domingo, 12 de fevereiro de 2017

Doomsday with Reptilians From Andromeda - An Interview

O combo pós punk freak de Istambul, Turquia, Reptilians From Andromeda retorna as páginas do TBTCI por conta de seu mais novo single, "Doomsday".

Pós punk/ new wave old school com toques sórdidos de garage punk. "Doomsday" é a típica canção pra se jogar em inferninhos sujos, escuros e esfumaçados, o mesmo para "Love Balt", e as duas saideiras, "We´re Gonna Fight Tonite" e "Come on Baby" servem basicamente pra sair chutando tudo pela frente.

Se por algum desvio de caráter você ainda não conhece o Reptilians From Andromeda, resolva isso urgentemente antes que te joguem os caras goela abaixo.

***** Interview with Reptilians From Andromeda *****

Q. Hello, first congratulations on the new single, it's really brilliant, What is your analysis after conclusion of 7"? Are you happy with the result?

Thanks! We are also so happy about this 7" Ep so there are 4 songs on it in fact 3 of them was recorded before "Doomsday" track. We tried to put different elements in our sound to make people feel punk, garage and a bit electropunk in these recording. Opening track Doomsday simply a dancepunk song with the "dont believe in the doomsday" chorus, second track "Love bait" is an 80s kinda oldschool hardrock/garage/punk song, "We're gonna fight tonite" was the a song make our audience make pogo in the gigs. And the closing title "Come'on babe" a noisy garage song. So we shoot a video for it firstly such a B-movie type. Here you can watch:

We recorded and mixed all these songs in different time so our mastering engineer Fran Ashcroft also did a great job on this. He gives the Ep a really magical vintage sound. This 7" is also very first product of Prof Sny Records who based Praque (Cz) They are gonna release some other very crazy interesting stuff soon. We are happy to work with them. They're planning lots of cool future releases. Check'em out!

Q. How was the process of creating "Doomsday"?

Firstly we recorded a demo at home with drum machine but we changed our minds at the end. We really want an acoustic sound for this EP. So we decided to record drums at studio and take drum recordings at home to record other instruments and vocals on it. Basically we do like that, it makes us free from budget. Theres no time difficulty. We record everything on reel-to-reel tape recorder and at the end mixed at computer.

Q. What are the main differences between "Doomsday" and your early releases ?
Main difference is "Doomsday" is the rawest one in some different ways. More drive and distortion sound as you hear. Noisy feedbacks, police sirens and some gun shots. All for make our audience more happy :)

Q. What were the influences for creating "Doomsday"?

Doomsday is a B52's, Devo kinda new wave/punkdisco song. Suddenly we create it when we were jamming...

Q. What are your plans for 2017?
We have recorded 12 new songs for an upcoming album. there're some compilations and some more concerts...