quinta-feira, 5 de abril de 2018

We Are Parasols , "Scoptophilia" - Video/Single Premiere

Para quem acompanha as páginas do TBTCI e principalmente, quem acompanha o que de realmente acontece no submundo dos bons sons que valha a pena, sabe que "Inertia", debute do trio de Portland, We Are Parasols, lançado no ano passado é um dos discos mais excitantes lançados nos últimos anos.

Uma colisão entre darkwave, electrogazer, uma porção de trip hop, em formas excitantementes hipnóticas.

E é, exatamente de "Inertia" que "Scoptophilia" foi extraída, em formas diferentes. O novo single do We Are Parasols, vem acompanhado de remix extra especiais de gente como Blooky Knives, Sex Park e CMB, sem contar no vídeo que estampa agora as páginas do TBTCI em premiere exclusiva.

"Scoptophilia" o vídeo, é uma peça elegante, sofisticada, hipnótica e altamente sensual, inspirado nos antigos vídeos fashions da finada e saudosa MTV, demonstrando dualidade, voyverismo latente.

Altamente inspirador e muito mais, e justamente neste muito mais que o TBTCI pediu a seus criadores dissecarem em detalhes, música, vídeo e suas verdades.

Sras, e Srs, We Are Parasols.

***** We Are Parasols , "Scoptophilia" - Video/Single Premiere *****

Scoptophilia - Deriving pleasure from looking. As an expression of sexuality, it refers to sexual pleasure derived from looking at erotic objects: erotic photographs, pornography, naked bodies, etc.

About the Song - Musically the song is built around loops created by our drummer, Alec. The drone, drum beat, and slinking bass line in the first 8 bars was the foundation that the guitars and vocals were built upon. Something about the mood of Alec’s loops felt like music you’d hear in a futurist stip-club and D has a tendency to think in pictures and visualizes stories for each song we write. Since our album, Inertia, is about an android sex-worker it made sense to work with the idea of the character dancing for “clients”. Lyrically we wanted to explore the idea of the “male gaze” and how it affects the psyche of the objectified being. Also, how our society is built upon images and our perceptions of ourselves and others. In the song the character starts out asking if the voyeurs are seeing “what they want to see” but by the end of the song she’s looking at herself and asking if she is seeing what she wants to see. Has she made herself into a “brand” worth promoting?

About the Video - First off, the video is entirely made up of repurposed footage from our previous video, “ss.tab”. Our friend, Jason Roark, filmed extensive footage that didn’t end up getting used in that video and offered to let us cut it into something else. Since our record is all about the same character we synced the dance footage of D to “scoptophilia” and started trying to figure out what to do with it. Most of our videos have some sort of concept but initially we thought “scoptophilia” would just be a cool looking video with dancing, inspired by old MTV and fashion videos. Once we started editing we began to further explore the ideas of duality, self-image, voyeurism, and sexualization in art, music and society in general. Instead of “saying something” like many of our other videos attempt to do, this one asks the viewer a simple question, “Is this what you want to see?”. If so, why?

Photography by Jason Roark
Art Direction & Styling by Sara Bergqvist
Styling Assistance by Kate Duncan
Edited by Jeremy Wilkins

The digital single for “scoptophilia”, available Friday April 6th, will include remixes by Bloody Knives, Sex Park, and CMB (Cosmic Microwave Background). Get it from our Bandcamp page - https://weareparasols.bandcamp.com