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Bohemian Like You with Dream Rimmy - An Interview

Viciante é a palavra que exemplifica a audição das Demos dos australianos do Dream Rimmy.

Uma alquimia entre Dandy Warhols e MBV, simplesmente delicioso e pegajoso. Obviamente que não há nada de novo na sonoridade, trata-se de um passeio nostálgico pelo universo 90´s, só que atualizado e com cara de novidade.

O TBTCI aguarda ansiosamente pelo novo material do Dream Rimmy, e que seja muito em breve.

***** Interview with Dream Rimmy *****

Q. When did Dream Rimmy started, tell us about the history...
Dream Rimmy started in December 2013 with our first gig in February 2014. At first before we started jamming we wanted to be a garage surf/rock band… But after a few rehearsals it turned out to be something far from that and we began working on a very Dream Pop/Shoegaze sound.

Q: Who are your influences?
Our earlier stuff is quite influenced by the Dandy Warhols I guess. A poppy 'feel good' vibe. We even had a couple psychy songs that were a kind of Pink Floyd-ish. Now for the upcoming album we're working on some much darker stuff to create a kind of wall of sound vibe with influences like Ride, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, My Bloody Valentine and French Rockets.

Q. Make a list of 5 albums of all time…
Air - Talkie Walkie
Tame Impala - Innerspeaker
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - BRMC
My Bloody Valentine - Loveless
The Dandy Warhols - The Dandy Warhols Come Down

Q. How do you feel playing live?
We have a great time playing live. We used to gig as much as we could just because we love it so much. I think it's a different sound that how the recordings come across. I feel like the sound has good energy live.

Q. How do you describe Dream Rimmy sounds?
90's-esque Dream Pop/Shoegaze

Q: Tell us about the process of recording the songs ?
When we recorded the EP we did single tracking over about 7 days. I think next time we're going to try recording live to catch a bit more energy. Especially because our new songs really need that captured.

Q. Which new bands do you recommended?
French Rockets, HYLA, Hideous Sun Demon, SpaceManAntics, Mugwump, Mt. Mountain, Kitchen People, The New Pollution, Luna Ghost

Q: Which band would you love to made a cover version of?
We've always wanted to cover an Air song! Probably something like Alphabeta Gaga or Sexy Boy.

Q: What´s the plans for future....
I think we're going to work on the new album and hopefully go on an Australian East Coast tour Mid year.

Q: Any parting words?
Everyone should check out HYLA they're sick.

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Don´t Let Your Youth Go To Waste with Cotillon - An Interview

Tipo jogo rápido, se você ainda não ouviu o debute do Cotillon, lançado no final de janeiro agora, não perca mais tempo. 

Gosta de Modern Lovers? Galaxie 500? Bandas da Flying Nun? Então meu caro, você esta no lugar certo, na hora certa.

Um trabalho genial, pegajoso, viciante e porque não, visceral em sua concepção.

Um dos grandes trabalhos lançados no início desta já grande 2015.

***** Interview with Cotillon *****

Q. When did Cotillon started, tell us about the history...
Cotillon got started In Elysian park on lunch breaks in the fall of 2012, I wrote some songs and recorded them on my phone. I Sent them out to musician friends to see if they wanted to play with me.

Q: Who are your influences?
Jonathan richman, velvet underground, Alex Chilton, Girls, arthur Russell, the bats, felt, galaxies 500

Q. Make a list of 5 albums of all time…
The modern lovers - s/t
The go betweens - 16 lovers lane
Felt - forever breathes the lonely word
The nerves - s/t
Arthur Russell - love is overtaking me
The bats - afternoon in bed ep
Girls - album

Q. How do you feel playing live?
High and shy

Q. How do you describe Cotillon sounds?
I like to call it "Mood music"

Q: Tell us about the process of recording the songs?
A combination of luck, skill, and will. Lots of experimenting and drugs.

Q. Which new bands do you recommended
Deep fields, emotional, froth, the twerps, hinds, the bilinda butchers

Q: Which bands would you love to make a cover version of?
Galaxie 500, modern lovers

Q: What´s the plan for the future....
We are in the process of announcing new tour dates and festival dates.

Q: Any parting words?
Don't worry about what people say or think about your art, all that matters is if YOU like it.

War Stories with In Every Dream a Nightmare Waits - An Interview

Já nos primeiros momentos de Between The Surface and The Sun fantasmas de Mark Lanegan e Unkle permeiam a audição, um clima melancólico e fúnebre com cheiro de bebida e depressão alimentam o ouvinte durante toda as canções desta belíssima obra do Every Dream a Nightmare Waits.

Como foi descrito em uma resenha, o álbum é muito folk para ser dark e muito dark para ser folk, e é exatamente essa a sensação, quando tudo indica que o caminho vai adentrar a escuridão plena ele volta para uma plenitude quase tenra mas enganosa, quando se pensa que a tranquilidade tomará o primeira plano as trevas retornam.

Um disco pesado, ambicioso e antes de mais nada concebido de forma brilhante.

***** Interview with In Every Dream a Nightmare Waits *****

Q. When did In Every Dream a Nightmare Waits started, tell us about the history...
In Every Dream a Nightmare Waits started back in about 2006. I was still singing for Blood Inside the Machine at the time but had all of these songs that I’d started writing and recording for myself, some of them maybe even a bit before that. Myspace was the big thing back then so I thought why not put up a profile and I can just release the songs however and whenever I want. Even though it was started as basically a side or solo type project I kind of wanted it to have a band feel, not just a single face, so that’s why I gave it all a name.

Q: Who are your influences?
Chino Moreno, Mark Lanegan, Ian Astbury, Gavin Clarke, James Lavelle, Clint Boge, David Bowie, Morrisey, Ozzy, the author Bret Easton Ellis.

Q. Make a list of 5 albums of all time…
That’s a tough question, there are so many great ones. Here are five albums that I must have listened to every day for months on end at some point.
War Stories by Unkle,
Imago by The Butterfly Effect,
Crosses by Crosses,
White Pony by Deftones,
Hunky Dory by David Bowie

Q. How do you feel playing live?
It’s been a little while since I’ve sung on stage and to tell the truth I have never actually performed live as “In Every Dream a Nightmare Waits”, it’s always been more of a studio project. We did play some of the songs that are on the album when I was in “The Bored Whores” but that was a few years back now. I love playing live although I do get a little nervous before it kicks off sometimes and I’ve never been much of a talker between the songs. I’m probably more of a ‘here’s the vocal performance’ rather than a jumping around stage putting on a show kind of vocalist.

Q. How do you describe In Every Dream a Nightmare Waits sounds?
There’s a dark undertone and melancholy throughout the lyrics and song writing and that keeps an uneasiness lurking inside each song, which I like, hence the moniker ‘In every dream… The instrumental sounds are more about what would fit this or that part or what would sound best for that moment of the song and also about trying different things.

