quinta-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2016

Bright and Early with Soft Wounds - An Interview

Aterrizando pelo segunda vez nas páginas do TBTCI (a primeira passagem pode ser lida na integra aqui), os canadenses do Soft Wounds retornam em grande estilo, o recém lançado debute dos caras, o homônimo Soft Wounds é um deleite completo.

Entre reverbs e delays unindo-os a melodias tipicamente sessentistas, criaam um prazeroso e viciante wall of sound que entra diretamente na mente.

E para melhor entender do que estou falando, nada melhor do que os caras nos explicarem.

Sras e Srs, Soft Wounds.

***** Interview with Soft Wounds *****

Hello guys, first congratulations on the album, it's really brilliant, what is your analysis after conclusion of album?
Thank you for the kind words and for the opportunity to speak about our album! So far we have received good feedback from people who have checked it out. We are happy that people seem to be enjoying it, especially as we write songs that reflect a sound we all love and would want to listen to ourselves.

Are you happy with the result?
We are definitely happy with the result. 'Soft Wounds' turned out better than we could have hoped...It's the perfect blend of sound – resonating what we do live with all the clarity of a studio recording. Recording with a producer helped us give it a live energy rather than getting too focused on editing.

Our demo EP was a complete DYI effort so having someone else behind the controls with fresh ears refined everything without us getting too tired of the songs.

How was the process of creating "Soft Wounds"?
After we had been a band about a year and written a solid set of songs, we decided it was time to make a studio album. Our demo seemed to find an audience and we wanted so we were excited to work on a full length.

Jimmy (drums) is a good friend with an amazing musician and recording engineer named Kaleb Hikele (check out his solo effort, The Sun Harmonic and label, Mood Melody). Kaleb came out to a couple of our rehearsals and shows to get an idea of the sound we were going for – he had some great ideas. 

We started last summer, recording the album in Kaleb's home studio in Toronto. We took our time, fitting in sessions as we could – tracking took roughly two months and mixing began shortly after. Kaleb was a huge help in shaping our live sound into something that you could get immersed in.
We really support the DIY method; our album cover was photographed by Jimmy (drums) and the design of our BandCamp page was made by Charlie (vocals/guitar); additionally, we self-released this record. We like that we have total control over how we choose to release our music and the way it is promoted.

What were the influences for creating the album?
There are a lot of bands we love and that inspire us: My Bloody Valentine; The Smiths; Slowdive; Radiohead; Modest Mouse Chapterhouse; Cocteau Twins; Alison's halo, Talk Talk, the War on Drugs, The Jesus and Mary Chain;– there is a big pop, early punk and post-punk influence too. We like music with atmosphere, melody and/or energy that's lush and uses a lot of chorus. We worked with Kaleb to really obtain an early ‘90s production feel without the hooks and vocals getting too lost.

What are your plans for 2016?
We are hoping to continue writing new material; since the creation of 'Soft Wounds' we already have a good handful of new songs written and; playing as many shows as possible (we love playing live!). Additionally, we hope to create a music video or two for some tracks on the album for people to enjoy. Mostly, we just want to create music that makes people feel great and get some people along to our shows. Keep an eye on our
Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/softwounds/
or twitter @SoftWounds...
and check out our album at www.softwounds.com.