sexta-feira, 13 de julho de 2018

Deaden Me with Aviaries - An Interview

O cotidiano do mundo nos dias de hoje é cruel, caótico e perturbador, completamente diferente das aparências maquiadas pelas pessoas através das redes sociais, a falsa realidade de felicidade e alegria constante esconde uma complexa e estressante realidade, onde, cada vez mais, a intolerância em todos os aspectos impera, beirando o caos completo.

É justamente com estas verdades que os poloneses do Aviaries se alimentam. Sonoramente fundem-se entre o pós punk soturno mais sombrio e, um certo doomgaze, ou algo que sintetize tudo isso. Certamente a conexão mais próxima e óbvia dos caras seja o Have A Nice Life.

O Aviaries soltou seu novo single "Deaden Me", que serve como aperitivo ao segundo álbum, 'There Is Nothing To Defend', ainda sem data de lançamento. O single segue, de certa maneira, o que os caras criaram no assustador disco homônimo, lançado há dois anos atrás.

Resumidamente, o Aviaries, ao lado de outros poucos anti heróis atuais, leia-se APTBS, o próprio Have A Nice Life, explicitam as feridas da dura realidade que é viver/sobreviver nos dias de hoje.

***** Interview with Aviaries *****

Q: When did Aviaries begin? Tell us about the history...
Mark Magick: We started playing together back in 2012. We were struggling trying not to kill ourselves playing each other solo projects. Frustration burst and we decided to take a break to catch a little fresh look on many things… In 2014, Marcin and Krzysiek came up with that flagship song titled „Cold” that turned out to be a turning point in Aviaries history. We’ve made a decision to try a band where everyone is involved at the same level and everyone can bring ideas.

Marcin Cieslak: Me, Mark and Krzysiek were living in the same flat and coherent emotional vibe between us has resulted in two or three spontaneous tracks. Few months later we've started rehearsals and met Bart - our drummer, who used to practice in the same place. We'd intended to use synthetic drums at the beginning, but we've changed our mind after first rehearsal in four.

Q: Who are your influences?
MC: The Cure, The Soft Moon, Have A Nice Life, Katatonia, A Place To Bury Strangers, Merzbow, Fennesz, Slowdive, Dinosaur Jr.

Krzysztof Mlynczak: I don't have any specific artist which I am influanced. I listen to a lot of different kinds of music and everything comes together when I play. When I am writing it's more about the mood. I usually play when I don't feel very well. Something bad must happen, then music comes.

MM: I guess everyone draws out from different source. I have indie/noise rock heart and that kind of music and emotions it carries always hit hard for me. Of course I’ve had metalcore or rock n’ roll episode – it changes all the time… Bands like O’Brother, Brand New, Nothing, Nirvana are my biggest influences. Marcin mentioned Have A Nice Life, Bart would mention Neurosis... This is that diversity that combines Aviaries sound.

Q. Make a list of 5 albums of all time…
MM: Shit, that’s a tricky question…

KM: It's hard to choose five. Maybe I will tell about the albums which I was listening a lot when I was 15, 16 years old. It probably created my music taste in some way.

Nine inch Nails - The Fragile and The Downard Spiral, Marilyn Manson - Mechanical Animals, The Cure - Pornography, Gary Numan - Pure.

I’m not listening to all of them right now, but I think they are worth to mention.

MM: For that moment:
Guns N’ Roses – „Use Your Illusion” Trilogy – that albums are like masterpiece for me. In context of production, mix, promotion, diversity of music - from acoustic to really dark and heavy tunes it beats any other album for me. I’ve been listening to „Use Your Illusion I” since I was 3 and still keep coming back to it.

John Frusciante - „Curtains” - quintessence of acoustic album. The most deppresive and saddest thing ever done?

O’Brother - „Disillusion”

Manchester Orchestra - „I’m Like A Virgin Losing A Child”

Brand New – „The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me” - I’ve heard that album for the first time in 2006 and it chopped off my head. Really dark, hauting, noisy album. „Degausser” is the best song ever written – so simple, so heavy and strong, pumped up with emotions. That albums changes lives…

MC:  1. Fennesz - Venice / 2. Katatonia - The great Cold Distance / 3. The Soft Moon - Deeper / 4. Have A Nice Life - The Unnatural World / 5. Dinosaur Jr - You're living all over me

Q. How do you feel playing live?
MC: Focused and introvertic.

MM: I remember that before my first stage appearance with Aviaries, that was also my first ever, I thought I’ll be stressed as fuck, my fingers will freeze and I will be not able to make a single move. All those fears immediately disappeared when we hit the stage. Now it’s pleasant feeling. There is always something going on in your stomach but we call it excitement. I love playing live and sharing that time with guys.

KM: I am a little stressed and excited. I don't like the soundchecks. I am the person in the band who is always worried that something will go wrong, but when I am finally on stage I really enjoy it. I’m never looking at the crowd. It's only me and the sound and it is really magical feeling.

Q. How do you describe Aviaries´ sounds?
MM: Heavy, noisy, gloomy wall of overwhelming, hauting notes that leaves you in confused trance, sad and depressed.

MC: Our sound reminds me of being detached from the reality and being in it at the same time.

KM: Nostalgic, longing, without hope.

Q: Tell us about the process of recording the songs?
MM: We – Marcin, Krzysiek and me – were sharing the same flat through almost 5 years and almost every song had its start in those four walls. We were creating the spine of the song and then we were bringing it to the rehearsal room.

MC: We create whole songs at home, never jam. When it comes to recording and mixing, those are processes we do from various reasons - especially sound we prefer - on our own.

KM: From my side it's always starts from single riff. If the Marcin or Marek feel it and have any idea to keep it going, we sit together, work with a drums samples, vocals etc. We always have a draft before we start to play a new song together. During the rehearsals everyone can add a little something, for example Bartek makes drums a lot complicated and cool than our demo machine beats.

Q. Which new bands do you recommend?
KM: I am not really into checking new music everyday like I used to do before. However here is a few artist which I've been listening lately. Not all are really new bands: Glaare, Sally Didge, Ritual Howls, Thot, Drab Majesty, Emma Ruth Rundle.

MC: Actually I know none. I was recently introduced to Khanate - US drone doom band which is great, but that’s not a new one. Been there for about 10 years or something...

MM:  Death Bells – post-punk form Australia / Baasch – synth pop from Poland / HAELOS – trip hop from UK

Q: Which band would you love to made a cover version of?
MM: We used to make a cover of Have A Nice Life „Bloodhail”.  We are coming with crazy ideas for a cover from time to time, but it’s really not our thing I guess.

KM: There is a lot of 80s pop songs which I would like to cover. Probably „Send Me An Angel” by Real Life. Marcin even recorded a demo version of it. Maybe someday we will finish it.

MC: Katatonia and Blueneck come to my mind.

Q: What are your plans for the future?
MM: Finish the second album is the top priority. That’s the most important future point that eclipse any others.

KM: Finish the album – then we will see.

MC: New album.

Q: Any parting words?
MM: Check out our new single „Deaden Me”. You can download it for free through our bandcamp page:

MC: Thank you for the interview.