Q: Tell us about the process of recording the songs?
For the album “Between the Surface and the Sun” I worked with four main collaborators. There is geographical distance between us all, some a bit further than others… I live about an hour and a half north of Sydney Australia in a small coastal town, Claudio Cataldi lives in Palermo Italy, Rickie Swain, Alan Forsyth, and Mike Cameron all live down in Sydney. We all have some sort of home studio to cover the technical side and I have been involved musically with these guys for a very long time, playing in bands together, writing songs or sharing ideas. The album was put together over a fairly long period, some of the recordings going back to nearly ten years ago... The songs that I write by myself will begin by recording the bare parts like guitar or whatever then continuing to add stuff from there, then if I think it needs it I’ll start getting others involved. Or I’ll finish things up to a point then send it out to the other guys and see who has any ideas. The songs I wrote with Alan are a little different as we have that distance, so I would go down to stay for a weekend, have a bit of a jam the first night then we’d keep going the next day and start messing about with the tape rolling. It’s always very relaxed but knowing I’d eventually have to go back home seemed to create a bit of an unconscious deadline, so we would often start a song with no real plan, just let it evolve, then once we got going we’d try to finish it that day. “Burning Man” and “Let it Rain” from the album were written and recorded this way. The ones with Claudio are all done by sending our parts over the net as he is in Palermo and I am here in Australia (we actually met on Myspace years ago through listening to each other’s tunes). So for “Transition” Claudio sent me the song, then I wrote the words and melody, recorded that, sent it back and he mixed the track and got Aldo Ammirata to play the cello… With “Praying for You” I had the music written but could never get a vocal idea that I really liked, so I sent it over to Claudio who came up with that great violin section which then inspired me to go on and complete what you now hear as the finished track. With Mikes stuff, he is a great DJ/producer and had the music that became ‘Satellite (Track Your Heart)’ and ‘Glamorama’ already completed and sent them to me as instrumentals, I just wrote, recorded and mixed in the vocals. Rickie and I were both in ‘Blood Inside the Machine’ and before that ‘Inch of Reason’ so we’ve really done a lot of stuff together over the years. His track on the album “Waiting for a cure” was already finished music that he sent over the net for me to write some vocals on. Also, he plays a lot of the bass on the album which we did by getting him to come up to my place so we could record and hang out... I like to keep it fairly loose when it comes to getting other people to play on an “In every dream… track. Of course we aim for a great performance but the main idea is the vibe created. The musical direction is left up to the player as to what they would like to offer. It’s more about the feeling or situation that is happening at the time on that day. I think if everyone is relaxed and things aren’t pushed then that’s when you’re having fun and cool shit can start to happen. We’re not going over the same thing a hundred times. It’s more about being able to look back later on some memory when listening to the song and think ‘Fuck! I remember doing this, that was a great day!’

Q. Which new bands do you recommended?
Like Thieves, Novanta, Claudio Cataldi, Analogue Wave.

Q: Which band would you love to make a cover version of?
I have an unreleased version of ‘Heaven’ by Unkle that may see the light one day. I would like to cover “Against the Grain” or “Every Single Prayer” both also by Unkle or “Last night I dreamt that somebody loved me” by The Smiths.

Q: What´s the plans for future....
I want to finish the last of the older songs I have hanging around and start recording some new stuff for another release. ‘Between the Surface and the Sun’ is a bit of a line in the sand for me as I had these songs for so long and now they are finally out I’m really looking forward to the future.

Q: Any parting words?
Thanks Renato for the interview and for all the work you do for independent music. Thanks Federico & Claudio @ Seashell Records for all the help and support. Thanks everyone who contributed to the album “Between the Surface and the Sun”; Alan, Mike, Claudio, Rick, Aaron, Simon, Aldo, Stuart, Jo. Thanks Alain Paul at One Million Mangos for the Mastering. Finally, thanks to everyone who has purchased the album or has listened to the songs. Cheers, Ian…

Soft as Snow (but Warm Inside) with Justine Never Knew The Rules - An Interview

O shoegazer brasileiro vai bem, obrigado. E caminha a passos largos seguindo a tendência mundial do resgate da cena que celebrava-se a si mesma e continua a se auto celebrar, agora mais forte e intensamente ainda.

Justine Never Knew The Rules pode soar desconhecido para muitos, todavia aos iniciados muito pelo contrário. Diretamente de Sorocaba com o devido apadrinhamento de Mario do Wry, aliás, o nome foi sugestão do próprio (explicação na entrevista abaixo), os caras do Justine pegam décadas de boa música e criam suas pérolas de mistério, neo psicodelia e paredes de guitarras ao melhor estilo wall of sound.

Obviamente trata-se de uma das prediletas do TBTCI, muito devido ao belíssimo EP homônimo lançado ano passado, com três magistrais canções que caminham pelos devaneios dos barulhos das últimas décadas.

Ao vivo é intenso, segundo informações de amigos, eu ainda não tive a honra de presenciar, o que se tornou uma meta para este ano, mesmo porque vem material novo e talvez uma nova formação. Será? Só o futuro responderá.

Sugiro adentrar ao mundo particular e misterioso do Justine Never Knew The Rules imediatamente.

***** Interview with Justine Never Knew The Rules *****

Q. Quanto tudo começou? Por que Justine Never Knew The Rules , qual a origem do nome?
MB. Tudo começou no início de 2013. O Bruno e o Marcel já tinham tocado juntos mas a banda acabou não dando certo pois os outros integrantes moravam em outra cidade. Foi ai que um amigo que temos em comum me apresentou a eles. Nos demos bem desde o começo. Não só pelas influências musicais bem específicas que temos mas em vários assuntos.

O nome foi uma sugestão do Mário Bross, do Wry. No começo não gostamos muitos pois é uma frase de “1979” do Smashing Pumpkins e pensamos que algumas pessoas poderiam achar que eles eram uma influência direta nossa. Com o passar do tempo deixamos esse pensamento de lado e começamos a nos identificar com a frase em si. Tinha muito a ver com a forma que fazíamos nossas músicas, com desapego ao formato tradicional de banda de rock, poucas notas e muita repetição às vezes remetendo ao krautrock, as experimentações de psicoacústica...

Há pouco tempo atrás uma amiga me perguntou se o nome era referência a uma novela do Crepax. Nós nunca tínhamos ouvido falar dele. Ela me deu um exemplar e achamos demais. Gostamos muito de ter esse mistério em torno do nome e cada pessoa ter uma ideia ou interpretação própria do que ele pode significar.

Q. Quais as influências da banda?
MB. É difícil citar influências. Mesmo porque tudo que ouvimos, vemos e sentimos no nosso dia a dia acaba nos influenciado mais, mesmo que indiretamente. Mas se fosse para citar algumas bandas seriam My Bloody Valentine, Jesus and Mary Chain, Beatles, Velvet Underground e Tame Impala.

Q. E sobre a atual cena parece que estão nascendo bandas em tudo que é esquina, quais bandas da nova geração vcs recomendam?
MB. Acredito que sempre tiveram bandas nascendo nessas proporções. Talvez até mais no passado. É que hoje em dia, com a facilidade e rapidez que a internet nos proporciona, é mais fácil conhecer uma banda nova do outro lado do mundo, procurar bandas dos gêneros que temos mais afinidade. Algumas bandas novas que gostamos muito são Boogarins, Luziluzia, The Soundscapes, Fones, Medrar e Incesto Andar.

Q. Por que tem tanta banda bacana e mesmo assim tem pouca gente nos shows, poucos picos pra tocar, qual a opinião de vocês sobre o assunto?
MB. Nós não enxergamos dessa forma. Os picos existem. As pessoas vão. Acontece que de uns anos pra cá o rock está cada vez menos em foco no mainstream. Se você quer conhecer bandas novas você tem que ir para o underground da sua cidade ou em festivais independentes. No caso das bandas gringas, procurar na internet e revistas independentes. E isso definitivamente não é um problema.

