quarta-feira, 30 de outubro de 2013

Common Era with Perpetual Heat - An Interview

Minimal, shoegazer, dream pop, pos punk, tudo condensado na música de Bj Dierkes, ou Perpetual Heat.

Soft Slope lancado em maio do ano passado, demonstra exatamente a que vem o Perpetual Hear, doses e camadas de grandes nomes da Kranky Records como Labradford, Jessamine, Belong entre outros.

Sonoridade para sua tranquilidade e instropecão plena, música feita para a alma, e obviamente que o TBTCI não poderia deixar escapar tamanho auto niilismo.

Sem maiores explicacões, sugiro a leitura do que é o Perpetual Heat pelo seu criador.

***** Interview with Perpetual Heat *****

Q. When did Perpetual Heat get started, tell us about the history…
Perpetual Heat is really a continuation of solo projects that I have been working on for several years. Awhile back I would post things to MySpace under different monikers (Sudden Stars Lentamente) Finally, a couple of years ago I decided on the name Perpetual Heat and that is what I use for all of my solo-ish recordings now.

Q: Who are your musical influences?
It’s just so tough because depending on what you are writing, you may be thinking about a particular song but because of the mood instead of the actual sounds. So the influence is more abstract. Having said that, I really like Phil Elverum (Microphones/Mt Eerie). Unwound. Clipd Beaks. Les Savy Fav. Low. Jesu. And so many others.

Q. What are your top 5 albums of all time?
Let’s go with these for the moment:
Unwound – Repetition
Women – s/t
Tim Hecker – Harmony in Ultraviolet
Belong – Common Era
Clipd Beaks – Preyers EP

Q. How do you describe Perpetual Heat's sound?
I describe it as odd pop with touches of electronic elements, ambient sound, and noise.

Q: Tell us about the writing and recordingprocess?
I really do most of the recording at home with a pretty minimal setup. I like using a small amount of tools and see what I can do with them. Usually that entails a drum machine, guitars, synth, and my laptop.

Q. Being that Perpetual Heat is a solo project, do you ever play live?
I have this idea that for each new release I would like to play a single show. It worked really well the first time but since I have other bands that I am in and play lots of shows with them it has proven to be a bit more difficult. I would still like to do that in the future though.

Q. Which new bands would you recommended, or what are you listening to right now?
I really like he new Pharmakon record. This new tape by a band called Little Spoon is really good. Iceage’s new album has been playing a lot in my world. Also, The Body’s new album is amazing. And the Run the Jewels album that came out this year is great.

Q: If you were to make a cover, what band or song might you want to recreate?
I’ve wanted to cover Yo la Tengo – Deeper Into Movies for a while. I might just to that.

Q: What are the future plans for Perpetual Heat?
More music for sure. I would also like to play another show with some of the new songs I have released. And I would really like to see what would happen if I took some of my newer tracks into a studio with someone that actually knows how to record.

Q: Any parting words?
Thanks for letting me talk about this project. I really love making music and I hope I can continue to make interesting things for people to listen to.
Thanks BJ Dierkes

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