quinta-feira, 25 de setembro de 2014

Waiting for The Sun with Morgan Square - An Interview

O fantasma de Jim Morrisson permeia todo o debute dos dinamarqueses, sim outra banda da Dinamarca que impressiona, no caso o Morgan Square, como estava falando, Jim Morrisson parece assombrar o álbum Evil Red Sun do início ao fim.

Mantras e mais mantras escuros e sombrios, apocalípticos e psicodelicos, as poesias musicadas voltam a tona com o Morgan Square e para o deleite deste que vos escreve, o resgate dessa sonoridade é mais do que motivo de idolatria.

Evil Red Sun é encharcado de sexo, drogas e psicodelismo, pra viciar sem parar.

***** Interview with Morgan Square *****

Q. When did Morgan Square start? Tell us about the history…
We don’t imagine our story being that much different from the one you’d get from any other band.

Morgan Square began in late 2011/early 2012 when Simon, drummer, and Lasse, lead singer, met and decided to start a psychedelic inspired band, fueled by a love for bands akin to the Doors. They made an online notice with enough fantastic adjectives to draw the attention of guitarist and keyboardist, Lasse, who in turn brought in his former school buddy, Emil, on bass.

Our latest addition, just joining this summer, is our long-time friend and jam-buddy Thomas who will be handling the weirder parts of the band's sound, including but not limited to singing saw and various woodwind instruments.

'Evil Red Sun', 2013, independent.
'When Kristofar is Lost in the Woods', 2014, Raum Eins Records.

Q: Who are your influences?
It might be easier to answer the question as ’what are our influences?’. We are inspired by what we consider to be the most powerful 'instrument' in music, something that has almost become an archetype for us as a band. A sound that is almost levitating and slowly collects and compresses itself until the forces are released as an explosion. It is like a kind of love, an intensity, that excludes everything surrounding it... Furthermore we are inspired by smokes and microwave pizzas.

Q. Make a list of 5 albums of all time…
This is a hard task; there is music all around us, and it is unfair only to select five small collections of it.

We tried to come up with a list collectively which failed. Therefore, the albums we selected are simply the ones we can always return to, no matter how much time has passed since last encounter. One from each band member:

Strawberry Alarm Clock – Incense and Peppermints
The Doors – LA Woman
Frank Zappa and the Mothers – Over-Nite Sensation
Townes Van Zandt – Our Mother the Mountain
Hawkwind – In Search of Space

Q. How do you feel playing live?
The best nights are when it feels like everything, every instrument, is coming together as one, and when you do not even think about the music or which part is coming up next; you just live it.

The most important aspect is the energy that every member puts into his instrument combined with our collective understanding of the music and the communication throughout the performance.

So all in all it feels good.

Q. How do you describe Morgan Square´s sounds?
Played by hand, raw and intense, psychedelic but accessible, chaotic but coherent; a sound that shows our complete dependency on each other in the exact moment of playing, which is also what we aim for in our recordings.

Q: Tell us about the process of recording the songs?
Even back when we recorded our first EP, 'Evil Red Sun', we wanted to play the songs live in the studio meaning that as many instruments as possible are recorded simultaneously. Our current rehearsal space, Cable Hell Studio, allows just that. We already have our instruments and amps set up as we like, and once the mics are in place the only thing left is to press 'record'.

'When Kristofar is Lost in the Woods', was recorded on our own Fostex 16 track analog tape recorder with the help of Jonathan from the band Spökraket whom we share the studio with. Recording (and mixing) with Jonathan always end out in these crazy all-night burnout sessions, so prepare to call in sick the next day.

Q. Which new bands do you recommended?
Aarhus has a blooming underground scene, and we would be doing you a disservice in recommending anything else. Be sure to check out:

Narcosatanicos - Noisy, noisy, punky heavy noise. Narcosatanicos have recently released their debut LP which contains what is best described as 'the best simulation of the rarely explored bad trip'. Three guitars droning along to a cacophonous saxophone, all of this barely held together by energetic drums and bass.

 Link: http://narcosatanicos.bandcamp.com

Cable Hell Studio - Quite a few bands have recorded here so far, and they all have something interesting about them. Our 'roommates' Spökraket and Acid Twin have both released several records of various moods and genres; some are noisy and others are incredibly beautiful. Spökraket usually (a word seldom used in connection to this particular scene) hand out long and fleshed out recordings filled with layers, and Acid Twin has a tendency to create more minimalistic but equally breathtaking pieces.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/cablehell + http://spoekraket.bandcamp.com/ + http://acidtwin.bandcamp.com/

Raum Eins - Event manager, record label, and a stone pillar of the Aarhus underground scene. Just take a look at their Facebook page, and you will see that psych rock isn't their only specialty; they have arranged shows with anything from electronic music to punk to black metal. They are always a great media for checking out new bands in the scene.

Link: http://raumeins.wordpress.com + https://www.facebook.com/raumeinslive

Q: Which bands would you love to cover?
This might sound a bit out of the ordinary, but we have recently become infatuated with the soundtrack from Disney's 'Dumbo', especially a song called 'Pink Elephants on Parade'. Give it a listen and take notice of its incredibly psychedelic sound.

Q: What´s the plans for future...
We always strive towards understanding each other even better in order to develop as a band. We want to be able to simply take what inspires us and create a song from it. The aim is to become so much in tune that the terms 'idea' and 'song' are indistinguishable. Playing internationally is also a current objective for us.

Q: Any parting words?
Hope to see you in Brazil soon!
- Lasse, Lasse, Simon, Thomas & Emil
Thanks guys