quinta-feira, 1 de março de 2018

Burning House, "Tracer" - Track by Track

Um estridente ataque sônico emana-se do recém lançado, "Tracer", do trio inglês Burning House.

Em fritações que reverberam por entre as quatro canções do EP, ecos de MBV, Dinosaur Jr. e Ringo Deathstarr unem-se a toque psicodélicos dos caras. A cada uivo das guitarras a sensação que se tem é de uma dança alucinada de água vivas abrindo e fechando-se como em um balé nonsense.

Experimente ouvir "Tracer" com fones de ouvidos no volume máximo, e sinta o poder de um trabalho onde as guitarras comandam.

Além de tudo isso, entenda a fundo os mistérios de "Tracer", cortesia dos caras do Burning House.

***** Burning House, "Tracer" - Track by Track *****

Probably the most structurally simplistic of all the songs on the EP, this song evolved from a home demo - hence the mechanical nature of the rhythm. It’s intended to burrow into you, I was thinking it would be like some theme music, the opening credits to the EP. Hopefully what is achieved is an internal substance. With each cycle round the lyrics slightly alter, harmonies and counter-melodies are gradually introduced; so although the song relies on repetition, each time it’s slightly different. The overarching effect is a tremolo, with subtle E-bow embellishments throughout.

I had the main riff kicking around for ages. One day while in the studio with our producer Ben Startup, I jammed it out and he turned round to me and said “what’s that.. that’s my favourite song of all time.”) So I thought I better get to work and build the tune. Me and Ash (drums) would often rehearse and jam very loud - part of the reason for this was being schooled by guitar orchestra maestro Glenn Branca. I remember seeing an interview with him and him saying that certain things can only happen at that extreme volume that wouldn’t otherwise occur at more modest levels. As a result the tune ended up being more visceral than it might otherwise have been. Again, this is a many-layered beast, subtle guitar inflections and sublimation are present, which often pose a challenge in reproducing live. The lyrics were inspired by The Peregrin by J.A Baker, and also a conversation I had about likening human nature - different archetypes - to variants of bird; some are great eagles with bold and brash wingspan, while others are content to be tinier birds that feel safer grounded.

I Am A Tree. The oldest tune on the EP. This was the first time we worked with our producer Ben Startup, who told us Fire records were producing a guided by voices cover record and offered us some free recording time. We tracked the drums reasonably quickly, next came the 50 or so arsenal of guitars. The freedom I was given to go wild was the first time I’ve ever been encouraged to experiment to my hearts content. There are so many layers, that before I even laid vocals down and listened back, it sounded as if the music was comprised of a million razorblades - it sounded like a corrupted file. My decision to sing baritone was less of a nod to the Mary chain than it was the fact I was getting over a nasty virus and my larynx was red raw!

Vague. My personal favourite on the EP. If you listen closely you will notice the song is in a sequence that keeps shortening on each rotation. While there is no chorus, where one might naturally find one are instead two unrelated but distinct bridges which eventually give way to a climax - one which is constantly teased throughout the song. The composition is all about tension and release - there is a pathological control which becomes unbearable to retain like the stimulation preceding orgasm. The squalling feedback at the end is from a beautiful arbiter amplifier cranked to maximum volume - I just love that sound, to me it is sensuous and disorientating. Lyrically I am trying as much as possible to detach myself so the words are just swimming in the music. They’re just ineffable phrases as vague as the title suggests, but at the same time I’m trying to reveal something to myself within the vanity of the music. There is something of a travelling up and down the stairwell of a Freudian apparatus.