quinta-feira, 1 de junho de 2017

Animal with Animal Youth - An Interview

De Bruxelas, Bélgica vem um dos melhores discos de pós punk barulhento lançados até agora neste ano.

"Animal" debute do trio Animal Youth é sombrio, estridente e nublado, algo como se o Robert Smith resolvesse fazer uma jam com Sonic Youth.

A dualidade entre o romantismo e o caos, as cinzas e o esporro sonoro caminham lado a lado no álbum, mas alguns momentos acenam para momentos mais cantaroláveis como em "Feeling", potencial hit do álbum,

Mas a grande qualidade de "Animal" é exatamente o constante desconforto entre o gélido e a pancadaria, um discaço.

***** Interview with Animal Youth *****

Q1: When did Animal Youth start? Telle Us about the history....
Hello Renato,

Animal youth started one year ago, we were playing with vankou (bass) and hugo(drum) in a noise punk band called siamese queens. At the end of that project, I started feeling like I wanted something softer, some some kind of romantic music. I wrote few demos, vankou and hugo liked it, and we began rehearsing.

Q2: Who are your influences?
I have a lot of different influences, I'd say the most "palpable" in our music is new york band A Place to bury strangers, but a lot the jesus and mary chain too, Sonic Youth for sure. Cocteau Twins is also extremely inspiring, just as warpaint.

Q3: Make a list of 5 albums of all time...
Hard to say! what a tricky question, I'd say

Pink Floyd - Dark side of the moon (perfect on every step, allan parson made an amazing work on it)

Fugazi - thirtheen songs( raw as hell, for me the real shape of punk to come, I was listening to waiting room, and I decided to study sound engineering after the line “I'm gonna fight, for what I want to be”)

Chet Baker - Chet is back! (the version with 4 songs produced by ennio moricone)

Depeche Mode – violator (Every song is, in a way the best song on this album, sounds perfect)

Nine inch nails - the downard spiral (I'm a huge fan of Trent Reznor, He's, for me, more like a sound architect than just a musician. In fact, I way more listened to the first album Pretty Hate Machine, but this one is for sure there master piece)

Q4 How do you feel playing live?
As I have my own home studio, I keep myself writing and recording ideas every day of my life, I guess it's my nerdy way to see music, but we're all from deep punk culture, and I think playing live is the best thing that could happen to us. Nothing is better than communicate , i mean, in a musical way, with audience. From the moment we start to the very last guitar note, nothing exists anymore, there's only a stage, an audience, and us.

Q5 How do you describe Animal Youth Sounds?
We are definitely an indie rock band, with mix of 80´s and 90´s influences. I mean, you feel how we coloured the sound on our first album, and that's for sure has something really cold, post-punk, but the way we play and mix all of this make us impossible to put in only one special category/genre.

Q6 Tell us the process of recording songs
Well, it was a bit chaotic the way we recorded "animal", we've been 3 times in the recording studio, we re-recorded some drums and bass, it took long time before I was ok with my vocals. The third time we've been in studio, we decided to record live (it was in fact something we wanted to since the beginning), but we only recorded 3 songs this way.

Q7 Which new band you recommend?
I'd say Fvnerals, from Glassgow, if you like stuff like Chelsea wolfe, they're doing it great!

Tiger Lion, a girl from London, she sings a beautiful cover of Blondie's Heart of glass.

Got some friends having interesting projects here in Brussels, Annabel Lee if you like garage pop music, Oton also, a trip hop duo.

Q8Wihch band would you like to make a cover version of?
Hehe, every month, I want to cover a different song with the band, we've discussed about Only Shallow, from my bloody valentine.

We already have a cover on the album by the way, it's a song from the movie Eraserhead, by David Lynch.

If I had to choose one to cover right now, I think it would be NYC by Interpol. I've been listening to it these days, there's something really sad with that song, really deep.

Q9What are your plan for the future?
Our plan now is to play a lot, to tour in september, we got a videclip for the song "you don't know love", coming at the end of May.

I'm already writing some stuff for the next record.

I'd love to tour as much as it is possible. We gonna see.

Q10 Any parting words?
Thank you for this interview Renato, hope to see you soon on a tour to Brazil!

Long live to you blog!

Stay romantic,..and see you!!