sábado, 27 de junho de 2015

Medication with Magic Shoppe - An Interview

De Boston vem o sexteto Magic Shoppe, e a audição de seu debute Reverberation meio que sugere o que estará por vir.

Garagem 60´s psicodélica como aos velhos tempos, só que não, elementos dos prediletos BJM são facilmente notados além de uma aura shoegazer hipnótica.

Algo como se o MBV colidi-se de frente com o Standells, daí fica claro que deve e tem que ser escutado em volume máximo se possível estourando as caixas de som.

***** Interview with Magic Shoppe *****

Q. When did Magic Shope started, tell us about the history...
I started recording songs under the name "Magic Shoppe" back in 1999. I have always written and recorded all the parts myself until just recently. Magic Shoppe has a solid and consistent lineup in the band now, so things have been happening a bit more cohesively. We're actually about to release our first record where we all contributed parts and played on the recordings.

Q: Who are your influences?
The Standells, Chocolate Watch Band, Lilys, Moon Duo, My Bloody Valentine, The Oscillation, The Raveonettes, Spacemen 3, The Electras, Velvet Underground, Jonestown, Warlocks, T. Rex, Jacqueline Taieb, Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor, Psychic Ills... Fuck, I could go on and on...

Q. Make a list of 5 albums of all time…
Try It (The Standells),
The Velvet Underground and Nico,
Methodrone (Brian Jonestown Massacre),
Psychocandy (The Jesus and Mary Chain),
Isn't Anything (My Bloody Valentine)

Q. How do you feel playing live?
A *fuck ton* better than I do when I'm not...

Q. How do you describe Magic Shope sounds?
Hypnotic and layered. A few things that make us sound the way we do would be Spring Reverb, 4 Guitarists and hypnotic guitar interplay. Kate was saying the other day that when we're playing sometimes she starts to hear notes that none of us are actually playing. It's almost symphonic.. these sounds that come about when the guitars are all playing different layers...

Q: Tell us about the process of recording the songs?
We don't really have a canned process. For the most recent recording we rented a bunch of gear and recorded ourselves. I record everything digitally and spent about 2 weeks mixing everything. I like to "mix as I go". For example, when a guitar or drum take is done I start compressing, EQ'ing and spacing that track out right away. So when we're recording that last few tracks (vocals, whatever..) there's really very little left to do mixing-wise short of some overall EQ, compression and some very minor level adjustments.

Q. Which new bands do you recommended?
I’ve been diggin’ on The Mystery Lights, L.A. Witch and The Dalaï Lama Rama Fa Fa Fa lately

Q: Which band would you love to made a cover version of?
Without hesitation… Medication by The Standells. It’s on my eternal “To Do” list...

Q: What´s the plans for future….
Release our latest E.P. on 10-inch white vinyl in the fall of 2015 and start playing at some larger venues in Boston and other cities (bigger venues means better PA equipment and sound).

Q: Any parting words?
How about a single word… “mesmeric”… and in a sentence, “Magic Shoppe makes hypnotic mesmeric music…"