sexta-feira, 31 de março de 2017

Say Sue Me with Say Sue Me - An Interview

Escutar o debute do quarteto coreano Say Sue Me é sentir um frescor, uma calmaria, uma doce brisa, leve e suave, como estar de fronte ao mar ao entardecer e contemplar a beleza do infinito.

Os coreanos realmente aprenderam com os mestres YLT e outros mais como produzir pérolas do indie rock sem se preocupar com modernices, ou exageros, no disco homônimo deles tudo soa exatamente perfeito, nada há mais, nada há menos.

Ah, poxa me desculpem, o tal debute deles é na verdade uma compilação de suas gravações que foram lançadas exclusivamente na Coréia e só agora chegaram até nós.

Aproveite que eles agora estão ao alcance da gente, e apaixone-se pela Say Sue Me, e faça isso rápido.

***** Interview with Say Sue Me *****

Q. When did Say Sue Me start? Tell us about the history...
Our band was formed while drinking tea and beer at a tea shop in Nampo-dong in the winter of 2012.

When we first started, it was not that serious. First bassist left, Jaeyoung joined and then we started to write songs in the summer of 2013.

Q: Who are your influences?
We're really inspired by old surf music, old pop, old garage rock and 90's indie bands like Yo La Tengo, Pavement and Seam.

Q. Make a list of 5 albums of all time ...
Yo La Tengo Summer Sun
Pavement Slanted and Enchanted
Seam Are You Driving Me Crazy
Cat power Moon Pix
Nirvana Unplugged

Q. How do you feel playing live?
It always feels different depending on where we perform. In live clubs, we sometimes try really hard to play precisely and well, so we end up feeling tense. On the other hand, when we play in pubs we can drink a little more and play loosely and naturally. We appreciate both feelings. They’re different kinds of fun.

Q. How do you describe Say Sue Me sounds?
Technically speaking, our sound is reverb! However, people who listen to our music often talk about the sea, so it seems that our music is drawn from that world of sunlight, waves and moonlit beaches, like thinking back on old memories in a sad yet bemused, lonely yet whimsical way.

Q: Tell us about the recording of the songs?
Our lead guitarist Byeongkyu write a song and prepare a guide track. Then he share it with the other members and once the music is set, Sumi adds the lyrics, and full-scale recording begins. Actually, we haven’t recorded much in big studios. As of now, we prefer recording in our practice space. Both our debut album [We’ve Sobered Up] and the 2016 EP [Big Summer Night] were recorded there.

Q. Which bands do you recommend?
Barbie Dolls (바비돌스), Cogason (코가손), Light & Noise (빛과소음)

Q: Which band would you like to make a cover version of?
At the moment, it’s hard enough just to play our own music! If we had to choose just one band though, it would be Yo La Tengo.

Q: What are your plans for the future?
We’re busy preparing for the release of our second full-length album. We hope to have it out by summer 2017.

Q: Any parting words?
We're very surprised and delighted to have listeners from so far away. Thanks for your support and we hope to play in Brazil someday!