segunda-feira, 9 de julho de 2018

Undone, "Everything Is New Under The Sun" - Track by Track

Não é de hoje que o combo da Macedônia, Undone, vem perpetuando trilhas sonoras psiquicamente eloquentes entorpecendo tanto seus ouvintes mais fiéis como novatos com a banda.

A mais nova viagem do Undone, atende pelo nome de "Everything Is New Under The Sun". O disco veio ao mundo no início de Junho, e segue as diretrizes dos trabalhos anteriores, psych em sua essência, com elementos de blues, prog, gaze, psicodelismo sessentista, sob uma aura melancólica e densa.

Um pesadelo desacelerado onde no fim sempre a luz poderá estar presente, depende muito do ângulo de visão.

"Everything Is New Under The Sun", é um dos grandes representantes do psych moderno lançados no ano e a banda, revela ao TBTCI, todos os segredos e mistérios desta odisseia.

Boa viagem....

*** Undone, "Everything Is New Under The Sun" - Track by Track ***

1. Look Around You Of course none of us in the band is immune to or is above the confusion, the sadness or the weird anxiety these strange days on earth bring, so we tuned into finding ways of expressing this rainbow of feelings truthfully and at the same time no complaining or causing anymore confusion... We didn’t work on it for like 5 years but the level of concentration was high - to do just, and exactly what we want to do. When we listened to the finished songs, their order came effortlessly. 3 song groups appeared and it was natural to start with ‘the present’, open the eyes, and Look around. It’s a long song, not your typical single or a classical album opener, but this time, here, it was. ’…Sun up sun down/ Just as real as you want it to be…Go and take what’s yours/Help yourself - you will be shown…’ say - it is our Right to Look, to explore.. Are the robots really coming? Maybe they (us?) are actually going.. Look around you..See what happened to our world.. This feeling… - when you Lift your eyes from the screen, (“It’s easy if you Try”…) lift your mind from ‘the facts’ (“it isn’t hard to do”) Understand what is going on.. see where you are, where humanity is.. Lennon said it’s easy, if you Try.. it seems not enough of us tried.. This song suggests that the very action of looking around might be more helpful than we can imagine. Sometimes a song takes you where it wants to go, sometimes you got to take it. In this case, we took it to a certain point, and took us.. Showed us around itself..Generously.. Insisting.. We were laughing so much when working on it that it might want to be 20 minutes this song. The longest song we ever did, we said it’s ‘8:30min feels like 20’..

2. You And Me Both This tune was born after visiting the amazing pagan Carnival of Vevcani. The powerful marching masks and costumes parade inspired the feel and rhythm of this song. Visiting the carnival was particularly special these days, when the monsters express the reality so powerfully. The tradition of expelling the demons of the past before continuing into a new period seems truer than ever. And it makes you think, those radical bloody customs look so much like the world’s reality in a way, that it is almost like we will have to expel reality if we want change. There is something loopy about the song; walking in circles of time, never realizing it. One might be like the cow that crossed the city and when asked what she saw, all she could tell was where there was hay. ‘Waited for the answers to fall down from the tree’ is about patience, but at the same time it’s about doing what you want, not waiting for someone to do it for you. Love came also here, asking for everything which we seem to be on a diet from.. being real. In time, in space, in love… (‘don’t talk about us.. just hold me..’).. feel less..

3. The Strong Song
Ronit is in bed with a devilish virus not getting better for 10 days.. Inspiration comes out of nowhere seeing her die.. so she tells the devil - her capturer, that she needs to use the toilet, and with her remaining energy finds her way to the guitar… The strong song (and Harmony Bomb) - twins, were born. Their birth released ronit from sickness. Ronit had very high temperature but could swear she saw Syd Barrett waving from the window. The name was immediately The Strong Song..The song about not giving up.. The lyrics, which came later, are about desperately trying to wake someone up, to warn from the approaching danger, loved ones who cannot but give up.. friends in stress and despair. ‘…Open a window/Open the door/I don’t mean to find you/Dead on the floor…”

4. Oh Friend! Using the phone sound moments for the 3 ‘commercials’ came naturally, a large part of the original ideas were first captured on the voice recorder of the phone. It was an interesting experience and even led to the idea of making an album this way one day, very open improvisation with given sounds from our lives. Darko and Ronit chose about 30 sound moments Ronit recorded on her phone whenever she heard a sound she liked (not pre planned) during the months of recording the album in different situations. They decided to improvise with the given sounds, just to put the sound ingredients and prepare something as lovely as possible with them. The commercials almost ‘made themselves’.. Oh Friend which was for first commercial, following the ‘present’ and starting the ‘past’, emphasizing the significance of being here for each other in this bizarre period.. Representing the divine aspect of friendship – one of the main issues of this album, as Shams is to Rumi... Always with you… an inspiring friend, who helps you meet yourself…

5. Harmony Bomb
Harmony Bomb is the twin of The Strong Song, but it is opening the ‘past’ part of the album. It’s called Harmony Bomb because it was like dropping a harmony bomb on the virus bed. The lyrics came later… about losing touch.. about a haunting absence.. emptiness a life leaves behind.. if in the Strong Song there was a cry out for a friend, in this one, it was too late.. … “I wish I’d known to help you.. I wish I’d known what to do…”. Accepting that sometimes we can be there for someone and sometimes we cannot and vice versa the wish someone will be here for you.