Porque as bandas não são desfiguradas pela influência comercial da indústria fonográfica e você acaba conhecendo melhor as bandas porque você precisa correr atrás e não esperar a mídia enfiar na sua cabeça, dizendo o que é bom e o que não é.

Q. Como foi o processo de gravação do album?
MB. Foi insano! O Marcel tinha todo o equipamento necessário para fazer uma gravação e resolvemos fazer tudo sozinhos. Gravação, mixagem e arte.

Levou mais tempo do que esperávamos por ser algo completamente novo para nós. Às vezes parecia que não íamos terminar nunca porque sempre surgiam problemas. Queimamos pelo menos cinco amplificadores (talvez pelo volume elevado que usamos para gravar), atropelamos o notebook do Marcel com a master final, nosso gato de estimação subiu no notebook e deletou as faixas gravadas no computador. Mas conseguimos passar por todos esses obstáculos e lançar o EP em julho do ano passado. A versão física (em CD) dele foi masterizada pelo Pêu Ribeiro, baixista do INI.

 Na parte artística, contamos com o apoio da Suelen Roman Duarte, namorada do Bruno Fontes, e com o próprio que fizeram a arte da capa e a maioria dos cartazes da turnê.

Q. Com quais bandas gringas da atualidade vocês gostariam de tocar?
MB. Nós nunca pensamos nisso (rs). Ainda tem muitas bandas legais no Brasil que queremos tocar junto. Mas gringas, talvez, com nossos ídolos...todas essas “guitar bands” que voltaram nos últimos anos.

Q. Quais os 5 melhores álbuns da história para vocês?
MB. Rubber Soul, Revolver, Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, Magical Mistery Tour e White Album dos The Beatles.

Q. Quais os planos pro futuro, o que esperar da Justine Never Knew The Rules
MB. Agora que terminamos a turnê vamos dar uma pausa nos show em fevereiro e março para gravar um material novo. Ainda não sabemos ao certo se será um álbum ou outro EP. Mas com certeza terá mais músicas que o primeiro EP e um vídeo clipe.

Q. Alguma coisa a mais para nos contar?
MB. Bem provável que em 2015 a Justine não seja mais um trio...logo teremos surpresas.

Crazy Town with Dunes - An Interview

O quarteto de Los Angeles, Dunes faz um curioso mix de pos punk com shoegazer mas esqueçam as muralhas de guitarras, ruídos e distorções, aqui a banda se concentra em criar melodias viajantes em climas envoltos a melancolia e uma certa dose de escuridão.

Algo como se Siouxsie Sioux fizessem uma jam com o Velocity Girl. Seu primeiro álbum saiu em 2009 pelo cultuado selo Mexican Summer e já esta esgotado há um bom tempo, logo após o debute homônimo, em 2012 o Dunes soltou outro álbum, Noctilluca que segue a linha lógica do primeiro trabalho.

Grande banda que nos deve novos trabalhos, 

***** Interview with Dunes *****

Q. When did Dunes started, tell us about the history...
A: Kate: Dunes started as a living room projected between roommates. I was just kicked out of Mika Miko and started to go to college. Stephanie from Texas and Mark from Seattle moved in and started writing songs together. Stephanie and Mark were also recently dismembered from their prior bands at the time(Talbot Tagora and Finally Punk). We all fell into each others laps having fun writing songs and playing shows. In the beginning for our live shows we had collected something like 50 flash lights and would pass them out to the crowd, who would then participate in the light show and experience of the music. You could tell when people were into a song because the flash lights would start to move faster. We've gone through many musical revolutions, some of them are secret, but now we have a new member David Reichardt from Abe Vigoda. Currently we are writing and recording new songs with him. He's changed the dynamics but coincidentally in the tradition of Dunes comes from another band and ended up with us.

Q: Who are your influences?
A: Kate: I just watched this documentary about the youngest girl to sail around the world..

Q. Make a list of 5 albums of all time…
Cocteau Twins Heaven or Las Vegas
CAN Peel session
Captain Beefheart Shiny Batchain Puller
Plantasia (that moog synth record for plants)
David and the Reichardts

Q. How do you feel playing live?

Q. How do you describe Dune sounds?

Q: Tell us about the process of recording the songs ?

Q. Which new bands do you recommended?

Q: Which bands you love to made a cover version?

Q: What´s the plans for future....
We are releasing new music!!!

Q: Any parting words?
Thanks so much for the interview!

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Strange Days with Space Waves - An Interview

Três álbuns avassaladores no currículo, várias performances destruidoras, um verdadeiro passeio passando pelo psicodelia sessentista, stoner, pos punk, shoegazer e psych, o Space Waves vai fundo na ferida.

Com um massacre hipnótico e cíclico a música do Space Waves vai penetrando na entranhas e fazendo um verdadeiro estrago psíquico. Música para estados alterados da mente, ouvir sóbrio provavelmente o efeito não será tão intenso a não ser que seus ouvidos estejam altamente preparados para a viagem.

Música para junkies. Simplesmente acima.

***** Interview with Space Waves *****

Q. When did Space Waves started, tell us about the history...
We (Sarah and Kelley) started recording original songs in October 2008, after some months of sort of jamming together and playing along to songs. We started off as housemates and Kelley had a home studio setup. After recording three songs together we figured we could release an EP, and have kept it going since then. We're currently working on our 4th album. We worked with drummer Mark Loftin on our 2nd and 3rd albums, and since moving back to my hometown of Long Beach have been playing with Brandon Werts on drums. We've moved back and forth between Los Angeles and Oregon a few times but are back in SoCal for good now.

Q: Who are your influences?
I think we have a lot, both individually and collectively, but thinking back to when we had started playing together, we would play along to bands like the Cure, Slowdive, Mazzy Star, Galaxie 500, Jesus and Mary Chain, so I guess a lot of 90s-ish bands. Bands that a bass player and guitar player could crank and play along to. We also love a lot of classic rock like the Doors and Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, AC/DC. I played flute in school orchestras since age 7 and throughout high school played in a steel drum band, so I guess I have that background too, and I picked up bass in my previous band. Kelley played in some bands in high school and after and has played piano and guitar forever, since ages 4 and 10. Before we started playing together he was heavily into synths, but favors guitar now. Our drummer who started playing with us after we moved back to California has more of a hardcore/metal/jazz playing background, quite diverse there. Some other inspirations might be Cocteau Twins, Bob Dylan, Nick Drake, Neil Young, Luna, the Smiths, Black Heart Procession, Bedhead, Hum, Joy Divison, Labradford, Television, Nirvana, Yo La Tengo, Roy Orbison, Interpol, the Velvet Underground, Elliott Smith, Jimi Hendrix, Pulp, Spacemen 3, the Chills, the Clean, Dick Dale, BRMC, Opal, New Order, the Beatles, Portishead, King Black Acid, Swoon 23, the Stooges, Suicide, Tears for Fears, T. Rex, Songs:Ohia, the Wedding Present, Seam, and tons I'm leaving out!

