segunda-feira, 23 de abril de 2018

Lazy Love with Sinking - An Interview

Quando se escuta algo como "Lazy Love", debute do trio de Santo Antonio, Texas, Sinking é basicamente impossível ficar imune, ainda mais o TBTCI, que é conhecido pelo seu amor declarado aos barulhos viciantes do submundo dos bons sons, chega a ser covardia.

O EP de estreia deles é como ser jovem novamente, não a toa os caras se declaram amantes dos 90´s, e não é pra menos, as duas primeiras músicas de "Lazy Love" são puro fuzz noise bubblegum, um delicioso esporro noisepop, já a derradeira canção do disco, que inclusive dá nome ao EP, caminha por outras terrenos, sendo mais lenta e pesada, torna-se densa e quase melancólica, algo como se o Nothing colidisse de frente com o Swirlies.

Mas assim, o Sinking com sua estreia comete, talvez, um dos grandes EPzinhos desse ano, e como eu costumo dizer.....In Fuzz We Trust!!!

***** Interview with Sinking *****

Q. When did Sinking begin? Tell us about the history...
Well…my brother and I created Sinking early October of 2014 with a concept of incorporating ambience, and some clever arrangements that I had started to piece together. After hunkering down for about a month and a half I finally had a set worth of material including guitar, bass, and vocal arrangements. We recorded a few songs on our own just to get them out there and started playing shows in San Antonio in 2015. After a year of playing, we met Justin our bassist and things hit off extremely well! Since then we’ve been playing shows and recorded an EP. We are looking forward to expanding our network, fanbase, and getting ready to show everyone our new material!

Q: Who are your influences?
For myself, I am very open to many kinds of music! I particularly love music that is innovative, dark, and some what introspective. My influences are always changing and therefore its always hard to come up with a definitive list lol! If I had to name a few… I would say Airiel, Stella Luna, Cocteau Twins, Swervedriver, Sway, Ulver, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Failure, and Eno!

Q. Make a list of 5 albums of all time…
Once again that’s very difficult for us lol…however at this moment we are digging
Foxygen: We are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace and Magic
Failure: Fantastic Planet
Oceansize: Effloresce/Frames (can’t pick one… lol)
Tool: Lateralus
Ulver: Live at The Norwegian Opera

Q. How do you feel playing live?
Idk!! Nervous at first… but once the first few songs kick in we all start having a blast and want to play for hours lol! Our focus is on the show, atmosphere, sound and hoping people like it!

Q. How do you describe Sinking´s sounds?
Atmospheric! Driving! Heavy?

Q: Tell us about the process of recording the songs ?
We recorded with the guys at Telekosmic Records during the Summer of 2017. Jim and Ian were great and supportive, while allowing us to feel comfortable recording the three songs for the EP “Lazy Love”.

Q. Which new bands do you recommend?
I would recommend Fazerdaze, No Sun, Nothing, The Cherry Wave!

Q: Which band would you love to made a cover version of?
I think some Failure covers would be neat!! Love that band!

Q: What are your plans for the future?
We are hoping to eventually make another EP, and then hopefully start touring around different parts of Texas and hopefully places around the United States. Eventually it would be a dream to tour internationally and play in cities like Sao Paulo!

Q: Any parting words?
We would like to thank TBTCI for following us and conducting this interview and hope everyone out there will go to our bandcamp: and pick up a copy of our EP “Lazy Love,” on vinyl. Take care everyone out there!