sexta-feira, 22 de março de 2019

Out In with Sander and Melody - An Interview

Conheci o projeto francês Sander and Melody por indicação de um desses maníacos das redes sociais, um entusiasta da música, Sr. Fabrizio Lusso e desde então tento desvendar o mistério por trás do projeto.

O TBTCI até tentou, mas não obteve lá muito sucesso. O cara por trás do projeto Yannick apenas centra-se em expurgar seus demônios através de perversões sonoras.

O que se ouve não é shoegaze, experimental, cold wave, pós punk, punk, é tudo isso, de forma aleatória e sem haver lógica alguma.

Resumidamente o Sander and Melody é um caldeirão ruidoso prestes a explodir a qualquer momento, então, são apenas duas opções, ou aumentar o som, ou cair fora, não há espaço pra meio termo por aqui.

***** Interview with Sander and Melody

When did Sander and Melody begin? Tell us about the history...
Hi Renato,

In reality, I created Sander and Melody in order to see more clearly in my various personal musical projects. I created MAUP a little more than 20 years ago, at the time, I was playing in a band where mainly did joy division covers, the cure and some compositions.

I wanted to do things on my own, but with no real connection to cold wave and its derivatives. It’s kind of a trick, like a box of ideas that allowed me to experiment.

About a year ago, I decided to refocus on a new project called “Triple Sun”. But again, I soon found myself integrating all my desires into it, and therefore, there was no consistency in the various pieces; I was passing from a coldwave songs to concrete music while passing through more shoegaze/indie compositions. So I thought it might be easier to create a specific identity to bring together what I think is related to this last movement.

Q: Who are your influences?
The main musicians/groups that inspire me come from a wide variety of musical backgrounds: joy division, the legendary pink dots, my bloody valentine, Pierre Schaeffer, Daisy Chainsaw et les projets de Katie Jane, Herbie Hancock, the cure, throbbing gristle, coil, Michael Gordon, les pink floyd, blur, bauhaus, lush, David Bowie, Scott Walker, the psychedelic furs, Amon Tobin, Lalo Schifrin, Brian Eno et Harold Budd, Wire… No, really, there’s too much to make choices.

Make a list of 5 albuns of all time…
Only 5 ? really hard to make choice…
Joy Division : closer
Throbbing Gristle : - D.O.A. the third and final report
David Bowie : low
MBV : loveless
The Legendary Pink Dots : Malachai (Shadow Weaver Part 2)

Of course, this list would probably be different if I did it again in a week.:-)

How do you feel playing live?
I hate playing live… and haven’t idea about how to play this project live. I’m not sure there would be any real interest in playing these songs live.

Q: How do you describe Sander and  Melody´s sounds?
Right now, I’m still in the research phase.

Of course, I’m very attracted to the sound of Kevin Shields, Martin Hannett. The premises are mainly found in a song that I recorded about 10 years ago «Childhood». It blends old sonorities of old synthesiser (Roland sh-2), guitar, samples, etc. it’s pretty repetitive and evolutionary. It’s kind of the guideline. For the intervener, I consider the project to be in construction phase.

Q: Tell us about the process of recording the songs ?
It’s really about moods. It can come from the weather he’s doing, from a work I’ve seen, from a discussion.

There is never any real preparatory work. Often, the base is simple and then improvised elements are added. The only thing I have to do is try to have a unity, a logic in the choice of sounds. The point is really to try to reflect my current state of mind. So sometimes some moods aren’t compatible with the project, so it becomes an idea for Triple Sun, so right now I think this is really at the research stage and it will evolve over time. First, I enjoy playing and later I will see the whole thing again to give it a color and a sound.

Q. Which new bands do you recommend?
I listen to many things and discover many groups that may be recent or older.

The last group that really scored for me was THE KVB, but it’s already starting to date when you look at it… Exploded view, I like it a lot. Maybe more electronic things like Ochre, Deru, yasume, subheim, Lorn. I also like free jazz influences like «oui mais non» recently discovered as well as Emile Parisien.

Q: Which band would you love to made a cover version of?
I have already done a lot of cover (the cure, joy division, Colin Newman, Tones on tail, Coil, François de Roubaix, etc) but I would like to one day let myself tempt by a cover of Scott Walker. It might be interesting.

Q: What are your plans for the future?
We have a project with a good friend for a musical/visual live performance called «twenty years».
nothing to do with Sander and Melody. wait and see.

Thanks a lot for interest and have a nice day.