Q. Make a list of 5 albums of all time…
The Doors - Strange Days
Cocteau Twins - Garlands
Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti
Slowdive - Just For A Day
Galaxie 500 - Today

Q. How do you feel playing live?
Mostly good. It depends. I myself tend to feel awkward at times but I try to have fun and just play and sing the best I can. A few times we have been interrupted after a song or two and told to turn down. At one show this guy kept tapping my hand as I was playing and kept trying to tell me to sing louder. Stuff like that can be kind of annoying. I've also developed a small fear of being shocked or having sudden ear-piercing feedback, and live I tend to worry about how it's sounding, especially my vocals. It's rare that we get a soundcheck. I used to be really shy about singing in front of other people. If Kelley hadn't encouraged me, I doubt I ever would have started. When I was younger I would get performance anxiety and it's something I've had to work on. On the positive side, it can be fun to meet new bands/people and to play in front of people, instead of just in our house or studios. So, long story short, I'm not really a natural performer/entertainer, but I do love playing and creating music, and for the most part playing out is worth whatever hassles come with it. That is just me, though. As a band we seem to have a good time. I mentioned before that we have moved around quite a bit and we had a long-distance drummer for awhile, so with Brandon this is the longest time we've had a consistent in-town drummer and it's been great being able to work all together on the songs. I think we are developing dynamically and are getting a good sense of when something sounds right or when it sounds off.

Q. How do you describe Space Waves sounds?
I usually just say it has psych rock and shoegaze influences. We've gotten comparisons with Slowdive, Spacemen 3, Loop, Sonic Youth, Jesus and Mary Chain, someone recently said Beach House, the other day someone said MBV. Someone once said Kelley's guitar playing is like alien surf rock.

Q: Tell us about the process of recording the songs ?
Oh boy. Well we have released an EP and 3 albums so far. Our first EP and album Kelley engineered, mixed and mastered himself. The EP was put out when we lived in Oregon, and the first album was made when we lived in Los Angeles. For our 2nd album, You Can Ride a Beam of Light Like a Musical Strum, we had moved back to Oregon and he engineered it in our basement. By then we were working with Mark Loftin on drums (he's been in Foxtail Somersault, Morning Spy, Schwerma, and probably more I'm forgetting). He lives in San Francisco so we had a long distance band with him. Kelley and I would write songs, record demos, send them to Mark, then he would learn them and practice along, then come up to Oregon for marathon weekend playing/recording sessions, and the occasional show. However it started getting a bit out of hand for Kelley and we hired Larry Crane to mix the album and Garrett Haines to master it. Then, since we continued writing songs, we started working on a 3rd album, pretty much while we were still finishing up the 2nd one. Kelley didn't want to engineer it so we again worked with Larry Crane and recorded half of it with him at his studio Jackpot! in Portland. During this time we moved back to California so we recorded half down here in Long Beach. Then we traveled back to Portland to mix with Larry and again sent it to Garrett Haines for mastering. But that is all just the logistics, of course there is the whole mystery of where songs even come from and all that, but I guess that is more of the songwriting process. We tend to have songs written and rehearsed before we record them, and record bass, drums, and guitar live and then overdub vocals and any extra parts. Sometimes recording is part of the songwriting process. Sometimes the songs have to marinate awhile before other parts come up for them. Each one is different really. And now that we have an in-town drummer, it is changing the process.

Q. Which new bands do you recommended?
There are so many I don't know where to begin. Let's see. Nightmare Air, Modern Time Machines, Old Toy Trains, Molino, Bad Vacuum, Highlands, Slutty Hearts, Thomas Mudrick, Flavor Crystals, Elephant Micah, Kandy Kolored Tangerine, VonVeederVeld, Yoknapatawpha, the Foreign Resort, Miss Massive Snowflake, Wind Burial. I guess some of these aren't brand new but I'm feeling a little crazy trying to remember everyone! I'm sure I'm leaving a lot out, sorry.

Q: Which band would you love to make a cover version of?

Well we've done quite a few already. There's a cover of the Doors 5 to 1 that is on a compilation. We have performed tribute nights for Mazzy Star and Joy Division and we have played "Slowdive" by Slowdive, mostly just for fun at practice but we did play it out once. "Bells Ring" by Mazzy Star was an early cover song we recorded. I think the Doors song is the only one that we changed. It's slower and shorter and simpler, done on a whim from memory one day, and we ended up submitting it. Going forward, I'm not sure, we don't tend to play covers out and don't have any plans for covers, unless we finally do the Led Zeppelin's "Achilles' Last Stand" one that Kelley's been wanting to do.

Q: What´s the plans for future....
We are working on a new album, our 4th and our first one with Brandon on drums. We've recorded demos for everything (11 songs) and are figuring out how to finish it. We are very excited for it. We were recently approached by a new label here in Long Beach called Leg Records that will release something of ours on cassette. I've written two other new songs and I think Kelley has some he's working on so we will have those to work with in the more distant future. We have some shows coming up in Long Beach (March 28th at the Prospector with Bad Vacuum, Wind Burial, TBA, May 7th at the Prospector with Miss Massive Snowflake, TBA) and hope to play out more around town and maybe L.A. Tour is always appealing but I'm not sure how realistic it is. We'd just like to keep it going and to keep exploring and evolving musically.

Q: Any parting words?
I guess I should say that we have our 3rd album Sing My Song available on vinyl. It is our only vinyl release so far. We also have CDs available of that and our other releases. Thanks for the interview! Cool blog. Oh, and links:

Fantastic Planet with Malka - An Interview

Shoegazer épico, climático, hipnótico e intenso vindo de New York, cortesia do quarteto Malka e seu debute The Constant State a ser lançado em 02 de março deste ano.

Camadas de efeitos geram o conhecido estado de mente shoegazer. Aliado a excentricidades de Sigur Rós e Radiohead, o Malka cria em seu debute ambientes perfeitos para a introspecção do ouvinte. Como em um filme imagens são geradas só que aqui por elementos sonoros.

Um dos grandes álbuns deste início do ano, genial.

***** Interview with Malka *****

Q. When did Malka started? Tell us about its history.
Darko: In 2013 I sent Mike some song ideas that I was working on, and I asked him if he wanted to record the drums and be part of the project. He liked the vibe of the songs. Then, we asked David and EJ to join the band and Malka was officially formed. By the end of 2013 we released our first two singles: "Mirame" and "Mientras Se Respira". We got a bunch of nice reviews and we ended up as a finalist in the category of "Best New Artist 2013 - Dream Pop" of The Deli Magazine NYC.

In 2014 we concentrated on recording new music, and the band's sound evolved. We put a lot of effort into experimenting and trying to find a sound that could represents the four of us as a whole. The result is a stronger sound with more dynamism now that we have three vocalists as David and EJ are also lead singers in the band.

Q: Who are your influences?
Darko: I like a lot of British bands from the late 70's and 80's like The Cure, U2, The Smiths, and Joy Division, and also British bands from the 90's like The Verve, Radiohead, Suede, and Lush.

Mike: In regards to drumming in Malka, my influences include Mitch Mitchell, Matt Chamberlain, Steve Jordan, Ronnie Vannucci, Jon Theodore, Darko Saric, Sigur Ros, Carlton Barrett, Patrick Keeler, and Marky Ramone.

David: Mastodon, Russian Circles, Refused, Beastmilk, Joy Divison, and Led Zeppelin.

EJ: Tame Impala, Mogwai, The Beatles, Archive, and A Place to Bury Strangers.

Q. Make a list of 5 your albums of all time.
Mike: Are You Experienced?, Led Zeppelin I, A Love Supreme, Bob Marley Legend, Road to Ruin.

Darko: the top 5 albums that I'm listening these days are: 23 (Blonde Redhead),

Fantastic Planet (Noveller), Oshin (Diiv), Dive (Tycho), Warpaint (Warpaint)

Q. How do you feel playing live?
EJ: Like breathing-in after holding your breath for a long time.

Mike: Alive.

