quarta-feira, 16 de março de 2016

Autopilot with Between The Cities Are Stars - An Interview

Heather e Kyle Hernandez estão de volta agora acompanhados de Eli na bateria, sim o barulhento Between The Cities Are Stars, que diga-se de passagem, são sócios já do TBTCI, a primeira aterrizagem deles por aqui você lê aqui, além disso o BTCAS participou no início do ano do tributo ao Echo & The Bunnymen com uma versão destruidora e inaudível de Do It Clean, e agora retornam com outro esporro sonoro que atende pelo nome de Autopilot. Seis exercícios de como se fazer barulho sem deixar o ouvinte ter um segundo sequer de folego, inclua aí uma versão fuzz noise de Like a Bad Girl Should do The Cramps.

Se você procura por diversãoe barulho o Between The Cities Are Stars é a solução.

***** Interview with Between The Cities Are Stars *****

1. First Congratulations on the new ep, its really brilliant, what is your analysis after conclusion Autopilot?
We’ve been really excited and very happy with the record and all the fun we had making it. We practiced these songs for months so tracking was all done live with just some guitar solo overdubs and of course the vocals were tracked separately.

2. Are you happy with the results?
Very much so! Heather and I had tried recording some of these songs in the past and did not have much success. We had roughly 12 songs to practice on for about six months and then headed down to track the ones we felt strongest about.

3. How was the process of creating Autopilot?
All these songs were tracked and mixed this past August 16th&17th at The Cave Studio in LA by a super awesome musician, engineer and producer Josiah Mazzaschi, who made the process go really smooth.

4. What are the main differences between Autopilot and White Red Black?
White Red Black was recorded over a span of a few years partly with our good friend Jen playing drums and with the other half Heather and I using a drum machine while either at our home studio or hers. With Autopilot, our friend Eli Reyes played drums and Josiah ran the session so we were able to just focus on playing, rather than playing and recording. It was truly a great experience.

5. What are the influences for creating the new ep?
About a year ago an old friend/past band mate moved back to Fresno and we decided to jam on some new songs that I had been working on for the past couple years. Everything went really well and just worked itself out from there.

6. What are your plans for 2016?
As of now Heather and I are looking to get the tracks on some physical format of sorts, and maybe play a few shows but we will have to wait and see.