segunda-feira, 1 de setembro de 2014

Touch Me I´m Sick with Go!Zilla - An Interview

Barulheira de garagem e cheia de vestígios dos 90´s, esse é o Go!Zilla, que lançou um album frenético ano passado que atende pelo singelo nome de Grabbing a Crocodile, uma cacetada ruidosa bem no centro dos tímpanos e sem um segundo sequer pra relaxamento entre uma pancada e outra.

Os italianos preparem um epzinho que vai sair do forno já já e vem mais, o próximo lp vem no início do ano que vem, se você não tá ligado no Go!Zilla ainda, o TBTCI tem a manha de fazer você chegar mais dentro do que esses alucinados tem a dizer e principalmente a fazer.

E os caras estão malucos pra zoar com todos nós, isso se algum produtor tivesse culhão pra trazê-los pra cá....

***** Interview with Go!Zilla *****

Q. When did Go!Zilla starts tell us about the history...
Go!Zilla project born in january 2012, the first homonymous Ep was released later in June, after that we started playing around as a duo, more garage influenced. In January 2013 Fabio join the band as a drummer and the sound start to change, more punk, more grunge, and in some way more psychedelic as well. Mattia, the second guitar player, the jolly of the band, joined go!zilla january this year, he was lucky, the first show was the official New Years Party so he played in front of 35.000 people then we played together Mexico, a lot of shows in europe and italy as well..

Q: What are your influences?
Garage music from 60s and the new garage movement, then the big bands from 60-70 from the doors, till the beatles, from the stones till black sabbath, of course i think that nirvana and in some way the mudhoney's sound is part of our baggage too.

Q. Made a list of 5 albums of all time…
Revoler by the Beatles
Nevermind by Nirvana
Strange Days by The Doors
Nuggets psychedelic edition
Smile by Beach Boys

Q. How do you fell playing a live?
Live concerts are the favorite part of playing for bands like us, rocknroll music has to be shown in front of people, if people is excited, like its happening in france often , the sensations you feel on stage are so hard to describe, you can feel free, powerful, able to do everything. thet's how music can make you feel.

Q. How do you describe Go!Zilla sounds?
Currently we are working on something more melodic and powerful, so far go!zilla is playing a mix of punk, grunge, and psychedelic music. reason why we created the name "Acid Psychedelic Punk"

Q: Tell us about the process of recording the songs ?
Recording is a totally different way to approach music, generally we record all the instruments live, then we record some overdub (guitars, bass, keyboards or whatever) then we record vocals. Recording is magic, when you listen to your final product and you re satisfied by it it's like to see your baby ready to be listen by a lot of people. just magic!

Q. Which new bands do you recommended? Well, you probably know The Night Beats, recently we played with a very cool band formed by the sax player of King Khan and The Shrines, a very cool french garage rocknroll band called Weirdomen.

Q: Which bands you love to made a cover version?
We already covered a song by THE PANDORAS, a female band from the 80s. They wrote a very punk and fast song called "I Want Him". we just changed the title in "I Want Her" so we can get the right target ahah

Q: What´s the plans for future....
We just released "Magic Weird Jack EP", 6 songs 12" album out for Beast Records, a very cool label from france, our new family. We are currently working on the new LP that will be out in March or April 2015. be ready!

Q: Any parting words?
We recently played Mexico and it was one of the best experience of our lives so we are awaiting for a calling from Brasil. let's bring us there!!!!
Thanks guys