terça-feira, 13 de janeiro de 2015

Delirium with Bleib Modern - An Interview

Fãs de Interpol e Underground Youth tem motivos de sobra pra comemorarem.

O duo alemão Bleib Modern faz um mix dos dois prediletos do TBTCI em seu EP Lows lançado ano passado que corrói a medula do início ao fim.

Cold wave, pos punk, shoegazer em tons cinzentos, melancólicos e desesperadores, Forest, Glass e Cave são três execícios de sofrimento puro, guiados pela voz densa de Phillip as guitarras são uma verdadeira tortura de tão desesperadoras, e os synths sutilmente dão o clima  climático.

Uma das grandes revelações de 2014 e em breve vem o debute deles, que já soa ao ver do TBTCI como um dos mais esperados álbuns do ano que já começou.


***** Interview with Bleib Modern *****

Q. When did Bleib Modern started, tell us about the history...
Ok I keep it short! I've always been a guitar player. later, I played bass & guitar in some bands, the main band forlorn sights still exists and we, 4 best friends, are proud to release our first LP soon.. I've always been emotional and so my lyrics are. I wanted to put all my feelings in my songs, but I had to do this alone, without influences of anyone else. that's why I founded bleib modern as a solo project. it took a couple of months until I really found my "final" genre, style for now. But even now I couldn't say that this style will stay the same. everything changes. Be surprised, I am, too. now, bleib modern is some kind of band, too. when we play live, my mates from forlorn sights are supporting me on stage and my friend Vinz and I do recordings / productions together and he's also a part of this "band" now.

Q: Who are your influences?
I think I got too many and too less influences at the same time. sometimes you just realize it, sometimes you think "wow this melody just came out of my mind" and two weeks later you're listening to some music and almost the same melody already exists..there is no music without any influence. everything got influences in what you do. and I really Can not answer this question, because I don't know myself that good.

Q. Make a list of 5 albums of all time…
the xx (self titled)
the underground youth - perfect enemy for good
nirvana - live in new york
Interpol - antics
placebo - without you I'm nothing

Q. How do you feel playing live?
I'm always nervous, cause I fear people. but I also feel good and I don't give a fuck. it makes me happy, playing music with my best friends, that must be the feeling of love.

Q. How do you describe Bleib Modern´s sound?
well I now try to describe the sound of the outcoming album "all is fair in love and war". Vocals are dark, but still emotional and we always try to get the tones you know. I got Vinz for 2 songs and a beautiful girl called Alina for one song singing with me together. straight basslines meet straight drum beats without any special fill ins or super groovy beats. that's not the message I want to give. guitars are my weapon of emotions. I love melodies and I love reverb. there is no better way to make a song sound sad. all in all, the songs are similar, but do not sound the same. I have no "one sound" concept like 80% of all bands. I think that sucks and makes you uncreative. I got 3 songs without vocals, call them intro/ interlude or whatever. for example "pain". I wanted to describe this feeling ( pain ) without any vocals/ lyrics. and I think I did. all in all it is a dark sound, sad but sometimes it seems like it's happy. hard to explain. I like emotional songs, that do not hit you in the face after 30 seconds. someone said " this song sounds like the slow death ". so that's my answer.

Q: Tell us about the process of recording the songs?
when I got time, I make music. nearly every day. i got studio equipment at home and I do all recordings at home or in the rehearsal room of my band. I learned a lot from my job and I'm also interested and I read ( and try ) a lot. of course it is no high end production / quality at the moment, but it gets better. I've been doing this ( producing) for about 1 year, and live recording is a thing I first tried a couple of months ago. I am confident with my work. I will continue.

Q. Which new bands do you recommended
I don't like to talk about other bands, cause I wouldn't like other bands talking about me.

Q: Which bands would you love to make a cover version of?
there are many songs that i really like to play. we already tried "i need you" ( the Underground youth ), and it really was great, cause it's a great song. I'm thinking of some joy division cover song, but we'll see what the future brings. actually I'm not the biggest fan of cover versions. it has to be a special song and I really need to have some personal connection to it.

Q: What´s the plan for the future....
2015, march! that's the date when our first album comes out! I've got a label that is supporting me ( Wave Records ) and I'm so glad, that there will be 12" vinyls, I think this is the dream of every musician. we also want to play live concerts in different cities and we will be part of a festival in summer, but I can't give you more information about this right now. I would almost say " this is the real beginning of bleib modern ". I did a lot of songs on my own and I tried out many things. but in the end, it's a quite better feelng to share this music with my friends, I'm glad to have Vinz by my side ( the only one who got influence in my songwriting ), and I really love it to play my/ our songs with my really best four friends.

Q: Any parting words?
it would be cool, if you'll take a look at this music video. we made this in our rehearsal room in Coburg and my friend and guitar boy from forlorn sights Peter was the camera man. it is his first music video and I think he really made it. thanks for asking me questions and thanks to the persons who really read this all. stay healthy & modern!