sábado, 29 de abril de 2017

Digging in the Earth with Lucky+Love - An Interview

Uma verdadeira história de amor envolvendo a vida real e a música aconteceu com o casal April e Loren, quando se conheceram em um bar em Los Angeles e o cúpido os atacou, uma flechada certeira os unindo no amor e na música, surgindo assim o Lucky+Love.

O duo passeia por terrenos eletronicamente sonhadores, conduzindo por synths dançantes e pela apaixonante e sexy voz April. Esse mix deu origem a preciosidades como "Sexy", "Venus", "Legal Love" e principalmente a espetacular "Digging in The Earth", que remete ao Curve, Heaven 17 e outros.

Música dançante, cerebral com altas doses de sensualidade.

***** Interview with Lucky+Love *****

Q. When did Lucky+Love start? Tell us about the history...
We actually met at The Good Luck bar in Los Angeles. We got lucky, we not only fell in love romantically, but also musically. Lucky+Love the band started in 2013 when Loren gave me a Moog for my birthday.

Q: Who are your influences? And, Make a list of 5 albums of all time…
April's influences: My influences are listed below I got a little carried away with the amount and with my adjectives to describe them…

Washed Out- Warm Soft Vocal Blankets
Tycho- Radial Blur Sound Fuzzies
Phantogram- Micro Beat Rebel Rippin & Riffin
Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Electro-rock-Gods & Godesses
Sonic Youth
Air- Sensuality of Symphonic Song
Spoon- For their use of rhythmic pianos
Broadcast- Tonal / Subliminal
LadyTron- Electro-Sexy
Le Tigre- Adictive-Aingst
Portishead- Hot & Whiny-pounce-any-momentness
Massive Attack- Electronic Brilliance
Stereolab- Love of lost underappreaciated analog synth and F-A-R-F-I-SA!!!!
The Rentals- Reintroduction of the synth solo
Magnetic Fields- Polarity of The Softies
Guided By Voices- Raw recording style
PJ Harvey- Heavy fuzzy bass on top of an incredible vocal range.
The Softies- For the polarity of Magnetic Fields
(Old) Modest Mouse- Abstract lyric style and double solos (two interlacing melodies)
Pavement- Lyric cadence and abstract conceptual use of metaphors
Neutral Milk Hotel- Trailing in-between song bits
Low- Harmonies & organs
My Bloody Valentine- Non audible singing as if a tape player was recording into another tape player
Blur- For their little bits of synths in the back ground on Girls and Boys
Pulp- For their use of synths
Morrissey- More use of electronic piano in the background on Suedehead
Lush- If her voice was a synth I'd play it
The Normal- Electronic Noise
Depeche Mode-
Flock of Seagulls
Gary Numan
The Cure
Siouxsie and the Banshees,
Cocteau Twins- Heavenly high voice
Prince- Hot high masculine Voice
Eartha Kit- Incredibly deep female voice
Johnny Cash - Honest and deep male voice
The Byrds - California-sunshine-vocal-harmonies
Mort Garson- Plantasia - Moogs for plants health and the apollo transmissions!
Scott Joplin- Complicated layered harmonies
Clara Rockmore- The very first female "electronic" sound musician (that I am aware of)
Chopin - The very first "alternative" sound
Stravinsky - The very first "punk" sound

Loren's influences: Reggie Watts, OMD,

1) Cocteau Twins,Victoria Land,
I love the soundscapes of Robin Gunthie, etherial voice of Elizabeth Fraser and it's a very dreamy album.
2) Vangelus's Blade Runner Sound Track
3) Boards of Canada, Campfire Head Phase
4) Seal, self titled.
5) My Bloody Valentine's Loveless

Q. How do you feel playing live?
I feel great!

Q. How do you describe Lucky+Love sounds?

We give ode to the moog.

Q: Tell us about the process of recording the songs ?
For our songs our method was to record while playing the song live. We then go and edit punching in here and there, self produced. We try to keep it a little loose and rough because we are more impromptu and creative in the moment.

We recorded mostly at the recording studio called The Cave in Eagle Rock with Josiah, California, and did a few little sessions at Compny with Be Hussey, in Burbank California and initially recorded Taureon at our home studio with engineer Morgan Starry. Josiah engineered and mixed 5 tracks and Be mixed 3 tracks, mastered everything for digital and then we got the whole record mastered with Kevin Gray for vinyl (he mastered our favorite record Blade Runner sound track).

For our next record we are again recording at our home studio in Echo Park and working with Be Hussey at Compny to mix our tracks down. We've been recording without the use of a laptop or desk top computer, and are using our mixer as our recording device. We'll record everything live and then bring the device in to the studio for Be to mix down.

Q. Which new bands do you recommend?
We love LA bands like Intimatchine, a Million Machines, Light FM, Panthar, Cellars, Echolust, Nkriot, L.A. Drones, Sexy Suicide from Poland, Force Publique, and The Secret Light from Portland, Night Nail from (LA/Germany)

Q: Which band would you love to make a cover version of?
The Softies and The Cocteau Twins

Q: What are your plans for the future?
We are working on our second album and are saving up to go on tour again.

Q: Any parting words?
If you got this far in the interview, you might be interested in our record on vinyl from shop.luckyandlove.com