terça-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2016

In Time I Am with CItrus Clouds - An Interview

De Phoenix, Arizona vem as guitarras hipnóticas, cintilantes e sonhadoras do Citrus Clouds que debutaram recentemente com seu In Time I Am. Um exercício cativante de como seduzir o ouvinte desde os primeiros acordes de Anymore, mas no decorrer dessa viagem ainda existem preciosidades como Dreamer e principalmente a faixa título In Time I Am.

Um estreia de gente grande, não deixa de se apaixonar de imediato.

***** Interview with Citrus Clouds *****

Q. When did Citrus Clouds start? Tell us about the history...
1. Citrus Clouds was started in early August of 2014 by a boyfriend, girlfriend duo and a close friend. The goal was to create a very simple, minimalist shoegaze sound.

Q: Who are your influences?
2. Our influences tend to be all over the place. The obvious would be Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, Ride, Pixies, Joy Division, Blouse. The not so obvious would be Joao Gilberto, Beach Boys, Gang Starr, Air, Walter Wanderley, Fela Kuti, Los 3 Ases, the Mars Volta, Stolen Identity, Don Costa and his Orchestra.

Q. Make a list of 5 albuns of all time…
3. Hmm, top 5 albums? In no particular order:
Beach Boys- Pet Sounds,
Pixies- Doolittle,
Cafe Tacuba- El Objeto Antes Llamado Disco,
Air- Talkie Walkie,
Joao Gilberto/Stan Getz- Getz/Gilberto

Q. How do you feel playing live?
4. It's new to 2 of us. Erick has been playing for 13 years but we're still babies. Growing stronger every show. Drinks help!

Q. How do you describe Citrus Clouds sounds?
5. The Citrus Clouds sound is very timeless. It's minimalist, melodic, spacey, ethereal. It gets stuck in your head.

Q: Tell us about the process of recording the songs ?
6. In Time I Am was recorded live in one day at Audioconfusion studios in Mesa, Arizona. We recorded the music first, then we overdubbed a few parts and finally the vocals.

Q. Which new bands do you recommend?
7. Some new bands we like are: Cheatahs, Warpaint, Blouse, Diiv, Sunflower Beam, No Joy.

Q: Which band would you love to made a cover version of?
8. It would be really cool if we could be an early Santana cover band. His first band lineup was amazing and it would be fun playing with all that rhythm and percussion. Also, AFROS..

Q: What are your plans for the future?
9. We've already began writing a full length record with the hope of releasing it this year. We want to be able to play cool shows in different countries.

Q: Any parting words?
10. "I don't really mind if it's over your head 'cause the job of ressurectors is to wake up the dead." - Q-tip (A Tribe Called Quest)