segunda-feira, 19 de dezembro de 2016

Dive into the FOAMMM - An Interview

Lembram-se de Black Tambourine? Velocity Girl? Madder Rose? Sim as deliciosamente viciantes guitar noise pop bands dos 90´s.

Pois então, se a saudade de assoviar e cantarolar mentalmente uma simples canção pop encharcada de fuzz sendo ela doce e barulhenta seus temores terminaram neste momento.

Cortesia dos noruegues do FOAMMM e seu Ep de estreia "Dive into the FOAMM", com quatro suculentos artefatos de vão entrar diretamente na sua mente e fazer aquele delicioso estrago.

Apenas uma única falha nisso tudo, "Dive into the FOAMMM" termina muito rápido. 

Precisamos imediatamente de mais, e rápido.

***** Interview with FOAMMM *****

Q. When did FOAMMM start? Tell us about the history...
It all started the summer after graduating high school, about three years ago. I was really bored and didn’t know what to do with my life, like many others in that stage of life. But it wasn’t untill seeing Metallica at Roskilde, I somehow, in a very strange way, got inspired to create this little baby that would later become FOAMMM. And so I started writing songs, but I thought it was kind of boring to ride solp, so I asked a couple of friends if they wanted to join, and luckily for me they said yes.

Q: Who are your influences?
I grew up with both punk and classical music as a kid, but everything inspires me, really! Everything from Iceage to Edvard Grieg and Darkthrone. As a band, you can easily hear that our sound, as it is now, is a lot different from what it was, and I feel like you can see all our different musical preferencies combined into what we’re currently creating. But we truly love bands such as Homeshake, Conan Mockasin, Melody’s Echo Chamber, Beach House, Walter TV, Makeout Videotape, and also asian music, filthy garage rock, jazz, 80’s hits, and some black metal of course. Did you know that everyone in Norway has to like black metal or else they'll go to jail for 666 years?

Q. Make a list of 5 albums of all time…
That’s impossible, but I’ll try.

The Strokes - “Is This It”
My cousin showed me this record when I was ten years old. I remember thinking that all I wanted next was to learn how to play guitar, so I could sound exactly the same as Nick Valensi.Then I just started browsing the cyberweb for tabs and techniques, and eventually learned a few chords and songs - and it sounded horrible, of course, but I practiced a lo. So a massive thanks to The Strokes for indirectly teaching me how to play the ax of rock!

2. Mew - “Frengers”
This record means a lot to me, and I still listen to it at all times.You could say that Mew was my Justin Bieber when I was a teenager. I was obsessed, dude, haha. Danish bands in general has got something unique that I truly love. Shout out to Less Win, Communions, Yung and Quick Quick Obey.

3. Joy Division - “Unknown Pleasures”
I grew up with this record and rumours has it that I learned to walk as a baby while listening to it. So thanks Joy Division for teaching me how to walk. Bless up!

4. Beach House - “Bloom”
Such a great band and record. We were super stoked and starstruck when we got Heba Kadry, who has worked with them, to master our EP.

5. Francoise Hardy - “Comment te Dire Adieu?”
If there is a God, it’s Francoise Hardy and no one else.

Q. How do you feel playing live?
It’s great fun now, but I remember I hated a bit in the beginning. I thought it was scary and I was afraid of people judging me. But I don’t care about that anymore. The most important thing is that you feel like you’re able to give something from yourself to somebody else. And when you feel like you’re able to do that, that’s maybe when you realize what it’s all about. It’s not about being cool or anything like that, but the connection between you and the audience and what you express with your music and how they are receiving it. You share something together. But I’d say that the crowd in Norway is one of the toughest there is. They are just standing there, with their arms crossed without hardly moving an inch, haha, so I think we’re pretty equipped to play anywhere now.

Q. How do you describe Foammm sounds?
I would say that it’s kind of dreamy, and not so shoegazy as we’ve been described as earlier. We use a lot of reverb on both the vocals and guitars, but we also have a huge fascination for chorus, flanger, playful bass lines and old synthesizers with cool effects.

Q: Tell us about the process of recording the songs ?
In the beginning we recorded everything ourselves, just me, the old drummer and the old bassist, and sometimes I did everything myself, but when we recorded “Dive Into The FOAMMM”, it was more professional. We recorded everything live in Taakeheimen Lydrike, in Oslo, with Morten Øby as our producer, and then put on some effects, the synthesizers and vocals in the end. It was a really good working technique for us and we only used two days recording it I think.

Q. Which new bands do you recommend?
There are so many great new bands! But I’d say: Chain Wallet (check out their record!!), Are You Having Fun Yet, One Track Minds, Outer Limit Lotus, Great People, Panda Panda, Plooms and Wet Dreams (which our guitar player plays in as well). All from the land of Norway, my friend.

Q: Which band would you love to made a cover version of?
There are so many horrible rock songs out there, and I want to cover all of them!

Q: What are your plans for the future?
As of now, we’re writing new songs to our debut album which we intend to record next year.

Q: Any parting words?
Message to the world: Don’t be an asshole and be kind to everyone, always.