David: Present.

Darko: It's one of those moments when space and time are meaningless.

Q. How do you describe Malka's sound?
Mike: Cinematic, atmospheric, moody, rock .

David: Our songs tend to evoke a lot visuals for me: colors, specific places, seasons. Each song puts me in a different place.

EJ: Eclectic and cinematic.

Q: Tell us about the process of recording the songs.
Darko: It always begins with me sending some music ideas to Mike, David and EJ and then we get together and jam around those ideas until the song begins to take shape. Then Mike records the drums at his studio and then everyone begins to record their parts.

Q. Which new bands do you recommended?
David: Beastmilk

EJ: Helen Kelter Skelter, Heaven, Oscillator Bug, BreastFist

Q: Which band would you love to made a cover version of?
David: Plainsong by The Cure or In The Light by Led Zeppelin

EJ: Hall and Oates.

Q: What are your plans for the future?
Darko: right now we are promoting the EP and we are planning some shows May/June. After that, we are going to work on new music.

Q: Any parting words?
EJ: The sky starts at your feet.

Children of God with Artificial Monuments - An Interview

Kim W. Andersen, Johannah Jørgensen e Patrick Gutpank de Copenhagen formam o gélido e sombrio Artificial Monuments.

Cold wave cerebral e dançante, feito sob encomenda para pistas esfumaçadas, escuras e com contornos sombrios, a música deles é minimal e sensual, a voz de Johannah seduz e te leva a sensações variáveis entre o desespero e a magia, sob a camada de sintetizadores de Kim, eles criam peças densas, carregadas mas sempre dançantes.

Estão preparando seu debute que o TBTCI aguarda ansiosamente, por hora duas amostras do poderio do Artificial Monuments são Cold Lies e Desertion, ambos hits instantâneos para qualquer iniciado que se preze.

O perigo do vicio com o Artificial Monuments é evidente, cuidado.

***** Interview with Artificial Monuments *****

Q. When did you Artificial Monuments started? tell us about the history.
Kim: Artificial Monuments started when I (Kim) was thinking about starting a side project very influenced by the electronic scene of the 80’s. So I asked Johannah if she wanted to join the project, and Patrick started recording a song called 'Cold Lies' for us, and now he’s part of the band as well…

Q: Who are your influences?
There are no two ways around the fact that we really like Depeche Mode, Human League, New Order, O.M.D. Generally strictly synth based new wave and future-pop.

Kim: Iron Curtain did a song called The Condos, which was a huge inspiration for me when AM was formed.

Johannah: Ronny, Kas Product, Deux.

Q. Make a list of 5 albums of all time…
Patrick: That’s pretty much impossible, but here’s my try in no particular order: New Order - Movement; Trop Tard - Photodrame; Swans - Children of God; Coil - Horse Rotovator or Ape of Naples; Rowland S. Howard - Teenage Snuff Film

Kim: Tough call, but some of my favorites are - New Order - Movement; The Cure – Pornography + Faith; Depeche Mode – Black Celebration; The Terminator Soundtrack (1984)

Johannah: I have a hard time just choosing which brand of chocolate to buy, so this I can’t decide. Haha.

Q. How do you feel playing live?
That’s not really on the table for now, we’re a new band and we need to write some more material. Maybe somewhere down the line though.

Q. How do you describe Artificial Monuments sounds?
Cold and dreamy pop new wave made for dancing.

Q: Tell us about the process of recording the songs?
We start with a simple drum track and add layers of synth. Sometimes one of us have more or less finished demos with us in the studio, in which case the process is the same but based on the demo. Pretty straight forward. But we just have gotten access to a recording facility stuffed with synths and modules through a good friend of ours. He’s been collecting since the 80’s and suggested that we record at his place, so that’s what we’re doing for now! We are having a lot of fun messing around with his Juno 106.

Q. Which new bands do you recommend?
Prison from Copenhagen are fantastic. Dusty, minimal, queer feminist post punk. Lebanon Hanover from Berlin, with its simple sounds and melodies, is also a modern fave of ours.

Kim: Time Masters from Copenhagen, they are really great, I think.

Johannah: And I’ll have to throw my sister’s project - Cult Club - into the mix. Romantic and positively addicting.

Q: Which bands would you love to make a cover version of?
Patrick: 'Only You' by Yazoo.

Kim: 'Running Up That Hill’ by Kate Bush

Johannah: ‘C-c-can’t You See’ by Vicious Pink or ‘Say Hello, Wave Goodbye’ by Soft Cell.

Q: What´s the plan for the future….
First of all we need to finish the album, we’re just about halfway there, but don’t want to rush anything. Then we have an offer for an E.P. and we have to write a song for a compilation LP with female fronted post punk. So basically our plans for the immediate future is to write, write and write.

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Where Damage Isn't Already Done with Cres cen do - An Interview

Seguindo a trilha de bandas como Radio Dept. Moscow Olympics, Wild Nothing, os estadunidenses do Cres cen do, percorrem o adocicado e sútil caminho do dreampop, seu debute Lost Thoughts causou ótima repercussão nos meios iniciados e os credenciou para um belo line up acompanhando Be Forest e Tennis System agora em março no festival Dreamgaze, um belo início considerando as inúmeras bandas que surgem percorrendo estes caminhos, na verdade o diferencial é trilharem seguindo referências como Felt, Go-Betweens e os clássicos do perfect pop, se aproximando muito da sonoridade destes clássicos.

Lost Thoughts é uma delicioso passeio sem exageros pelos caminhos do perfect pop. Lindíssimo álbum.

***** Interview with Cres cen do *****

Q. When Did Crescendo started, tell us about the history:
Gregory: I worked with my producer & friend John Kunkel of The New Division in 2014 for 6 months to create what we know as our debut album "Lost Thoughts". October we set up the first west coast tour in the US, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Riverside etc, and continue to release our hearts and souls on stage by embodying the life of "Lost Thoughts" with our dream team:

Christopher Garcia - Drums Olive Kimoto - Synths Vocals Crystal Cercedes - Bass Vocals Jordan Matthew Kennedy - Lead Guitars Gregory Cole - Guitars Vocals

Not to mention our tour team:

Victor Casillas Valle - Manager Jorge Meza - Staff Photographer David Lopez - Staff Photographer Riccardo Lazcano - Tour Manager

Q. Who are your influences?
Chris: The Cribs, Arctic Monkeys, Matt Helder, The Drummer From The Mercury Program David.

Olive: Well The Radio Dept Obviously, Craft Spells, Lust For Youth, those main three as far as synths go for Crescendo.

Jordan: I would say Shout Out Louds, Whitest Boy Alive, also Jesus and Mary Chain. Gregory: The Radio Dept, The Smiths, Joy Division, The Cure, Wild Nothing, Craft Spells, The Bilinda Butchers, Minks, Daft Punk, Cut Off Your Hands, Moscow Olympics, My Bloody Valentine, Marble Arch, Deer Hunter, Mary Onettes, Another Sunny Day, Sarah Records, Field Mice, Beach Fossils, Housse De Racket, Million Young, The Cribs, The Horrors, The New Division, Cass Mccombs, Future Islands, Toro Y Moi, Yuck, Twin Sister, New Order, Girls, Vivian Girls more.

