segunda-feira, 29 de maio de 2017

Passiflora with The Standby - An Interview

Uma verdadeira pedrada bem no meio da cabeça é o que pode se dizer de "Passiflora", debute do trio da Pensilvânia The Standby.

Pegue a melancolia do The Cure e junta com a agressividade tristonha do Sunny Day Real State e você terá a formula que os caras condensam as seis pauladas do disco. Os caras logicamente seguem a porta que foi escancarada pelo Nothing e o Whirr, é claro.

Você pode chama-los de emo, nugaze, grunge, ou qualquer coisa, mas não vai adiantar absolutamente nada, porque o que vale para o The Standby é o tamanho do estrago que eles farão na sua cabeça.

Um discaço.

***** Interview with The Standby *****

Q. When did The Standby start? Tell us about the history...
We had all been great friends all through high school, and met through the local music scene after playing in various bands. We even played together in another band before this. The Standby started when Jake got a drum set, in late 2014/early 2015. We played together pretty sporadically for the first year or so, until we decided to buckle down and record the songs we had into an EP in early 2016.

Q: Who are your influences?
A little bit of everything, but we really like Citizen, Brand New, Slowdive, and The Cure. We also love rap.

Q. Make a list of 5 albums of all time…
Everybody's going to heaven (Citizen),
White Pony (Deftones),
Disintegration (The Cure),
Juturna (Circa Survive),
Guilty of Everything (Nothing)

- in no particular order.

Q. How do you feel playing live?
"I wish the sound guy would listen to me"
No but seriously, a mixture of deep camaraderie, excitement, and emotion. We are equal parts goofy and intense.

Q. How do you describe The Standby sounds?
Melodic Emo Grungecore Dreamsludge

Q: Tell us about the process of recording the songs ?
We recorded Passiflora over the course of a year off and on, starting with Frostbite and finishing with Passiflora. It was a learning DIY experience, completely recorded with a measly budget in a basement. We would record one song at a time, and take long-ish breaks between sessions. This worked for adding some layers to the songs that we otherwise wouldn't have, but next time we're probably going to try to make it a more cohesive experience.

Q. Which new bands do you recommend?
Narrow Head, Nothing, Wieuca, Gleemer, and Hoops are all pretty great.

Q: Which band would you love to made a cover version of?
Lana Del Rey

Q: What are your plans for the future?
Playing as many shows as possible this summer and possibly work on some new recordings.

Q: Any parting words?
Thank you for the interview! Check out our sounds, if you haven't. If you like us, be on the lookout... you never know when we might surprise you.

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