segunda-feira, 24 de abril de 2017

Code Ascending, "Pre-Emption EP" - Track by Track

Quem acompanha as áginas do TBTCI e claro o que acontece no submundo dos bons sons sabe muito bem quem é o Code Ascending, banda que contém James Harrison, o cara só faz parte do Air Formation, Monster Movie e You Walk Through Walls, ao lado de James, seus comparsas no crime Alex e Laurence, e se por ventura ou algum desvio de personalidade você não os conhece, e quer saber da história dos caras, leia aqui a primeira aterrizagem deles nestas páginas.

O Code Ascending retorna ao TBTCI de forma mais do que especial. "Pre-Emption" é o novíssimo Ep dos caras, um poderoso e intenso mix de pós punk movido a guitarras cortantes e clima denso, evocando conexões com Ride e Chameleons simultaneamente.

"Pre-Emption" é ainda mais poderoso do que "What I Choose To Forget" o primeiro EP do Code Ascending e aumenta ainda mais o culto criado pela banda.

Aproveitando todo esse cenário o TBTCI conversou com James Harrison e abaixo temos o EP inteiramente decupado com detalhes chegando a beirar o sórdido no que diz respeito ao tamanho de detalhes.

Siga o conselho de James e leia, escutando o EP no volume máximo. 

Code Ascending é acima.

***** "Pre-Emption EP" - Track by Track *****

Overall, this new EP is our best work so far. We've worked really hard to push ourselves to try and create something which is different, unique and utilises our growing musicianship and band formula.
As with the last EP, you have the solid drums, all the atmospherics are generated by my bass parts through various fx split over 2 amps and then the guitar plays fantastic/delicate leads bits.
There were no over dubs apart from in the odd place where i did extra vocals.

Everything else was recorded as we play it live. I never want to be in a position where we need samples/backing tracks to play live and this was a big part of what I wanted to achieve. And I think we have achieved it well.

This is one of my favourites off the EP and lyrically, is one of my most emotional (although, they all are!).

It is about finding love and hope in your life and how that kind of inspiration can make you forget about all the problems you faced and which brought you down in your past.
The end chorus 'It's what I choose to forget' ties this in with the first EP, which is about coming to terms with who you are and learning to accept that you are only human. And to try and remember that your failings are something which should be celebrated just as much as your triumphs.

'Black Ink Ocean'
Is a noisy, straight-down-the-line, intense song which recounts a time where I was battling with my emotional state, which at times was just as intense. I just wanted to get out of myself at every opportunity. I was too young and stupid to see all those around me that were trying to help.
I would 'do anything to stay' out of myself. Even if that meant dabbling in things which could put my health at serious risk. Anything to be accepted by myself or others.

'Ever Belong'
Pays tribute to the people in my life who could've been so much more but circumstances dictated a path for them which did not allow the freedom, integration and happiness to which they deserve.
This song was my way of acknowledging the sacrifices that were made. Having to let go of everything they dreamed for or ever wanted and wishing their lives could've been so much more fulfilling for them.

This was a powerful, last minute addition to the EP.

I wrote this with literally a few months to go before recording and the band did extremely well to get the song up to the standard it is on the record.

Lyrically, again, this is a dark take on a time where I was listening to too many unhealthy feelings and letting them take over to a point where you become blind to the amazing things you have that make your life complete.

Written in an afternoon, this my way of apologising to my loved ones. The bass range of this song meant I had to build a 5 string bass guitar to accommodate it. Haha

'I Can't Help'
This was actually demoed for the first EP ('what I choose to forget') and didn't make it due to time constraints.

This is a punk driven song which pays homage to my hopeless need for my loved ones and the void they fill which I didn't even know existed.

It's so easy to get caught up in the rat race and day to day routines so it's important to remember what you're fighting for.

I really like this one! Again, a last minute addition like 'children', this is about forgetting the struggles you faced long ago and to live for the now.

All it takes is a loving smile, and for that brief moment, you can realise that you are completed.
...Then it goes all riffy at the end which works really well and is huge fun to play.


Finally, I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has been listening and enjoying the new EP. The support we've been shown so far has been mind blowing for us!

We couldn't have come this far without you and we are forever grateful!

Keep pushing it, playing it loud and telling all your friends!

Cheers! x