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Take Me To The Other Side with Electric Moon - An Interview

Há tempos estava para escrever algo sobre o espetacular Electric Moon. Eis que chegou a hora, os alemães freaks do Electric Moon são como mitos da cena psych, acid, kraut européia, respeitados por 11 entre 10 psych maníacos muito devido ao frenesi de suas perfomances ao vivo, verdadeiras trips intermináveis, com dissonâncias profundas por vezes pesadas em outras tenras, que transformam-se em cataclismas orgiásticos de puro space rock.

Com uma discografia imensa, repleta de cdrs, albuns, splits, piratas, oficiais e não oficiais, tudo é misterioso e regado a uma acidez fortíssima, a dica é comecar pelo estupendo Flaming Lake, daí é cair direto no dilacerante Inferno.

Os caras estão com um novíssimo trabalho a ser lancado em marco e ao que tudo indica será mais um delirante objeto de viagem explícita, esteja preparado porque o ticket é somente de ia, a volta jamais será garantida.....

***** Interview with Electric Moon *****

Q. When did Electric Moon starts, tell us about the history...
Sula: ELECTRIC MOON were founded in late 2009 by paintingartist / bassplayer Komet Lulu and Sula Bassana, who mainly plays guitar in Electric Moon, but also organ, synthesizer...Founder Drummer was Pablo Carneval, in early 2011 replaced by Alex, who was replaced by Michael in summer 2012, till spring 2013.

Now with Marcus Schnitzler on Drums, who is member of The Spacelords.
Our first gig (and the second also) was at Duna Jam (Italy) 2010.

Q: Who are your influences?
Sula: From Tangerine Dream to Hawkwind, from Wipers to Yo La Tengo, from Earth to Jupiter and back to inner mind...
Lulu: Spacemen3 and all the rat-tails of them like Spiritualized, Spectrum, Alpha Stone. Then Loop. Early Pink Floyd. Hendrix. Can.

Q. Made a list of 5 albums of all time…
Sula: uh, only 5??? This is hard! OK, maybe this: Man-Maximum Darkness, Hawkwind-Do Re Mi, Far Out-s/t, The Collectors-s/t, Tangerine Dream-Rubycon. Really hard... much more on my list... J
Lulu: I think I lose control at this moment!

Q. How do you fell playing alive?
Marcus: Do you mean, how do you feel playing live?-well, playing live is the real experience because of the interaction with the public. But there are fantastic moments in the studio / rehearsal room too.

Lulu: Ha, ha, ha. I think I really fell playing. But I am still alive!!!

Sula: It can be the best trip!!!

Q. How do you describe Electric Moon sounds?
Sula: Psychedelic!!! ;-) Mind lifting, endless, infernal, spaced out!

Lulu: Psychedelic acid confusion of coloured mind bubbles blowing your mind to endless ecstasy. Or so.

Sula: Yeeees, THAT’s it! J

Q: Tell us about the process of recording the songs ?
Marcus: Most of the songs are recorded live: Either in concert or in a studio session.

Q. Which new bands do you recommended?
Marcus: The Spacelords, Giöbia, Papir, Deep Space.

Sula: Papir, The Spacelords, Giöbia, Krautzone, Deep Space, Tracker, Seven That Spells, Farflung, Föllakzoid, Vibravoid...

Lulu: Krautzone. The Spacelords. Dave and Marcus said it, so... same, same, same etc...

Q: Which bands you love to made a cover version?
Sula: We already did one each of Eric Burdon & the Animals and Tangerine Dream.

Marcus: I don't really like to cover songs from other bands.

Lulu: I want to cover soundtrack themes from science fiction movies / series like UFO. But I do not like to cover a song to sound exactly like the original. To cover a song as a good job, for me it’s like taking the inspiration from the original and transform it into a how-i-would-have-done-it. But I do not like covers which try to sound like the original. For me it’s important to keep your own sound. Blah.

Q: What´s the plans for future....
Marcus: To make more music/concerts, records.

Sula: New albums in progress. First a live double-LP and a CD „Mind Explosion“ of our mindblowing gig in Feldkirch, Austria, from September 2013. Also we work on our new studio album and on a 10“ for a UK label. And yes, more gigs... check out our homepage for news: www.electricmoon.de

Lulu: .... aaaaaaand I want to play on a festival that happens on the moon!

Q: Any parting words?
Sula: Don’t miss our sideprojects!

Lulu: Well – that’s really a good point. And also do not miss our drummer’s other band: the SPACELORDS!

And – live your life! – don’t let „them“ catch you! - fckthsystm
Thanks guys