terça-feira, 27 de junho de 2017

Feathers with Ikiryo - An Interview

Barulheira explícita diretamente da Suécia, ao contrário do que usualmente acontece, obviamente porque a Suécia é expert em exportar deliciosos combos agridoces, mas no caso do Ikiryo acontece exatamente o contrário.

Chame-os de grunge, pos hardcore, emos, ou o que você quiser, o ponto é que o novíssimo EP "Feathers" tem elementos de tudo isso e mais uma série de outras possibilidades.

Serve perfeitamente para ouvir no volume máximo e preferencialmente bebendo, certamente fará mais sentido se é que você me entende.

***** Interview with Ikiryo *****

Q. How was the recording process of "Feathers"?
It was good . We tracked a lot of drums on and off for a while and recorded some guitar for a bunch of songs before we finally decided which songs to feature on the EP. All in all, it has been a pleasant experience with a relaxed approach.

Q. What were the influences for the EP´s creation?
It's hard to pin point the musical influences on this album due to our different and eclectic tastes;

Victor has been listening to a lot of jazz; John Coltrane, Charles Mingus and Miles Davis. Dante has listened to Modest Mouse, Yvette Young, Neon Indian and LoFi trip-hop mixtapes.

For Pontus the band Good Luck has been an inspiration guitar wise, Mew has crept backinto his playlists, and generally just been listening to a lot of Math-punk and Jonas has been listening to classical music and TQ-Jams

In general I think we just wanted to be free in new areas of musical inquiry, while at the same time honing our craft and create really good songs.

Q. Are you happy with the result?
We´re very happy with the EP. It is our best sounding release to date and feels like a true representation of the band and a snapshot of where we are at this moment in time

Q. What are the plans for 2017?
We have a goal of releasing a series of EPs throughout the year But in general I think we're trying to become better at bonding with fans and reaching out to people for help and collaboration. It seems rather important, in the DIY scene to establish fruitful relationships with other artists so that ones
own art may grow and become something beyond the sum of each individual part.

Q. Final considerations
Listen to our Ep "Feathers" and if you like it, please share and spread the word. Talk to us at anytime for questions regarding collaborations or if you just want to talk about music or anything at all! You can get in touch with us via our facebook page or email us at ikiryoswe@gmail.com