medicine .

Q: Who are your influences?
Very ecclectic … From old OMD to Marilyn Manson to Georgio Moroder to The Cure , from Alphaville to Psyche to Madonna to Kajagoogoo , from Wardrunna to Led Zeppelin to Dead Can Dance to Cocteau Twins , from Human League to Chromatics to Deep Purple … Impossible to narrow . And the more new awesome projects (like Vision Fantom , Phosphor , Pure Ground , Cosmetics , Brusque Twins …) , the more influences .

Q. Made a list of 5 albuns of all time…
In the sense i can't get bored of . Never .
Slowdive - Souvlaki
Chameleons - Script of the Bridge
Kim Wilde - Catch as Catch Can
Derniere Volonté - Devant le Miroir
Deep Purple - The Book of Taliesyn
Every Led Zep album ?

Q. How do you feel playing live?
Strange at first , but with time i found my marks . I never know if i overdo stuff , very difficult to occupy a stage all alone . Trying to find projections to play during shows . Not confident in my vocals … But in the end , really enjoy it . Playing just before the after parties is always better , and the best is DURING the after party . We are all one in the crazyness of the moment . But it should get better as we are working on live performances with a friend of mine . So I will be less lonely on stage . Trying not to only "push play" , trying to play a maximum of things live .

Q. How do you describe Luminance´s sounds?
A melting pot of synthwave , cold wave , synthpop and new wave , with dark , oniric and martial feelings . But with a very large bunch of influences perceptible in the moods of the music (going from shoeagaze to black metal , from classical epic music to italo disco …)

Q: Tell us about the process of recording the songs ?
Alone in my room . Generally i find a pleasant synth sound for like the bass (but it can be just a noise , a percussion sound …) , then i directly build the drums , and all the rest follows . I do everything at once , so the skeleton of the track is often ready very quickly , but i come back on the track several times , sometimes during one or two months . It depends . I always end up preferring the tracks i do very instantly , intuitively . A track like "Les Loups" was made in two hours , and a track like "Walk" was made in 5 weeks . My favorite synth is the Prophet 5 . I try to never use presets or pre-built drumbanks , I want the sound to be personnal .

Q. Which new bands do you recommended?
Very fond of Winter Severity Index , Leave the Planet , Sumerian Fleet , Pure Ground , Led Er Est … I'm just listening now (while writing to you) for the first time to Makina Girgir and i find it awesome .

Q: Which bands you love to made a cover version?
Kim Wilde , but i still don't know how .

Q: What´s the plans for future....
Recording the first album , normally out at springtime . Collaborate with people . Try and keep my job .