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Freizeit & Technik with Mängelexemplar - An Interview

Ouvir Freizeit & Technik do duo alemão de Düsseldorf, Mängelexemplar, é uma viagem nostálgica no tempo, adentrando ao universo gélido e dançante da Neue Deutsche Welle.

Muitos synths que matematicamente guiam as canções do duo, o clima NDW se mescla quase sempre com a new wave européia disco, e se funde com a minimal wave, sem ser tão experimental assim.

Perfeita para se jogar na pista e esquecer dos dias, grande álbum.

***** Interview with Mängelexemplar *****

Q. When did Mängelexemplar start? Tell us about the history...
Members: Lilli B. (lyrics, vocals) Joa H. (synthesizers, rhythm machines, vocals)

The Synth Wave Duo Mängelexemplar from Dusseldorf was founded in 2011.

One day we met as friends to exchange ideas and a good bottle of wine. From spoken words, a musical dialogue was quickly filled the space with sounds. It turned out that after several meetings, it should be a project that should only remain private .. But how life goes you could not permanently hide anything So finally our first album emerged in 2012

RELEASE 2012: LP: Hertz 036 [kernkrach.de], Mängelexemplar [Freizeit und Technik] 12“ Colored Vinyl, Lim. 300 - 03. Okt. 2012

After releasing the album we were in Europe live on the road so that the second album had to be long time in the coming. In this year 2015 it was ready at last to release our second album. Meanwhile, both releases have been sold worldwide (Germany, Sweden, Italy, the Netherlands, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Iceland, Belgium, Spain, Russia, USA, China, ... and so on). RELEASE 2015: LP: Hertz 043 [kernkrach.de], MÄNGELEXEMPLAR [Heim und Garten] 12“ Colored Vinyl, Lim. 300 - 14. Aug. 2015

Q: Who are your influences?
The music is influenced by the New Wave and NDW (Neue Deutsche Welle) sound of the early 80s: analogue and melodic synths paired with an authentic german singing, which is typical for this genre.

Definitely we are inspired by the 80's. We are kids of this decade and grew up with music like New Wave, Synth Pop and NDW. Even today you will find us on the dancefloor for sure dancing to songs out of the 80's. As we're using analogue synthesizer There Is No Chance to create a different sound and that's good. We love ana Logue sound and not be able to we will create a different type of music to be honest.

Q. Make a list of 5 albuns of all time…
Bizarre Leidenschaft - Geheimnis DAF - Die Kleinen und die Bösen Boytronic – The Working Model Stephan Eicher – Spielt Noise Boys Kraftwerk - Radioaktivität

Q. How do you feel playing live?
When we play the music, we are in our own dimension ....excited and have a lot of fun. Only after the gig we become conscious, and we feel very happy about it, to have such a big fanbase who love our music.

Q. How do you describe Mängelexemplar sounds?
Concisely: It fits to us. We ourselves don’t tend to perfection and are very happy with our personal failures. Equal to a “Mängelexemplar”, where there is a hidden mistake so it is not perfect to sale . Though it is still complete and is not less important or has a loose in value. In addition we believe that every human being is a “Mängelexemplar”. In fact unique but with positive and negative failures. We do music the way we are able to do. Most of the time it comes out of our stomach as we use to say in Germany means that our music begins by instinct without extras and glitter. A perfect simple light music. Lovingly named “Minimal-Schlager” by us.

Q: Tell us about the process of recording the songs ?
We live our music in a playful and spontaneous way. Normally we will meet to prepare new stuff. First ideas of melodies and sounds will give us the acoustic pattern to continue. From this Development a minimal simple sound with words and emotions comes out. At the same time the further affect has an influence of the process. This can last several days and nights until the product is finally recorded and mastered.

Q. Which new bands do you recommended?
Sonnenbrandt - excellent german 80s Pop Disco Death (from Sardinia) - fantastic fresh dancable and minimal music Neonlichter Im Ausverkauf - german minimal synth punk

Q: Which band would you love to made a cover version of?
We don´t care about cover versions....we possibly could not make them sounding better...

Q: What´s the plans for future....
As long as we live, we will make the music of our lives to do what it is. A melody of our thoughts and the rhythms of our hearts.

We want to continue to get in touch with the people around the world who love our special sound. We will try to see and play in many countries and do funny things.

Our big dream is to play some gigs in South and North America...some day.

Q: Any parting words?
We thank all the fans around the world for their support, the positive encouragement, the many gigs in Europe and our Lable KERNKRACH.

Hope you like it... All the best and thank you! electronic greetings

Joa & Lilli