terça-feira, 8 de março de 2016

Pink Panther with Casual Strangers - An Interview

O estadunidenses de Austin, Texas, Casual Strangers já viraram basicamente sócios de carteirinha aqui do TBTCI. Esta é a segunda aterrizagem deles nestas páginas, leia aqui a primeira, sem contar a presença no álbum "Kosmische Musik" lançado há pouco menos de um mês via TBTCI Records com uma versão espetacular para "Bring Me Up" clássico do Ash Ra Tempel.

Desta vez o Casual Strangers marca presença para detalhar o recém lançado "Pink Panther", uma verdadeira odisseia lisérgica a imagens e emoções sonoras regadas a kraut, folk espacial e inúmeros outros possíveis rótulos completamente dispensáveis quando se apenas a música deles que é a força motriz maior.

Pink Panther é feito especialmente para derretimento cerebral, e não há como fugir de seus efeitos. Discaço.

***** Interview with Casual Strangers *****

Q. First congratulations on the album, What is your analysis after conclusion of album?
Thanks, we are fascinated with instrumental music right now. Music for conversations. Music for thinking. Music for wormholes. We like to describe the music on Pink Panther as "casual music for the wandering mind."

Q. Are you happy with the result?
It feels great to be releasing this collection of music that excites and challenges us. Most of it was written as improvisation during recording so we've been recently figuring out where the magic lies and how to take this to the stage with the full band and maintain that off-the-cuff feeling. We are releasing the album on a run of pink cassettes and it's been a blast revisiting this old format too. The tapes sound awesome.

Q. How was the process of creating "Pink Panther"?
On our Casual Strangers debut album, it was all four of us playing and recording at the same time live to tape. On Pink Panther, it’s still live to tape, but in an improv round-robin style. It was like a game of telephone; like this is what I hear and this is what I put on the track. It really happened around our lives this time where we'd be fooling around on our gear at home and when the moment of inspiration struck and the sound was right, we'd hit record.

It's "the moment of inspiration" that's the thread on Pink Panther. On our debut LP we used dialogue as the inspiration mostly. The whole band had a chance this time to record on some instruments that we don't normally play in our live show, so it's a totally different method of creative expression for us. We started with no expectations and that gave us the freedom to record something like this.

Q. What were the influences for creating the album?
Our influences are all of the amazing instrumental albums we love - from Cluster and Harmonia and then Brian Eno to Tangerine Dream and so many others. For us, it's some of the most enjoyable music to listen to socially since it enhances conversations and really sparks up your brain.

Q. What are your plans for 2016?"
We would love to do a few shows on the road this summer and work on completing another record. We have a strong collection of songs that we've written over the past couple years that haven't been recorded yet, as we kind of sidestepped them while making Pink Panther.