quinta-feira, 11 de junho de 2015

For Tomorrow with François Sky - An Interview

François Sky é já bem conhecido aqui do TBTCI, visto que há alguns anos acompanho seus projetos e existe uma peculiaridade em todos que ele participa, a elegância, sempre seguindo seu caminho, François é um verdadeiro trovador sônico que para quem não conhece, eu aconselho parar tudo e dedicar algumas horas e passear por toda sua extensa discografia.

Seu mais novo projeto em parceria com outros talentosos e prediletos aqui do TBTCI, estou falando de  Nathan Henderson do Sun Mahshene, Laura O'Brien e Gary Hughes do Rise Of The Echo Drone / Helicon, a união entre eles gerou o sublime, Sun, Sky & Echoes que na data de ontem soltou um vídeo da magistral e belíssima canção For Tomorrow, uma verdadeira odisseia que transporta o ouvinte a paisagens distantes e sublimes.

Se o Sun, Sky & Echoes já começou desta maneira, imaginem o que nos aguarda, maravilhoso.

E François concedeu ao TBTCI uma pequena grande entrevista sobre ele e todo o novo projeto.

***** Interview with François Sky *****

Q1: Tell us about new projects ...
A1: On one hand I keep doing my things while having a very normal life and on the other hand these days I'm involved in a few collaborating projects. The most advanced one is called Sun, Sky and Echoes. To use some of the blurb, "This is an international collaboration between Nathan Henderson of Sun Mahshene, François Sky and Laura O'Brien & Gary Hughes of Rise Of The Echo Drone/Helicon. This will be a 3 song EP." Yesterday we shared the first of these three songs and it's called "For Tomorrow".

Q2: What are the inspirations for the compositions of the new songs?
A2: Basically life and the way I feel but it's a very different process writing for myself compared to putting something into somebody else's ideas. So I think my inspiration comes from life anyway.

Q3: What are you currently listening to?
A3: Aside from many different things, mostly stuff from friends, and I'm spending my time playing/recording music. Lately I've had Dreamweapon and New Candys on heavy rotation at home, both bands are really dear to me. As well as those I'm still listening some classics too and definitely The Asteroid #4. Fuzz Club Recs have a monthly sampler now and that's great. I particularly like Lee Winter's radio show which I enjoy on Mixcloud as well as Simone Marie's from Primal Scream, and Gregg Foreman's "Mr Pharmacist". Lately I went to see New Candys and Kikagaku Moyo, they were both excellent. I'm definitely looking forward to hearing the next Desert Mountain Tribe, The Koolaid Electric Company and Cult Of Dom Keller albums and also expecting 10 000 Russos album as well. Another one I’m looking forward to hearing the next release from my dear friend Joe who’s from Documenta and the new record from my friend Collin from Chatham Rise as well. I will probably buy this one, "I Declare Nothing", when it comes out. I already like some of the excerpts I’ve heard from it and want to make my opinion on the full record. With this one in particular I have to say I've been too quick to speak my mind about it just from hearing some demos. It's no one's business to hear from me on other peoples work, and more to the point how a demo sounds is not something on which I should have had any public opinion. Who the fuck am I to bad mouth anyway, eh? I'll be turning 49 in September and one of many great things is I keep learning so I tend maybe not to really improve but at least I'm not making the same things I would consider as mistakes again and again. I just switch to some new ones every now and then. Like moving a sofa on my own from my studio last Sunday while wearing my boots off. Of course I knew what would happen, and as a matter of fact I've stubbed a tiny toe on the drums and started a shamen silent tribal war dance holding my foot mid air in there after I gave this damn sofa some balance near my electronic things. I saw the Orient Express of swearing going through my mind while doing so, choo choo, lol@me. (I wonder what people think when reading things like this, but I'm laughing for I've been dumb there.) Oh and I'm listening to the birds in our street and backyard every day too, when I have time and can enjoy it.

Q4:You are a great collector of guitars right? Tell us about favorite ...
A4: I have different guitars to do different things, I'm not a collector and if I don't play an instrument I just don't keep it. It's stupid to stack things just so they can collect dust instead of being used by anyone else. Would you put a bed in your bedroom just to look at it every now and then ? Or a sofa on your rooftop ? I guess not.But it's up to anyone to manage these kind of things, my answers here are about myself and don't stand for something like "that's the fuckin way you got to do it because I fuckin tell you to". Who cares anyway? So, all my guitars are there because I'm using them. But I have other instruments on which nobody ask me anything about, like a harmonium, a sitar, a few basses, some keyboards and a few weirdies too. I bought a drum kit last year and really want to start learning how to play it. My best guitar is without a doubt my Vox Starstream, I can do a lot of things with it, but not everything. It's not something you can abuse, like I did with so many guitars i had before this. To this day it's the most incredible and expensive one, so, but I'm not the kind of dude ruining his things. You got to be respectful in life. With yourself, others, nature and things. I can not spend what is a big amount of money in my view on things usually. I really wanted this guitar. However in the meantime something terrible happened to my father. The last time were in touch things were not nice at all. Then time went by, years that turned into decades, and one day you get a devastating and brutal phone call from your family in France. Two years after I had really mixed feelings and still do at the moment. I got this rather important amount of money from this tragic event. My father was convinced I had to be a military officer for my whole career and I must recon that I've messed up in there to piss him off at the time. So for him there was no way I could be anything else than this, and most certainly not "a musician". So, I thought I should try to make something good out of this money, which I did and not only for myself. This guitar is a reminder of it all to me. I have to work to pay my things just like anyone does, then even when I do I do not worship money. I have to keep a decent income to keep a decent living and this is not something I'm doing or trying through my music. I have a tremendous respect for whoever can make a living out of any other activity than a 9 to 5, but I gave up on this idea shortly before I stop playing music for ten years in 1996. I think my freedom depends on my ability to do my best to get what I want, therefore it all goes pretty fair together. But once again that's just me speaking here and there's no way I would take it as any kind of advice. Each to their own. Never depend on anyone nor anything, literally speaking.

Q5: What are the future plans?
A5: I've got a good bunch of new demos I've put together between April and May this year. Now I'm organizing and sorting these out to keep the few that still capture my attention. Then we'll talk about releases, gigs and other related things. That's my plans for now. Aside from this as I told you, I'm really interested in this collaboration called Sun, Sky and Echoes. I want to finish it in a proper way. I’d rather not talk about some other ongoing commitments so as to not jinx then but what I can say is that there are great things on the near horizon. Thank you for your attention and support.
Thanks François