Q. Make A List of 5 Best Album of All Time:
Gregory: Which Radio dept, are we gonna choose?

Chris & Olive: Lesser Matters, Pet Grief?

Olive: But what about.... I like this past week EP though too...

Gregory: We can agree on agressive singles?

Chris: But thats everything?

Gregory: Idle Labor(Craft Spells), Cut The World(Moscow Olympics), Gemini(Wild Nothing)....

Jordan: Elliot Smith, Room On Fire by the strokes, Ambulance LTD self titled...

Gregory: I agree with that, loveless?

All: Yes loveless for sure.

The Radio Dept(Undecided), Craft Spells(Idle Labor), Moscow Olympics(Cut The World), Wild Nothing(Gemini), My Bloody Valentine(Loveless).

Q. How Do You Feel Playing Live?
Jordan: SF, the night light, los globos were pretty good. I really liked the night light.

All: yeah that was fun.

Chris: Greg and Jordan were in like a shamanic trance.

Olive: yeaaahhhh

Jordan: yeah everyone did good.

Olive: I really liked the Riverside show everyone was so nice and dancing

All: yeaahhhh

Greg: I do my best to embody the sound of the album and introduce it in combination of the life performance.

Q. How do you describe Crescendo's Sound?
Gregory: There's a lot of time travel, a lot of space travel. A lot of dance inspiring instrumentals. Nightmare life is particularly about having nightmares and liking them, because you dont mind a bad dream.

Chris: Its like falling in love, and also falling into a black hole at the same time.

Greg; Then songs like gatsby are meant to be therapeutic.

Jordan: I think its a train, not like a city train but a country wide train, its driving, its a movement. Then you fall asleep on some random person on the train.

Greg: then youre in the other room, because youre not sure yet, and you lost your thoughts, and then you become a sleeper.

Olive: It feels like a distant memory of like a party you went to.

Greg: Thats some party talk right there.

Olive: Just like great memories, nostalgic, it makes you feel electric.

All: I like that, like that.

Q. Tell us about the process about recording the songs:
Gregory: When working with John Kunkel of The New Division we were in the studio from january 2014 - june 2014 working every opportunity we had on the 11 songs and would start with the instrumentals first then add vocals, then mixed, then mastered song by song until we finally reached 11.

Q. Which new bands do you recommend:
Gregory: ooo Marble Arch.

All: Yeah!

Jordan: Mac demarco!

Gregory: hes not new dude.

Jordan: Hes new to me!

Chris: Viceroy!

Olive: Whirr, Tamaryn,

Gregory: King Krule!

Jordan: Hes not new.

Chris: Hes like 4 years old.

Olive: Pure X, Alex G from Orchid Tapes, Lust for youth, Ice Age, Trailor Park Tracys.

Jordan: I like Baewolf.

Q. Which band would you like to make a cover version:
Gregory: The Radio Dept

Chris: Think outside the box! Like Tiny Dancer!

Gregory: Joy Division, DISORDER.

All: Yeah.

Gregory: Moscow Olympics.

Jordan: I think 100 degrees by shout out louds i think wed do a great job.

Gregory: Whats that song we like by shout out louds? Hard Rain?

Jordan: yeah hard rain.

All: yeah thatd be good.

Olive: Uhm... Ive always wanted to do a cover version of loveless...but idk....

All: yeah. totally down.

Chris: you know what, that one allison cover we did of slowdive at practice

Olive: yeahhhhh

Jordan: whos allison?

Chris: some girl, she has a sister, her house is dirty.

Q. What are your plans for the future:
2nd Album Release on We Were Never Being Boring Label in June.

Working directly within our community of Los Angeles to cultivate the genre with Tennis System, Young Lovers, & Sheer, All bands of the dreampop shoegaze post punk revolution.

Confirmed Dates: SXSW March 21 Opening for Nic Hessler(Captured Tracks) @ Part Time Punks in Los Angeles at The Echo April 19th for the record release party. West Coast Tour USA, May/June European Tour October/November

Q. Any Parting Words?
Thank you so much THE BLOG THAT CELEBRATES ITSELF for working so hard to support the genre community internationally.

Perfect Needle with Sound Sweet Sound - An Interview

Holy Songs and Human Scenes é o segundo álbum dos franceses do Sound Sweet Sound.

A audição do disco é adentrar ao uma odisseia ácida e viajante, por vezes em trips barulhentas e em outras climas multicoloridos e fragmentados.

A influência de BJM é notória, só que vai se mesclando com a fúria do Telescopes, fase Taste aliada a um vocal que remete a Hope Sandoval.

Um trabalho altamente poderoso e por vezes perturbador que estimula gradativamente momentos e desejos insanos secretos, muito cuidado porque o resultado pode ser fatal.


***** Interview with Sound Sweet Sound *****

Q. When did Sound Sweet Sound started, tell us about the history...
We’ve started to play together in 2011, even if we know each other since a long time. In fact, we were friends with different bands, but we have never played together in a project. One day Pat gathered us and say: “hey, I’ve these few songs inspired by American indie folk bands, do you want to play it with us?”, and then we had a gig, and another, then a recording session. Sound Sweet Sound was born! It’s funny cause at first, it was just for fun, like the band you play on the Sunday with your students friends. Little and little, it took us more and more time, and now that’s our main and only project.

Q: Who are your influences?
At first, The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Pat is the composer of the band, and when he started to listen BJM deeply, there was this strange thing switching in his brain. Like, follow me, I’ve seen a light. So we followed him. We discovered a lot of indie bands since this period, and all of them influenced us. Maybe especially Night Beats and The Telescopes. But everyone of us has different influences. Aniela love some cold wave and post punk stuff. Guilhem, the drummer, and I (Romain) are very fans of trip hop and electronica music. Marco loves 70’s rock’n’roll music. But the link is the psych music, definitely.

Q. Make a list of 5 albuns of all time…
Aouch, it’s a hard question. I think everyone in the band would quote five different albums, and it depends of the mood in which you are, and the period of your life. So I can’t really answer to these question. Maybe I can tell you the five albums we listen the most on tour?

Brian Jonestown Massacre – “Bravery, Repetition, and the Noise”
Night Beats “Sonic Bloom”
EZ3kiel (a French band, very creative) “Naphtaline”
The Velvet Underground – “The VU and Nico”
and The Blank Tapes – every album of the Blank Tapes is a treasure.

Q. How do you feel playing live?
A very strange feeling, very important for us. Live music is our essence, our foundation. We see it like a laboratory, a freedom space, it’s a kind of drug too. When we’re on stage, we feel like a tribe, it’s a kinf of communion for us. There’s just this music, which is above us, sometimes you feel as it’s outside of you, it lives by itself. When it happens you know you’re on the good way, and that’s what we’re searching for. The aim is to bring the audience with us in our cocoon. When it happens, it’s a really strange sensation. Orgasmic.

Q. How do you describe Sound Sweet Sound sounds?
There’s many words to describe our sound. Some says its psych rock, other talk about voodoo punk. I don’t really know, everyone take what he wants in our music. To me, it’s the founding idea of transe. Everything starts and ends here. Repetition and imagination. With Guilhem we build some rhythmic transe-tribal walls, and then you’ve the noise of the guitars, bringing some kind of chaotic melodies. And then the beautiful sound of the voice. Some screams too, or shaman calls. This is our sound.

