domingo, 17 de dezembro de 2017

New Apostles - Antiquarian Medical Texts - Track by Track

"Antiquarian Medical Texts", novo álbum dos freaks de Nottingham, New Apostles, faz jus a excentricidade sonora dos caras, explico.

Desde os primeiros momentos de "The Effete Following", até o épico fechamento de "No Particular Place", o que se sente é uma odisseia aos becos sujos e o mundo surreal em que viviam Bowie, Iggy, Lou, Alan Vega, Martin Rev e outros ícones do submundo, guiados por um hipnótico sendo de desconstrução sonora, o New Apostles propõe uma intensa imersão por cinemáticas imagens em formas sonoras.

Cada uma das canções parecem compor um história ora em crescendos embalados por synths a´la Suicide, ora por ondas claustrofóbicas unindo VU, glam, pós punk e Stooges.

Um disco para fãs de música, sem rótulos, sem barreiras e sem pudores. 

Entenda melhor o que estou tentando explicar sob a ótica de seus próprios criados, Sras. e Srs, New Apostles.

***** New Apostles - Antiquarian Medical Texts - Track by Track *****
by New Aposltes

The Effete Following
Album Opener The Effete Following is a three minute caustic critique of petty provincialism set to an art school punk backing.

Bowie's Campervan
A dream of a ride! Phil's surreal dream encounter with Bowie and Iggy. Glammy electro punk!

New Soul In Heaven
Next up, New Soul, is a mellow mantra driven by a mesmeric organ and guitar riff.

Nocturnal Geography
A trumpet blast kicks off Nocturnal Geography, with its monster groove, echoing guitar and pizzicato strings before reaching a climactic crescendo.

Lonely Water
Hypnotic and repetitive, Lonely Water is six and a half minutes of pure post-punk, with Phil's plaintive vocals and layers of guitar to increase the intensity rating.

Wire, Water and the Rest
Cinematic reverberation, with echoes of Lee Hazlewood and spaghetti westerns, this song, at the strategic mid point of the album, also provides the album title in its final verse.

Burn The House Down
A sardonic and acidic putdown of Brexit madness, supposedly the "will of the people", a sinister phrase with dark historical connotations. All set to a Beefheart meets New Order backing track.

Coffin Maker
A blast of full blown gloom grooves, with guitars and mellotron bass turning up the volume to 11.

Taking the temperature down, IC1011 is a cool, stately journey into the distant reaches of the stratosphere.

Halcyon Days
A nostalgic look back on the one hand, musically this also has a Velvets 1969 live feel, complete with an extended coda.

No Particular Place
Eight minutes of Suicide fighting it out with the Stooges, with Ornette Coleman joining in the action to cause more sonic mayhem. A fitting conclusion to the album, a "dream of a ride".