domingo, 14 de fevereiro de 2016

03 3003 03030 3 with Beatastic - An Interview

Aterrizando nas páginas do TBTCI pela segunda vez (a primeira você pode checar na integra aqui),  por conta de que hoje veio ao mundo o mais novo EP do one man band Beatastic intitulado 03 3003 03030 3, a sequência lógica de seus EPs anteriores.

Em 03 3003 03030 3, Nico Beatastic segue com a proposta de um electrogaze pesado soturnamente dançante. 

Aproveitando o momento Nico explica em detalhes 03 3003 03030 3.

***** Interview with Beatastic *****

Hello Nico, first congratulations on the new ep, it's really brilliant, what is your analysis after conclusion of ep? Are you happy with the result?
The songs for all 4 EPs have been created over the last 12-18months. I have about 90 songs to choose from. So for each EP I try to pick the right songs according to some vague formula:
track 1- the rocker or the big epic statement of intent
track 2- the hit, the pop one
track 3- the quieter one
track 4- pick up with the big rock song
track 5- finish with the dark/epic song to bring the EP full circle

How was the process of creating 03 3003 03030 3?
I know people don't listen to albums in order, but I do and there's a formula, an album has a beginning and and end, sequencing is an art

What are the main differences between 03 3003 03030 3 and the last 02 2002 02020 2?
I'm happy with it because what I always try to do is push myself , try new things. On this EP I arranged some strings parts and also full orchestra: woodwind, brass, strings.

The first song starts and ends with 2mins or noise building, just hammering one chord for that much time isn't something I'd done before.

The Sun Sets Lower I'm very proud of because it's in a weird time signature, 5/4 and the guitars are tuned in open Fminor I think, something I got from American Football, so I had to relearn how to play the instrument.

The chord sequences are also a bt more interesting, instead of changing every 4 bars, they sometimes change every 3 or 6.

What were the influences for creating the new ep?
As for the influences, L'Avenir is me trying to cross Swans with Ride, on The Sun Sets Lower you can hear a bit of American Football meets The Cure, meets Interpol.
The Code is a bit like Death Cab For Cutie doing The Cure circa Pornography.

What are your plans for 2016?
My plan for 2016 is to release the final EP of the sequence, yes, it will be called 04 4004 04040 4, probably around June/july and then try to push myself to write new things, in new directions.

There will also be something else, a collaboration with a wonderful american singer and a very talented american producer.