quinta-feira, 25 de junho de 2015

Tuath - An Interview

Quando tomei conhecimento dos irlandeses do Tuath confesso que a primeira audição soou completamente esquizofrênica para ficar no adjetivo mais fácil de entendimento.

Eles soltaram o debute An taobh tuath​(​ail) em Março agora e o disco é um completo caldeirão de referências e identidades sem se prender ou se fixar em nenhuma delas.

Tem kraut, tem free jazz, shoegazer, noise, avant guarde, e não tem nada disso ao mesmo tempo. Uma sonoridade intensa e freak o Tuath consegue descompassar qualquer possível rótulo que seja aplicado a eles.

Intensidade é pouco par o Tuath.

***** Interview with Tuath *****

Q. When did Tuath started, tell us about the history...
Tuath started off as just myself(Robert Mulhern)in the bedroom in 2014 in galway with my new amplitube software and an electronic drumkit I had bought ,plus of course a bass guitar,I was fed up of relying on other musicians in this country so I had decided to just record a demo and tell everyone that it was already a band so I could recruit people,My plan worked perfectly,I needed a singer but there was no way in hell I could find one with my vision so I just decided to do it,I sounded like shit for the first while but its ok now I guess.the band started to become animated and tuath was born.I sang in Irish as I am an Irish language activist.We have since down sized to just ashley doing sax and myself handling everything else.

Q: Who are your influences?
Our influences are everything from miles davis to skrillex,
my(robs) main influences would be primus,limp bizkit,tool,deftones,anton newcombe,,death grips,TRENT REZNOR,caribou,meshuggah,holy fuck,ween are probably my fave band now that I think of it.recently burl ives and western music (Ashley) john zorn,herbie hancock,metallica,horace silver,black sabbath,tool,Gong,ornette coleman,miles davis,herbie hancock-head hunters

Q. Make a list of 5 albums of all time…
Rob:aenima-tool,primus-tales from the punchbowl,life is peachy by korn,ween-la cucaracha,Holy fuck!-Latin

Ash: Horace silver- song for my father,rage against the machine-Rage against the machine, the budos band -1, Master of puppets-metallica

Q. How do you feel playing live?
Ash:.I like the freedom of expression I have when playing with tuath, Im not good expressing myself with words. Thats why I play music.

Rob: Of late I have played the last three gigs while stoned out of my tits,I started indulging in january and it became a habit but now I only toke twice a week or when I play live,I love that connection you have with the music when you are stoned,it takes you straight back to the enthusiasm that you first felt when you wrote the music and I find that the audience responds responds to that.Its a nice feeling,we often turn heads when we play because of the fact we are singing in Irish,people think they understand but more often than not they do not.I actually enjoy when people dislike our shows more,its always funny watching them react to it,they probably go home thinking "why the fuck did those guys get to play on a stage where human beings could see them? what is wrong with the world?" and then hopefully they think over it,I make no apologies for our sound,we sound how we sound and Its only going to change when the people involved in making it do which is 100% of the time....did you know that you become an entirely new human being every 7 years? Madness.

Q. How do you describe Tuath sounds?
Tuath is a big massive soup of all of the shoegazey genres,I'd say there are elements of radiohead in there or something,I only found out what shoegaze was properly after I wrote all the songs,my girlfriend says "wow,I didn't know what to expect,you guys are very shoegazey" ,I thought it was post rock but apparantly shoegaze is just post rock with some whispering over it so I assume we sound like that,

Q: Tell us about the process of recording the songs?
The first EP was interestingly recorded,as we are on a shoegaze forum I am sure most people are about to be disgusted but I don't use amplifiers,I don't use a swath of fx pedals,hell,I do not even own a single effects pedal,I used amplitube for all of the guitars except the more metal ones,I used pod farms big bottom for all the heavy stuff all routed into ableton live.on all of the recordings I used my ibanez 7321 guitar de tuned to g(to beef up the bass parts),a 6 string west tone thunder 1 for all the other guitars(coil tapped so it gets all the tones)and a five string bass(the bass was done using the pod hd300 going straight into the audio interface).I used an sm58 for the vocals and the drums,here is where it gets interesting,In live 9 there is a new audio to midi function,for most of the drums I used ezdrummer2,for lots of the beats,I would tap a rhythm into the mic using two pens using layers,I would start by tapping the kick drum and then go over it again and tap in the next drum,then I would convert the audio to midi and correct the midi.voilla,magic drums.(don't worry,I actually play the drums on the new album),for the sax,ashley would record the parts and Email them to me,I am in Dublin and he was in Galway at the time.We havent had a jam since september. A lot of our next album is outright funk but we recorded it,chopped it,up,resampled it and looped it so it sounds like hip hop and then we put ambient guitars and synths back over it again so that it sounds like someone took an old jazz record and made hip hop out of it only its shoegaze and then we put sax over it so that it sounds like authentic jazz again,its like some kind of bastard child of shoegaze and real hip hop and I'm really fucking exited about it.There are some outright psych rock tunes on it too,and some incredibly heavy tracks that are so out of tune and horrible sounding that they make you want to smash some stuff.A lot of it has similarities to some of unknown mortal orchestra as rubin is a massive hero of mine and his stuff genuinely makes me go "yes".theres a selection of polymetric/polyrhthmic afro blues shit to go on it too with a finalé of post rock,we don't know what the fuck it is any more but its gonna be cool. i'm basically just working on the lyrics now and hopefully it will be compiled(the trickiest bit) by september.to be honest,we are really exited about it.

Q. Which new bands do you recommended?
Ashley: the budos band are the most groovy,cheeky new band on the market,their use of 70s grooves layered with music fit for the ball room scene in the mask is something to behold and they are from new york which makes them way cool.

Rob:I don't really keep up with music,I'm always trying to avoid stuff that might influence me,I'm listening to a hell of a lot of burl ives,sometimes I listen to Death grips or meshuggah though....suppose death grips are kinda new.

Q: Which bands would you love to make a cover version of?
Ashley:An RATM track maybe?

Rob:We already do "if I had a heart" by fever ray,maybe some day we will record it for you.

Q: What´s the plan for the future....
We plan on setting up a squat in an abandoned warehouse,creating a family style cult within it and staging a mass suicide at our first album release party.Its going to blow your mind.

Q: Any parting words?
Never pay anyone to make art,its 2015.