Q: Tell us about the process of recording the songs ?
At first we had a really weird way to approach the recording work. Pat came with his songs, we said, hey, we should record these songs, and then we went to our former keybord’s studio, doing some noise for a couple of days. That’s the first album. Second one was more deep, more hard to put out. We hurt ourselves a lot of times on it, because we were more demanding on the songs. But it kept in a chaotic way t record it. Now for the first time we went on studio in the first days of 2015 to record three songs we know deeply, for the vinyl version of Holy Songs and Human Scenes. We’ve worked with a producer external of the band. We’re very impatient to hear the result. With a bit of luck we’ll put out in September. We’re very excited!

Q. Which new bands do you recommended?
In our town Toulouse, we’ve created an association to promote psych music and organize gigs, so we’ve had the luck of discovering many bands. Appaloosa, for sure. Best band ever. These guys are just crazy!!! Real electro-transe-rock music. With two bass guitars, one drum and one DJ/sampler. The Shivas, with whom we played in Berlin, they’re from Portland and play with The Dandy Warhols on their next tour. They’re so nice. Go!Zilla, for sure, with our brother Luca Landi, the best of rock’n’roll music. In France too we’ve some good bands, like The Jabberwocky band or She Hunts Koalas. We’re linked with them, like a family.

Q: Which band would you love to made a cover version of?
We’re not great fans with covers. I think since the beginning of the band, we just made two, including the Serge Gainsbourg’s cover we actually play on stage. When we make a cover, we like to destroy it, to install our Sound Sweet Sound’s music upon it. We’re too respectful with the creation. If one guy created this on this way, I think there’s a reason, and it’s complicated for us to cover it. Covering is arrogance, in a way. Maybe if it would be something very different of psych music, it could be done. An opera tune, or a trip-hop music sound, like movie stuff. I really don’t know.

Q: What´s the plans for future....
First we’ve been selected by a big festival in France, putting out the new musical revelations each year, called Le Printemps de Bourges. So we’re very happy to play a regional gig for them, and then we leave on tour in France after. In April, we’ll go again on the road in some parts of Europe we haven’t visited yet, and then having a little rest. Preparing the release of the vinyl I’ve spoken about in October, and maybe a new show, but it’s a surprise.

Q: Any parting words?
Psych music is a very large kind of music, including very different styles of sounds. There’s plenty of bands waiting to be discovered, so be curious, don’t stay on a band, go to listen what you’re not used to. I really think audience has a responsibility in the development of the indie scene. We need your help and support to exist, so come to the gigs organized near of your place. There’s some good bands waiting for you’, I’m pretty sure!

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Straight Up and Down with The Radiation Flowers (Powder Blue) - An Interview

Os canadenses do The Radiation Flowers que atendiam pelo nome de Powder Blue são daquelas bandas que não dá pra parar de ouvir, é viciante.

BJM, Spacemen 3 e The Cure só pra citar algumas referências entre tantas moldam a sonoridade psych deles. Só que o psych é doce e sedutor, algo como se o BJM se juntasse com o Lush ou mais ou menos isso, é delirante e sexy.

Tentar rotula-los é uma tremenda bobagem porque a música vai além dos rótulos.

O negócio é apenas o seguinte, apaixone-se imediatamente.

***** Interview with The Radiation Flowers (Powder Blue) *****

Q. When did Powder Blue (The Radiation Flowers) started, tell us about the history...
1. Powder Blue has been a band a little under 4 years. It started with myself, Elsa and Amber. We were already friends and musicians so we jammed one night for fun and it became something we wanted to keep doing. We added Sarah Krawec on bass and Janice Weber played guitar for a bit, they both played on Dream in Black (our 1st EP). When Sarah and Janice left we got Sonia Dicken on bass and recently got my husband Chris Laramee to play guitar.

Q: Who are your influences?
2. As a band we have several influences and I think we all share a common ground when it comes to oldies. We like Brit pop and shoegaze stuff from the 90's and the psych that's coming from the states today. The rest of the band is a little more open to different types of music than I. Some bands we frequently listen to are Brian Jonestown Massacre, Black Angels, Moon Duo, Depeche Mode, Primal Scream, Crocodiles, ELO,Bloody Valentine.. Too many more to list!

Q. Make a list of 5 albums of all time…
3. Ok so a list of top 5 albums of all time!? Holly that's crazy hard haha. personally for me I guess I'll leave out newer stuff and go with the stuff that when I 1st heard was like blown away and still holds true today. Ok so in no particular order...

Radiohead-OK computer. This is the album that made me really wanna play guitar, even though I will never come close to Jonny Greenwood!

 Smashing Pumpkins-Melon collie and the infinite sadness. I remember when this came out I was still in elementary school so I didn't have enough money to buy it so me and my brother put our allowance together to share it. It took me a long time before I could say I liked all the songs on that album.

 Roxy Music- Avalon. My dad listened to this a lot when I was young but I have way more appreciation for this album as an adult.

Neil Young-Harvest. No explanation needed for this choice I think, it's just so great and very Saskatchewan feeling:)

 Brian Jonestown- Take it from the man. I'm embarrassed to say somehow I missed these guys till I was in m 20's but now they are one of my favourite bands!!

Q. How do you feel playing live?
4. playing live is bittersweet. I love playing and having people react to our music. I also don't really like people looking at me though because I'm pretty shy. Somehow it's the best feeling anyway and after you play it's the greatest high, that is if the set went well!

Q. How do you describe Powder Blue(The Radiation Flowers)  sounds?
5. I don't like to put our music into a category because what makes a genre anyway and I don't like to be tied into like for example "psychedelic" because that's when a lot of bands start trying to make those sounds and for me that would make song writing very difficult to always try and come up with a certain sound that people and yourself start to expect, ya know? I do however like a darker sounding song, if something's too happy I don't tend to like it and since I like our band I guess you can say we don't sound too happy.

Q: Tell us about the process of recording the songs?
6. On our 1st EP, "Dream in Black" we did mostly live off the floor, I think? Then we may have overdubbed the keys and any extra guitar and percussion. Vocals were then added later. On our 2nd EP "II" we did guitar and drums live off the floor and added everything else later because last year was so crazy it was hard to all find the same time to get together. We're planning a full length this year and I'd prefer to do most tracks live bc I really do believe as a listener you can hear the energy that comes with that. I'd also like to try writing as we record, because in the past the songs were all ready to go.

Q. Which new bands do you recommended
7. Recently I've enjoyed;Goat, Lumerians, The asteroid no.4, the underground youth, Chui Wan, carsick cars, the betrayers, Acid mothers temple, Lust, still corners, just to name a few.

Q: Which bands would you love to make a cover version of?
8. Maybe do the sound of silence by Simon & Garfunkel, make it a bit heavier? Tears for fears or Echo and the bunnymen maybe? We released a cover of rolling stones play with fire last year and that was fun to play! It'd also be so fun to do T Rex or Spiritualized!

Q: What´s the plan for the future....
9. The plan for 2015 is to write more songs and just jam and record. Get out to play some festivals over the summer and release a full length real soon:)

Something More with Juvenile Juvenile - An Interview

Um dos belíssimos álbuns de shoegazing e dreampop lançado no ano passado foi o debute dos japoneses do Juvenile Juvenile.

Fazendo conexão com a pureza adocicada do Pains of Being Pure At Heart no início o Juvenile Juvenile com seu Our Great Escape trouxe um shoegazer sonhador e exalando apelo pop por todos os cantos, aquela inocência nas composições e o ar adolescente do álbum são um sopro de beleza nestes tempos de caos.

