quinta-feira, 14 de fevereiro de 2019

Never Know with Author of the Accident - An Interview

Allison Chhorn é a mente por trás do projeto Author of the Accident.

Um certo intimismo abstrato conduzindo-se por cintilantes estruturas cinzentas e melancólicas dá o norte para o trabalho.

Dois álbuns no currículo da prolífica Allison, "Accidents Remain" de 2018, e "Never Know", lançado em Janeiro. Não contente, um novo single já conheceu o mundo neste Fevereiro, "Hikikomori".

A intersecção entre eles é exatamente uma estranha beleza que exala de algo que dói imensamente por dentro. A candura lutando contra a amargura e, nada mais.

Para momentos solitários e intimistas, desde que sua estima, esteja elevada.

***** Interview with Author of the Accident *****

Q. When did Author of the Accident begin? Tell us about the history...
I started writing songs when I was 18 and released music under various different names. But it was maybe around 2015 when I started honing my sound and making music which became “Accidents Remain”, my first album release under the name Author of the Accident.

Q: Who are your influences?
I've always been inspired by indie artists who started DIY like Mitski, Japanese Breakfast, Soccer Mommy, (Sandy) Alex G and Long Beard. Mica Levi – all her musical projects, including her soundtracks. Shoegaze/Dream pop – Tanukichan, Hatchie, Beach House, Lush, Alison's Halo, Blonde Redhead.

Q. Make a list of 5 albums of all time…
I don't have enough musical knowledge to name 5 albums of all time, so I'll name 5 I keep coming back to:

Yuck – Yuck
Warpaint – The Fool
Portishead – Dummy
Grouper – Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill
Elliott Smith - Either/Or

Q. How do you feel playing live?
I haven't played live since I was a teenager. I remember dropping my guitar pick after hitting the first chord in a high school performance, and that's an embarrassing moment I still remember. But maybe enough time has passed where I can experience stage fright and that nervous feeling all over again, if given the opportunity.

Q. How do you describe Author of the Accident´s sounds?
Dark undertones hidden under indie pop/rock song structures. Like a bruise, something that may look abstractly pretty on the surface but hurts underneath.

Q: Tell us about the process of recording the songs?
My process for recording is really long-winded, DIY and sort of backwards. For this last album, it took me about a year or so to write and refine the songs, record demos onto Garageband on my ipad, then transfer the drum tracks to my PC laptop, re-record the guitar, bass and vocal parts, and constantly refine the mix. But all of this is spread out because I'm usually working on film projects, so it takes a long time. I'm conscious of the fact that I can't sing, but I do it anyway. But I like layering vocals and harmonies (which hopefully also hides the fact that I can't sing.)

I'm not really happy about the mastering results, but it's something I'll have to learn to do better in the future. It's all part of that DIY ethos - learn as you go.

Q. Which new bands do you recommend?
The Hidden Shelf. I think she's super talented with an amazing voice and her songs are beautiful. I was fortunate enough to meet her after I made a music video for her song “Too Bad It Was All A Dream”. I really hope the best for her.


Q: Which band would you love to made a cover version of?
Yuck – Stutter.

Q: What are your plans for the future?
To make more music and films, but with better production.

Q: Any parting words?
This is more of a reminder to myself, but whenever you're feeling stuck, have writer's block or are just too much inside your head and room (becoming hikikomori), go do something different. See some people you haven't seen in a while. Travel, go to a place you've never been to.

Playing music has always been something I could do in solace, but sometimes you have to break out of your cycle so that when you return your mind will be refreshed and you'll have new ideas to bring.