quinta-feira, 24 de março de 2016

The Kasbah Experience with Babylon K - An Interview

O quinteto italiano de neo psych/garage esta de volta, sim o sócio de carteirinha do TBTCI, Babylon K.

Depois da primeira passagem deles por aqui, (leia aqui), os caras retornam para conversar e explicar como voltaram ainda mais ácido e barulhentos, através do segundo petardo, The Kasbah Experiente, o novo EP, é ainda mais pegajoso e barulhento sempre com o amargo sabor do ácido pairando sobre as cinco canções que servem de trilha sonora para qualquer trip.

Perfeito para ouvir no volume máximo preferencial viajando em alta velocidade pelas estradas mundo afora.

***** Interview with Babylon K *****

Q. Hello guys, first congratulations on the new ep, it's really brilliant, what is your analysis after conclusion The Kasbah Experience? Are you happy with the result?
1- Hi Renato, and thanks for this interview !! It’s always a pleasure to talk about music with you. The Kasbah Experience is our second EP, born at the end of 2015 and completed in january 2016. I’m very happy with the result of this EP because we had a lot of changes : i’m talking about sounds, point of views, and above all two members, the drummer and the guitarist. Yeah, we changes two members in two different periods, and that sounds weird and strange. As you know it isn’t too much easy to go on when you got something new on your shoulders ; I mean, you have to develop another sound , you have to “teach” something new to the new member, and you have to do many rehearsals. So i’m very happy for this EP, the result is a very good psych garage product, and i hope you will enjoy it !

Q. How was the process of creating the new ep?
2-There wasn’t a proper process of creating this EP : we created songs as usual : first the music, and then the lyrics . Usually we create songs at my bass man headquarter Emoticon smile The recording session started in october 2015, and finished in january 2016 . In that period we had a few gigs. I hope we have given an own identity to that work.

Q. What are the main differences between The Kasbah Experience and the 1st ep?
3-There are lots of differences between our two works. The Kasbah Experience has a psych identity, mixed with garage and rock n roll roots. It ha completely another soul . The first EP was a good product, with a brit soul. That music helped us to improve our future works.

Q. What were the influences for creating the new ep?
4-Our musical “tastes” and influences have changed with time, and we had printed this change in the recording studio. Our influences are various, like The Black Angels, Night Beats, BRMC. But We don’t like to compare our music with bands who live in the Eden of rock n roll eheheh Emoticon smile

Q. What are your plans for 2016?
5-Our plans for 2016 are to play and bring our music around the countries. I hope to tour Europe soon with my band , especially France and Germany : there is a different way of thinking, a different way to consider music and artists. Keep on keeping, as usual.

That’s one of my main plans for the year but it’s difficult, there are lots of bands, and you always have to bring something new on the table in order to have possibilities, to have more grip.