Pra ouvir em casa, passeando pela cidade, e de preferência dançar muito. Um lindo disco.

***** Interview with Juvenile Juvenile *****

Q. When did Juvenile Juvenile start, tell us about the history...
Ryuta: Juvenile Juvenile started in June, 2011. In the beginning, I wrote some songs and asked friends in the same university to play in my band. The first thing we have done is recording 4 songs as a blueprint. Then, Flake Records in Osaka released those songs as "Don't tell your friends EP" in the summer of 2012. After that, we released our first album "Our Great Escape" in September, 2014. Members are..
Ryuta as Vocal and Guitar.
Masami as Guitar.
Nozomi as Bass.
Maaya as Drums and Chorus.

Q: Who are your influences?
Ryuta: New Order, The Cure, Revolver, Pia Fraus, Supercar, Letting Up Despite Great Faults...and other influences are movies, novels, friends.

Masami: My guitar sounds and melodies are especially influenced by 80-90s bands like The Smiths, Cocteau Twins, The Sundays, The Lotus Eaters, Revolver, The Ocean Blue and Slowdive.

Q. Make a list of 5 albums of all time…
Ryuta: Supercar “HIGHVISION”
Revolver “Cold Water Flat”
Chapterhouse “Whirlpool”
Pia Fraus “In Solarium”
Big Troubles “Romantic Comedy”

Masami: Blueboy "If Wishes Were Horses"
Ben Watt "North Marine Drive"
Dream Diary "You Are The Beat"
Slowdive "Souvlaki"
Hammock "Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tomorrow"

Q. How do you feel playing live?
Ryuta: I''''m so happy to see people swaying on our songs. But actually, I see in the air or the ceiling because I become too shy to see people's face...
Masami: Every time I try to do my best but always become nervous on the stage. Then I notice that "Oh, it's the last song!".

Q. How do you describe Juvenile Juvenile sounds?
Ryuta: I cannot describe well but I want sounds to be vague and soft like a daydream of childhood.

Masami: To put it simply, Juvenile Juvenile is a band taking over the genes of New Order and My Bloody Valentine.

Q: Tell us about the process of recording the songs?
Ryuta: I make demo songs with PC. Other members listen to demos and they arrange their own parts. Then we get into studio to put them together. If we all like finished song, we record it with our best. Recording is very troublesome. But on the other hand, it's the best thing of the band to record our new song!

Q. Which new bands do you recommended
Ryuta: Boyish, Cassete Tape Echo, Kensei Ogata, Post Modern Team, You Said Something. Every bands are our friends and play together in Our Great Escape Release Tour for our first album.

Masami: Do you know Four Pens from Taiwan? If you love warm folky sounds and clear female vocals, you must like them!

Q: Which bands would you love to make a cover version of?
Ryuta: Brittle Stars "Tripping Me Up".

Masami: I'd love to make our cover version of The Ocean Blue or Revolver songs.

Q: What´s the plan for the future....
Ryuta: Some shows are scheduled in near future. In February, TOPS from Montreal comes to Japan. We are going to play together with TOPS in Kyoto. Then we would like to record our next release this year. And we want to go abroad with our next release!

Q: Any parting words?
Ryuta: Thank you for reading. We would appreciate if you could listen to our songs.

Masami: Thank you very much for giving such an opportunity! I wish we could play someday in Brazil :)

Whatever Happen to My Rock´n´Roll with The Foxy Riders - An Interview

São Petersburgo, Russia nos apresenta a insanidade ácida stoner noise chamada The Foxy Riders,

Coloque na receita Blue Cheers, B.R.M.C. e Doors e você terá a paulada certa para seus momentos de chutar tudo pra todos os lados.

Peso psicodélico em alta velocidade sem firulas garageiro dos bons.

Pra ouvir alto, bem alto mesmo.

***** Interview with The Foxy Riders *****

Q. When did Foxy Riders started, tell us about the history...
Odious question ...thanks god we exist.

Q: Who are your influences?
Depends on the member - for Kirill(drums) its british kind of stuff and Foo fighters Jeni (rhythm, bass) - BRMC, Black Angels, White stripes, black keys Dan (vocals, lead guitar) - dead meadow, radio moscow, The Doors and Black sabbath of course - once heard them impossible to play something else - so even his cat's name is Ozzy And by the way can surely say that The Beatles will burn in hell ( except Lenon - he is supposed to be the Lord's assistant now) Q. How do you describe Foxy Riders sounds?

What a question...sound without show-offs, we try to play in classical sound and dont invent anything "new".

Q. Made a list of 5 albuns of all time…
1) Black Sabbath - Paranoid
2) Orchid - Capricorn
3) Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats - Blood Lust
4) Electric Wizard - Dopethrone
5) The Doors - s/t

Q. How do you fell playing live?
And how does the parturient woman fell? All is as it is. Fell stunning, like its our fate

Q: Tell us about the process of recording the songs ?
Rigorous, complicated process. In contrast to the another russian bands, playing in similar genre, we prefere high- quality sound. Sometimes we suppose to pay too much attention to technical moments. One of the most creative parts of musical process is recording , but The Foxy Riders cant just arrive to the forest and turn on the microphone, we need the right, proper conditions for it. Before we produce anything, we pass the hard road of choosing people, equipment. It does not depend on what we want to release - an album or just one track. In any case, everything is made for the private listeners, but not only for the sake of a good story. If you cant create a good sound, go and fuck yourself.

Q. Which new bands do you recommended?
The Jack Wood, Mother whitch and the dead water ghosts, beard and chip, lucifer in the sky with diamonds. Yep, they are all russians, but dont be afraid - they are quite friendly)

Q: Which bands you love to made a cover version? - god cuts you down - the title of this song shows the mood of our music, the name of it reflects the meaning of our songs

Q: What´s the plans for future....
To finish the album, to make a good video (instead of the trash we already have) and simply to be good guys.

Q: Any parting words?
prick, cunt and tomatoes. Amen.

sábado, 21 de fevereiro de 2015

Premiere - The Silent Party, Always Nothing, Something Nowhere - Ep

- The Silent Party, Always Nothing, Something Nowhere - Ep

Vem ao mundo o mais novo ep do The Silent Party, Always Nothing, Something Nowhere 

E com a palavra os próprios para descrever em detalhes esse belíssimo trabalho

Always Nothng, Something Nowhere, Track by Track

"ALWAYS NO" Aqui a coisa não acontece devido às diferenças temporais entre os dois personagens. O primeiro sempre diz não. E quando finalmente diz sim, o segundo não quer mais pois teve seu "desejo assassinado por seu pensamento"

"A PLACE CALLED NOWHERE" é sobre tentar reencontrar o sentimento que temos na infância de acreditar em coisas boas. O lugar pra onde eu quero voltar no som é o quintal da minha avó, mas na verdade é a infância em si. Por isso é o lugar nenhum. Essa música é bastante visual. Você vai ver que tem várias imagens na letra. Talvez essa seja a que dê mais possibilidades de imagens e temas para a capa.

"NOTHING ELSE" apresenta um conflito entre o personagem e sua consciência, que responde às suas afirmações com dúvidas e negativas levando a constatação de que "não existe nada além"

"SOMETHING TO SAY" já jogo a toalha e vejo que não tenho mais nada a dizer. Tudo que eu queria dizer já foi dito por outras pessoas. Nada mais a se fazer.