terça-feira, 3 de novembro de 2015

Pusuudelleen with Tyynyt - An Interview

Algumas coisas acontecem sem maiores explicações e confesso que nessa trajetória ao submundo dos bons sons aqui no TBTCI muitas destas inexplicáveis conexões tornam-se cada vez mais naturais.

Imagine você, uma banda ainda em formação, sem nenhuma apresentação em cima dos palcos, mas com uma inegável qualidade, uma exuberante sonoridade que foi atestada quando Meden um dos poucos mais poderosos e viciantes registros dos finlandeses do Tyynyt entrou em altíssima rotação na versão radiofônica destas páginas, as reações de espanto e devoção foram imediatas, também puderá, ma o que o Tyynyt tem assim de tão especial? Percepção e talento para criar preciosidades que expandem o shoegaze ou dreampop, é apenas música, e música para a alma.

Se faz necessário mais do que de imediato mais material da talvez revelação deste 2015.

***** Interview with Tyynyt *****

When did Tyynyt start? Tell us about the history
Well, Tyynyt started accidentally, really. I was listening Wojciech’s (my old band) song LRJA and realized I wasn't happy with that version. So I decided to record a new one and make it a little bit darker and more "shoegazy". I had no plans to start a new band but in a little while I found myself uploading new tracks to SoundCloud and promoting TYYNYT on Twitter. What started as a one man’s experimental home made demo project has finally grown to a full band with a record deal anddebut album.

Who are your influences?
The Beatles, Sonic Youth, Sparklehorse, The Strokes, MBV. Just to name a few.

Make a list of 5 albums of all time
The Beatles: Revolver
Blondie: Eat to the Beat
Sonic Youth: Daydream Nation
The Flaming Lips: The Soft Bulletin
Lost In Translation (Soundtrack)

How do you feel playing live?
To be honest I don’t know because we haven’t done it yet - as a band. We still need to find two things: a place to rehearse and a guitar/keyboard player to complete our line-up. I promise to answer that question after our first live show! :)

How do you describe Tyynyt sounds?
ASMR(ish) style vocals immersed into the wall of sound style guitars. Soft but loud with some fuzzy garage flavour.

Tell us about the process of recording the songs
When I signed a deal with Solina Records (in September 2014) I had 3-4 songs and a couple of new ideas. In November (2014) I hurt my leg and couldn’t record or mix for a two months. When my leg was feeling better I listened every Tyynyt song I had done and instantly flushed three down the toilet. So, I needed at least three more to finish the album. In spring 2015 I recorded Meden, Onhan aina and Ystävät hämärän jälkeen. I also updated the first tracks Jaeae and Neon Mango to make them match the sound and vibe of the new tracks. So yes, it was a pretty long process, since I also played every instrument and mixed the whole album.

Which new bands do you recommended?
Dom, Thud, Fancy Werewolves, Vuoret, Wolf Alice

Which band would you love to made a cover version of?
Liekki (finnish band) song Ja kaunein kuu loistaa from their debut album Magio (2001). It’s so beautiful.

What´s the plans for future?
First we need to find that place to rehearse and then we have plans to do a lot of gigs.

Any parting words?
Peace and love - and listen more shoegaze.