6. Pardon My French
A unique 4 weeks practice provoked a strong experience of something which can be described as a total Nirvana which side by side with being exposed to a precious melodic secret were how this song and the whole album were conceived. It first had a repeating singing chorus (which we later deleted) in the second part of the song with one of the lines being the first name of the song - ‘don’t fight with words’.. it carried an idea which became a main direction in the work on the album – talk less, feel more. It is about a beautiful communication without words, communications where words are indeed not welcomed. It’s about the experience of expansion made by love. A kind of stretch only love can do to the horizon of the mind, the heart... And, that if you try to force understanding it, it will hide..The verses talk about the difficulty in letting go of the words, and the talking which follows in English and then Hebrew are a love letter in the first part about various kinds of gravitation, then finally, describing how it felt.. to let go.. it talks about things which words are too wordi to describe. It expresses the feeling that words are too much and not enough. It was a focus from the beginning of work on the album, that words are not the weapon or an enemy, and that sometimes they just get in the way... at the same time there was something French about this song.. at least from a non-French point of view, the slow sensual tune was as French as we get..

7. All alone
Like in many of the songs, a private story and a global story meet. His heart is broken because him and his girlfriend are breaking up, and at the same time humanity, is separating from earth.. lost interest.. when you see everyone with their phones, especially in different situations, even like a rock concert, where people were enjoying and sharing a special togetherness, it’s not like this anymore when everyone is in fact Alone with their phone, down-up-loading their lives to the machine.. Even if not aware of it.. You think about the billions holding their phone as a part of their body, you think humanity and earth are going through a divorce. And don’t get us wrong..We all have phones we all use them.... but still.. Everyone can feel..That it’s like everyone left.. Like it’s a processes of not being here anymore.. When Edi came up with the drums we were smiling as it spiced it with a new spice which also made it slightly less sad and melancholic. There is something in this song which is catchy, we and friends who heard it easily connected to yet from a from a production point of view it is not developed as the rest, but, each time we spoke about the possibility of upgrading, we always felt ‘no, it is exactly how it should be’. Vlatche, the keyboardist is currently working on a remix for this song which will be on a project in progress of different artists remixing Undone songs.

8. Oh Wind!
In this second commercial break, between the past and the future, a fresh start, let the wind take what you don’t need.. let the wind bring change. Let the wind forgive…While recording an idea for the line in harmony bomb, the crow was crowing next to the window.. the streets of Berlin in the last new year eve.. the robot saying ‘radio’ in different languages and so on were merged into Oh wind, asking for the heaviness of a memory to be swept by the wind.. the carpet can’t fly with a huge safe full of info on it.. let the wind move us where we need to go.

9. Future Is Good
Future is good, whether we like it or not..future is good whether we are gonna be around or not.. if this time around humanity is at ‘terrible twos’ period we have a long way to go.. What’s people’s part in it? We can make the future good, if we recognize that we can make the future good J The present has the ingredients for the future, what are we gonna do? Mentally overweight..How r we gonna make it to the future.. Do you Have to eat trump everyday? If that is the only thing there is in the supermarket, can you be creative about what you might make from it? Can you ‘shop’ somewhere else? Can you fast one day? Maybe you can eat some music, art, eat love, eat help.. It doesn’t mean you don’t care.. It is actually Doing something. you help take a step above the duality, above war.. its not all just about choosing one side or the other, this is ok for good robots.. the evil thinks it is goodness also.. But maybe there are more options.. like rising above the Good and Evil thing makes the way to Future is good…you need to know how to cook for yourself, mentally, even more important than physical food… the lyrics and basic melody Did come from another dimension, where it was clear that humanity has tremendous capacity for love and harmony. Believing in it,is like a torch.. Yoram Gur who was with Ronit in Plastic Venus added the beautiful oriental-space guitar and the electronic tanpura always finds its way to scarf one of the songs in each album.

10. Tomorrow
In the verses there is concern of the morrow. Is it coming? Is anyone gonna Know? It wasn’t planned, but it communicates with Tomorrow Never Knows and the vast openness it offered, which might not be available for us anymore, (in fact it Is.. but a huge part of the time just doesn’t feel like it anymore) nowadays there is sometimes a feeling that the future is ‘done’.. That there is no more an option to “Turn off..Relax..And float down stream..” at the same time in the choruses, a new hope rises. Knowing that there is in fact the possibility of living more fully, of Being, that we don’t Have to be manipulated, that life is still beautiful…a reminder that the world didn’t end after all…

11. Questions to Answers
Questioning and pondering deeply on the constantly increasing flood of ‘answers and facts’ falling at our being..‘Search and find/Go in deep/Inside big mind…No one knows what is going to be/We’re not blind but it’s impossible to see…’ Is it really like this? Why is it like this?? We loved how Andrey - Ronit and Darko’s son sang here - an experience which we would like to repeat in future songs.. We also Loved the first version of this song but felt it too rocky for this album, and so enjoyed remixing it... We were laughing a lot on the last part where the children’s voices and funkadelic guitars Fillip added in the last moment come in, that that whole part is like an end of a concert where many bands played at, and members from all the bands go on stage and sing and play together… Last song of the future part of the album..Kissing the present on the back of neck...

12. Oh Light!To see clearly.. we need an inner flashlight… ‘Oh light’ bears a wish to be guided, to be shown the way, to remain on the path you choose to take..focus.. Mainly home sounds, the door bells, the dog, the first recording of the monochord Darko made, echoes in an hammam in the old bazaar…and more. Light that can reveal to us what we need to see.