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HELL O with My Dark House - An Interview

Lindsey baixo e vocais e Will, guitarras, programação e vocais formam o duo My Dark House. Darkwave em formato shoegaze ou shoegaze em tons escuros, nublados e esfumaçados.

Guiados por um densa camada hipnótica de programações sintéticas, guitarras gélidas e andamentos sincopados, fazendo conexões com os prediletos Alcian Blue/Screen Vinyl Image, o My Dark House em seu EP de estreia cativa de forma melancólica e fria.

Hell O com data prevista para o lançamento oficial em primeiro de Março, é uma degustação obrigatória para fãs de muralhas sonoras e ambientações angustiantes.

***** Interview with My Dark House *****

Q. When did My Dark House start? Tell us about the history...
I had been recording solo material under a few different monikers over the past 6 years, and My Dark House was one of those projects I never pursued – However, it wasn’t until I met my wife, in 2011, that My Dark House started to very slowly take shape. She expressed interest in learning to play the bass guitar, and picked it up very quickly. I knew I wasn’t interested in playing with a live drummer, and started experimenting with programmed, repetitive drum loops. After finding the natural direction of the band, we knew being a duo would suite us best, and finally released our first material in early 2016.

Q: Who are your influences?
We pull a lot of our inspiration from early shoegaze bands; in particular, an American chamber pop band called Gem Club. The two of us are also huge fans of visual art – German artist, Gerhard Richter and San Francisco artist, Trevor Young are both hugely influential on our sound. The blurred, multi-layered work of Richter and the dark urban scenery of Young set an atmosphere that is very exciting to pull ideas from.

Q. Make a list of 5 albums of all time…
Gem Club – Acid and Everything
Colour Revolt – Colour Revolt EP
My Bloody Valentine – Loveless
The National – High Violet
DIIV – Oshin

Q. How do you feel playing live?
My Dark House is currently booking shows for spring 2016. We should have our debut show in a month or two. From my previous time spent in a very active band, I always enjoyed the experience from the time we loaded the trailer for a trip, to the time we made it back home. Being on stage, whether it’s a festival or a hole-in-the-wall bar is always exciting. The feelings range from a rush of adrenaline, to a very intimate and personal experience.

Q. How do you describe My Dark House sounds?
Our sound is hybrid of shoegaze style guitar and vocals, with trip hop inspired beats and bass lines. It’s a very straightforward sound, yet one that I feel has the added advantage of not being too tied down to a specific genre.

Q: Tell us about the process of recording the songs?
The process of recording a My Dark House song is initially demanding when the song is being written, but rather easy when the amps are mic’d-up and the record button is pressed. After having every part of a song worked out, I set up our bedroom as a makeshift recording studio, and get to work. I always do each take in one pass, because I feel like the programmed drums are so exact that a little human error is critical to achieving a nice balance. If the take was off, I just reset from the beginning and do it again until it’s right. After it’s recorded, my wife critiques the song, and we adjust if needed. It’s usually a solid afternoon worth of recording.

Q. Which new bands do you recommended?
Though not absolutely brand new, I would have to say Gem Club’s entire discography is a very strong collection of work. I really enjoy the aesthetic quality of what DIIV is doing, as well. Both groups have a nice equilibrium between tasteful minimalism, and a very interesting approach to their respective compositions and instruments.

Q: Which band would you love to make a cover version of?
We would love to be in a My Bloody Valentine cover band!

Q: What are your plans for the future?
In our immediate future, we are releasing an album called “HELL O” in March 2016 – “HELL O” has an initial release date of March 1st, but we plan to expand the album from an EP to a full length and release the second half at the end of the month. We will also be playing shows, and spending time enjoying what My Dark House has to offer us. Ultimately, we’d like to play a SXSW showcase and go from there!

Q: Any parting words?
Thank you for the interview, it was an absolute honor. To the readers: we enjoy hearing from you – feel free to say “hey” sometime!
-Will Thornton

My Dark House is:
Lindsey // Bass
Will // Guitars, Programming, Vocals

Music Video for “Tamsie”: