segunda-feira, 1 de fevereiro de 2016

Colour Mary with The Baudelaires - An Interview

Novíssimo quarteto de Melbourne, Austrália, atacando já a partir de seu cartão de visitas a pegajosa, arrastada e ácida, Colour Mary.

Conexão direta com BJM exala aos montes, e aí se explica o ar freak psych que é emanado da canção, e ainda estão inseridos dentro da Coloutone Records, daí meus caros, é aguardar porque a dose de ácido que vem pela frente é grande.

Boa fritação.

***** Interview with The Baudelaires *****

Q. When did The Baudelaires start? tell us about the history...
We started really in late 2013 when our buddy and brother Ryan came back from Manchester and joined up with Blair, Ben and I. That’s when it felt like we could do something proper.

Q: Who are your influences?
White Fence is a big one at the moment. Also Hierophants- Parallax Error and Lorelle Meets The Obsolete- Chambers are the 2 albums that are probably on my highest rotation.

Q. Make a list of 5 albums of all time…
Hunky Dory
White Album
Wxile On Main Street
Piper At The Gates Of Dawn

Q. How do you feel playing live?
Great, when the music sounds good.

Q. How do you describe The Baudelaires sounds?
Ha! Squelching rhythms..

Q: Tell us about the process of recording the songs ?
We just did an album where we took to a house in the coastal countryside and used my own recording gear which was all fun and no pressure. Just mixing it at the moment, so should be out in a few months.

Q. Which new bands do you recommended?
Hierophants, The Bakers Digest, Sunbeam Sound Machine, Lalic, The New-Clear

Q: Which band would you love to make a cover version of?
Id love to be able to do a Bowie song justice.

Q: What are your plans for the future?
Just try and make some quality songs I guess..

Q: Any parting words?
Nein, Danke!